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I'm Chloe Jane, a 21 year old graduate of Film and Media from Edge Hill University.

I started blogging in 2013 as a way to record my experiences during my visit to Cambodia. This led me to start this blog in 2015 as I wanted a way to refine my writing skills, and so this chatty blog was born. My passion for blogging developed the more I posted, and even though I took a break I always wanted to continue blogging and even look for a career in it. 

Now I have my own website and I look forward to see this blog grow as I share my experiences with you.

Instead of focusing on one thing, I very much enjoy writing a variety of topics that interest me and others. These include, cooking/baking recipes, movie/TV reviews, advice for students and how to make yourself feel good, make-up looks/products, fashion, top tips, travel posts, music, special occasions (Halloween etc), and monthly tag posts. (Quite a variety eh?) 

So please do enjoy!
http://www.chloechats.com/2016/07/get-to-know-me-tag.html http://www.chloechats.com/2015/05/well-hello-so-this-whole-blogging-thing.html

Click my picture and check out my first ever blog post! ^

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