What would you tell your younger self? Including some lovely bloggers.

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Hey everyone! I've been so excited planning and writing up this post. So, I've done something like this before where I decided to ask family and friends what they would tell their younger self. (Related post) It was such a lovely post and I still love it to this day. I thought as I enjoyed it so much, I would do a blogger edition because I've met so many wonderful bloggers and it's interesting to see what others would say.

I put a Tweet out asking just the one question: What would you tell your younger self? And wonderfully, some fab bloggers got back to me.

(Edit: over a hundred bloggers got back to me! Took me some time to get this written up. Also if you tweeted me and you're not here then I do apologise, it's been impossible to use them all!)

What would I tell my younger self? 

Where to start, there's so much now that I've learnt and come to accept about myself that I wish my younger self would have known. I would tell myself to stop worrying so much, you will have bad days and that's pretty normal, but they won't always be bad. I would tell myself to focus on the positives more, if you were to list in a week what you were grateful and thankful for compared to the bad parts, I'm pretty sure your positive list will be longer. I would love to tell myself to be kind to myself as I'm alright you know. I got that degree at university even if it was difficult to even stay there because of my anxiety, I have some really great friends who will look out for me, and I'll create some great memories with them. If I ever need help don't be afraid to ask for it, there's people who love me and will do all they can to support me, there's no shame in asking for help

I put the question out to the blogging community and received some lovely, inspiring and thoughtful responses so I am so happy to share them with you all. I would just like to say I had a huge response and I wanted to include as many as possible, so grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the read.

All bloggers are tagged via Twitter and their blogs, so go check them out too! 

What would you tell your younger self? 

#1 Holly from Honestly holly ~

"'This too shall pass' which is a quote from Queen Oprah. Whatever stresses are bringing you down now, they won't even be a memory five years from now. That and be kind. Be kind to yourself, to the people you love, even the people you hate. This world needs more kindness!" 

#2 Lav from Lavrax

"I would tell myself to make everyone around me feel appreciated and important, because you don't know what people can be going through. To be more understanding of the actions of people, too." 

"Absolutely to keep it in perspective - I was laughing with friends this weekend about sobbing over fender bender car wrecks when we were 16 - it's just no big deal, in the big scheme! Same with small fails - I didn't get into the PhD program I wanted, and I ended up a lawyer!" 

#4 Duncan from Dunctopia

"I would tell my younger self that presence is the key. Being present in each moment will bring true bliss and internal joy. Don't wait for the coming heart attack to be the catalyst to truly live in the moment." 

"To not blame my situation. No matter where you start if you are willing to put in enough work you can do anything you want to, It's okay to be different. You don't have to be just like everyone else to be a good mom. It's best to accept who you really are and follow your dreams. You will be happier with less stuff and more adventures." 

#6 Allie from Hey mom now what

"I would tell my younger self to stop making automatic assumptions about what people think. How I interpret something is almost never the other person's reality." 

#7 Chloe from World meet Chloe

"The biggest one for me is that it's ok to be selfish sometimes. If someone is bringing you down or making you miserable its ok to cut them out. Sometimes you have to focus on your own happiness." 

#8 Leanne from Soul Systers

"I would tell my younger self that friends come and go, even the ones that you thought would be around forever and that's ok. Your going to meet new amazing people who will in fact be friends for life. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." 

"I'd also remind my younger self about how much her boyfriend loves her and stop being a b*tch"

#9 Alex from The Daily Alex ~

"Put yourself out there more. I always liked dance but was always too nervous to learn when I was younger and now I really regret not pushing myself with things like that. I could have made some really great friends and learnt so many cool skills so it's a shame."

#10 Lucy from Lucy Mary ~

"I would say to my younger self that things will work out in the end, it may not seem like it now, but they will work out, I promise."

#11 Lee from Life with Lee ~

"I would tell myself that's ok to ask for help."

#12 Shanice from Faith n Turtles ~

"Things will not go as planned but it's okay. Don't stress about it too much. Just accept what life sends your way, stay happy and move on."

#13 Abby from My Lifelines ~ 
"I think it would be to find what you are passionate about and work towards it. I spent too much time thinking that boys were the end all be all. I think focusing on what you love, instead of pining over things that don't deserve you, helps build confidence and love for yourself.

#14 Beth from Lips Lashes Life ~
"To just do whatever makes you happy, I held myself back for a long time and kind of regret it now.

#15 DCPR from My Story of I ~
"Just do it, life is too short to wait. One night can change your life forever so you better enjoy life at this moment while you can.

#16 Gemma from Yorkshire Mum of 4 ~
"To push for what you want - to not be afraid to ask for help and support and if you want to reach your dreams then ask for the opportunities.

#17 Amy from Amy Astrid ~
"That people don't remember what you say, only how you make them feel. If you have a criticism to give, find a way to do it that makes the person feel safe and productive, not torn down."

#18 Michelle from Simply Mich ~
"Speak up, while it's okay to be shy and more reserved believe in yourself enough to know when to use your voice. Your thoughts and opinions matter. No one is going to think you're stupid for saying the wrong answer.

#19 Healing In HeartHealing In Heart ~
"Don't stress over the little things turning them into big things. Learn, not everything will work out the way you wanted it to but you'll see there's normally a 'why' for why they didn't. Better opportunities will come, don't just pick the first option, be patient for the best!

#20 Lellaleeblog from Lellalee ~
"I would tell my younger self to stop worrying about finding love. Looking back at it all seems so trivial now, but as a teenager, I thought to find 'love' was everything. Because of this naivety I ended up in a bad relationship. As I grew I learnt that loving myself was the key.

#21 Taiwo from A Lifestyle Nerd ~
"I would tell my younger self to START A BLOG and do lots of research on it! I wish I had started much earlier. Also, it's important to find happiness and real friends.

#22 Chloe from ChlxeMarie ~
"I would say not to worry about the future and that things may not work out the way I want them but they'll work out for the better. I'd also say that I spend more time with those I don't see as much. I lost my Grandad this year (2018) and didn't see him much with him being in a care home.

#23 Organise DIY,  Organise DIY ~
"I would tell her to be stronger and not let anyone push her about, but also to speak out and be confident as you're wiser than you know!

#24 Teresa from Joys Blessings Poetry ~
"I would tell my younger self to never take anything for granted. Be thankful for all things." 

#25 Connie from Earth to Connie ~ 
"I would tell myself to not take life so seriously, university doesn't matter - don't do it.

#26 Karlie from Wandering Nobody ~
"YOU make your own path. YOU are responsible for your happiness and success. Don't blame your mood and situation on someone else. YOU have every power to change what is happening to you - so do it."

#27 Tasha from Tasha Jackson ~
"Don't settle, your voice is worth hearing, trust your gut, find friends/mentors who truly support your dreams and know you.

#28 Krissy from Nerd Knows Life
"I would tell myself to be who I truly am, to not let the expectations of other people get in the way of my passions and dreams and to not take every criticism so harshly. I would also tell myself to make exercise and self care a daily priority way sooner.

#29 L from One More Light LB ~
"Life gets better. It doesn't get perfect, but it gets better. Hold on, look for the light, and keep going.

#30 Vent from Vent Help UK
"Despite your situation now, there WILL be people who like you for who you are, love you for your personality and want to be your mate despite the people you're surrounded by now. Always be yourself, don't change for anyone.

#31 Jenni from Housewife Hustle
"I'd tell myself that I was beautiful. I would say that you only get one body so treat it with kindness. Loving the skin you're in has been the hardest lesson to learn, so the sooner you see your beauty and worth, the better.

#32 Deborah from Debs Decorative Life
"Don't let shoulda, woulda, coulda be part of your vocabulary. Just do it so you don't regret it!"

#33 Sneha from Quirky Writes
"Believe in your gut. It's always right.

#34 Anna from Anna With An I ~ 
"I'd say that "things are okay... it feels like the end of the world but it's not. Everything feels like the end of the world when you're young. But it gets better and it will be okay. And your mom does actually know better on some things - listen to her."

#35 Rachel from Inbetween Book Pages
"That it's okay to not have everything figured out, and that failure and quitting isn't all as bad as most people make them out to be. You're going to stumble, doubt yourself and give up on some things. What's important is that you tried and even if things don't work out for you you've learned. You just stand up and try and try again until you get it right."

#36 Jessie from The Bright Intention
"I would tell myself to take a break from studying every once in a while, spend more time with friends, and put myself out there more. It's been super hard trying to create a friend group almost from scratch as an adult, compared to when I was younger."

#37  Yaya from mydreamality ~
"I'd tell myself to be patient, because the good things (that are now here!) will come if I keep striving, and I don't need to get anxious or worried about things that are out of control."

#38 Evelyn from eapstudios ~
"I'd say don't be scared of judgement or the possibility of failure. People will judge but just as many people will be supportive. As far as failure goes it's always a possibility but you have to try! Make your dreams happen. It's easier when you start early.

#39 Sophia from Sophia Patel ~
"I would have told myself to not compare myself to others. I constantly critiqued myself and believed in perfect life of others, but could not see that they would put on a front and have real issues like myself hidden away. I would just say to be comfortable in your own skin."

#40 Renee from the Mom Mask ~
"Would tell myself run away from home. Do it now save yourself. Don't look back.

#41 Kim from Kim L Walton ~
"I would tell my younger self, that it is okay to be different, to not going along.

#42 Janelle from The Nelly Bean ~
"I'd tell myself to stop worrying so much about what people think, and to just go for what I want with no excuses. I'm a worrier by nature, so I'd definitely be telling younger me to trust that things work out in the end, because I've learnt that they always do."

#43 Lindzey from A Girl a Passport ~
"Mine would be to take more risks! Don't let fear or nerves stop you from doing things or talking to people. Also, study abroad for undergrad. My grad school experience abroad was one of the best things I ever did, and I wish I could have had more time.

#44 Dani from Expert Chick ~
"I would tell myself every time things go wrong take a step back... breathe and don't despair. Don't sweat the small stuff younger Dani, and if I had a time machine I would give myself everything I know now back at 15.

#45 Vic from Vickyiez Blog ~
"It's okay to rely on others sometimes but be careful who you trust.

#46 Anxious and HungryAnxious and Hungry ~
"Saying your every thought doesn't mean you're always honest, it just makes you a bitch.

#47 Phil from Phil Halton ~
"I'd tell myself to slow down, and enjoy the moment/phase of life that I was in, rather than always pushing ahead to the 'next thing.' Life is long, and there is time for everything in its time.

#48 Vanessa from Paging Mrs Gehrels ~
"Don't. Don't. Don't. Get engaged at 23. Don't get married at 24. Life is just beginning. And even though you may think you know what you're doing, time usually tells you that at 24 you don't know what the fuck you're doing!

#49 Samantha from This Girls Creative lifestyle ~
"Not to rush growing up and think your life needs to be planned out at 20.

#50  Weird&Liberated, Weird N Liberated ~
"I would tell my younger self to forget about these boys who keep breaking her heart and that it's important to forgive and forget; not for their sake but for yours. Carrying all that hurt and anger is no good."

#51 Kelle Salle from It's Kelles Space ~ 
"I'd tell my younger self to listen to my gut instinct more. I've always said that if something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't, so trusting what you see and feel is so important to your wellbeing.

#52 Nikki from N Herb Essentials ~
"I'd tell myself to roll with it. Don't stress the things you feel is important because down the road, God has a bigger purpose.

#53 Jenny from My Creative Manner ~ 
"Don't be afraid to walk away from toxic people. Put your needs first.

#54 Travel Lobsters, Travel Lobsters ~ 
"I'd say, don't take your health for granted, learn to listen to your inner self. Take time to learn about what you love in life, connect more with people, be confident, follow your dreams, as if you don't and you live life on the borderline of happiness, what is the point."

#55 Sarah from Sarah Some Place ~ 
"Don't worry about hanging in the 'cool' crowd. Those people won't matter to you years down the road.

#56  Keren from Just Add Family ~
"I'd tell myself to let go of the toxic people in my life and replace them with kind loving people who will appreciate me. And get in more photos rather than always being the one taking them, you'll love looking back on them!

#57 Jessica from Modern Moms Life ~
"I have learned that the only opinion I need to listen to is my own. Hear others and let them support you, but ultimately every decision in your life is yours alone to make. Especially as a parent! And don't worry so much - life is supposed to be fun!

#58  Naomi from Tea Time with Naomi ~ 
"Would tell my younger self to care less what others think. That you CAN go on a train alone, you WILL make friends and you will have one hell of an adventure.

#59 Nic from A Twenty something lesbian ~ 
"I would tell myself that it will all work out in the end. Everything gets better, even if right now that seems impossible and your stronger than you ever believed and to believe in yourself more.

#60 Average bloke blogger, Average Bloke Blogger
"To speak to new people more and don't think everyone is a bad person. You won't meet good people unless you put yourself out there to speak to them etc.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my Tweet and apologies to anyone who I haven't mentioned - as you can see I got a massive response, and I've tried to include as many as possible but it's taken me some very long sittings typing these all up, especially getting everyone's links, I think I've included 60 responses out of well over a 100 so please forgive me if I missed you.

It was truly inspirational reading what you all said, and I hope in reading this blog post it can inspire you too. It's such a therapeutic activity to sit and write down everything you would tell your younger self so I would definitely recommend having a go at this yourself.

In the comments below, what would you tell your younger self? And is there any favourite quotes on here that you like/relate to?

Thank you for reading

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  1. Brilliant post - well done on putting it together. I think I would tell myself that don’t get too worried about making plans for the future, things probably won’t go the way you plan. Also don’t worry about operations, they might save you one day! X

    1. Thank you! That's a good one, I'd definitely tell myself to not worry about making future plans too :) xx

  2. Oh my gosh these are so inspiring! I think when I look back at my younger self - even from just a few years ago - it makes me realise that actually, yeah, I got through it and that's a really positive feeling. Thank you for this!

    1. Aw glad you thought so! I love that, I totally agree, it's such a positive to get through things 😊 xx

  3. These are so amazing. It's so nice to get some advice and guidance and it's so lovely that you put all of these together. As always, loving your work x

    1. Aww thank you so much, glad you enjoyed reading the post ♥️ xx

  4. Oh my gosh, so many beautiful responses! I love how most are about believing in yourself and listening to your inner voice, as that's something I struggle with quite a lot.

    1. Aren't they! ♥️ I definitely struggle with that too xx

  5. This is beautiful Chloe! What an amazing idea, I love reading what everyone has to say and to see bloggers come together for a post �� something I’d tell my younger self is to have more faith in myself and not let insecurities hold me back. Lovely post! X

    1. Aww thank you so much! Glad you liked the post, and that's a great one ♥️ xx

  6. This is a fantastic post and I would say seize opportunities as you don't know if they will come again!

  7. This is so sweet that you included so many bloggers here, and they are all so motivational and encouraging! I would tell me younger self MANY things hahaha. I especially loved the ones that said it's ok not to have everything figured out (because I'm the type that MUST know EVERYTHING, like what where when how and why haha), and to go for what you want to do!!

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! Omg sameee, I used to panic about not having everything figured out but I've gotten into a better mindset now! xx

  8. I have been away from social media for a few days now and this is what I just found. Chloe I loved every bit of this article, how you included everyone, it is just so inspirational. I would tell my younger self that sometimes it is okay not to be okay and that there will be brighter days and bad days ( just like yours). Great post once more��

    1. Aww, glad you loved reading this <3 Ahh yes, I always tell myself that now that there will be good and bad days! Thank you! xx

  9. This is very inspiring! I would tell my younger self to be more confident and care less what people think. I can really relate to quite 36 by Jessie too!

    1. Aw thank you! That's a great one, I wish I could have told my younger self that too! xx

  10. Well done on putting this together. A great post to revisit when needed xx

  11. Love this post! I've done similar ones in the past as letters to my 16/18 year old self. Definitely would tell my younger self to be more confident and stop crying over boys, haha

    Chynna | https://chynnawebley.com/blog/

    1. Thank you! haha yesss we definitely shouldn't cry over boys! xx

  12. I really loved this Chloe! I think everybody did heheh. I think I would tell younger self to be less distracted by boys and focus on what is important. I read this post three times! Just a fabulous idea.


    1. Aw thank youu so much, glad you enjoyed the read! xx

  13. I absolutely love this post, such a reassuring and feel-good post! So many things we'd all tell our younger selves and it just shows how far we've come since then. x

    1. Aww glad you liked it, and I totally agree, it made me feel so inspired writing it and reading all the answers <3 Definitely, we learn so much growing up! xx

  14. Wow, such a brilliant post Chloe! Everyone's responses are so inspirational, thoughtful and uplifting. I think I would tell my younger self that most of the things I worry about never actually happened and things never seem as bad as you think. Like you say, there are always positives in every situation, we just need to focus on those instead. Thank you for sharing, I need to bookmark this page and come back when I need some motivation and encouragement, fab post! <3 xxx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. Awww thank you! It was definitely a very uplifting post to write and reading all the responses was amazing. Yess I would definitely tell my younger self that things never seem as bad as you think, so many times I have worried and panicked about things that turned out completely fine! Aw thank you so much! <3 xxx

  15. Erm Chloe, when you said you'd asked some other bloggers I was not expecting that many! I love that you included so many different people with different thoughts. I'm not actually sure what I'd tell my younger self, probably something about not being afraid to create your own path x


    1. ahaha yeah I didn't mean for that to happen! But it was very inspiring to see everyone's comments! Ahh yeah that's a great one! xx

  16. I love these posts, they're so insightful and give you a lot of food for thought. I'd tell my younger self to follow her dreams, no matter what. Because I didn't and I've always regretted it.


    1. Aw thank you, glad you liked it! I would definitely tell my younger self that too. Even though I have many regrets, I'm sure us both can still pull out some positives from the path we've taken :) xx

  17. This is such a great and inspirational post Chloe! xx

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk