Practising Gratitude.

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Good evening everyone, hope you are well❣

I can't believe how quickly September is going, the weeks are just flying by! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and that Monday hasn't been too bad! I hope you're enjoying my layout of blog posts recently, I wanted to make them look more enjoyable to read rather than just a block of writing - hence why I've added more colourful pictures and added in bullet points as well as text so it doesn't look so boring. ☀

Today I am writing a blog post about practising gratitude. Firstly the meaning of gratitude is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It's a very good self care practise to follow and really helps to make you feel good about yourself.

Practising gratitude ⇊

If you search online for the 'benefits of gratitude' you will find so much about it. There has been numerous studies on it and there has been loads of benefits found.

Have a look at this post:

There are 5 main aspects that come from the benefits of gratitude which I will list below - this is a list found from a study that was done on gratitude.

♥More good feeling.
♥More relaxed.
♥More resilient.
♥Less Envious.
♥Happier Memories.

♥Less materialistic.
♥Less self-centered.
♥More optimistic.
♥Increased self-esteem.
♥More spiritual.

♥Improved sleep.
♥Less sickness.
♥Increased energy.
♥More exercise.

♥Better management.
♥Improved networking.
♥Goal achievement.
♥Improved decision making.
♥Increased productivity.

♥More social.
♥Healthier marriage.
♥More friendships.
♥Deeper relationships.

Have a read of the post I linked, it goes into these points in more detail and explains why and how these have all been improved because of gratitude.


How to develop a gratitude practice ⇊

When we regularly take time out to notice all the good things in our lives we can quickly turn around negativity or anxiousness. As shown above there are studies out there that show that gratitude positively impacts our mental well-being and encourages us to seek out more positivity in our lives.

1You can create a gratitude jar. 
Everyday write down something that you are thankful for in the day and put it into the jar. Then on special occasions or when you're feeling negative about yourself, open the jar and have a read of everything you have written. You could also keep it until the end of the year and that way you can have a look back on the whole year - it's also a nice way to keep memories. 

2Every morning or night state three things you're grateful for. 
This is a nice way to start your day or end your day. If you list them before you go to bed then you can list something that happened that day or by listing them when you first wake up will probably give you a positive outlook on the day ahead. 

3Keep a gratitude diary. 
This is similar to the jar but you could expand on the things you are grateful for. If something happened in the day you can explain the events leading up to it or have more space to write down what had happened. It's also a nice thing to look back on every so often.

4Sharing with a 'gratitude buddy.' 
It's a nice idea to note at least one thing every day you're thankful for and share it with someone else. It can then also help to inspire each other and it's always good to have people around you that are feeling positive too. 

The compliment challenge ⇊

This is a little segment that links to gratitude and being positive. I've read about this before and I feel it is very helpful and positive to try this out. 

Challenge: For the next seven days every time someone gives you a compliment simply smile and say thank you. Don't push the compliment aside, dismiss it or downplay it. Acknowledge it and accept it for the gift it is. 

You might find it a little uncomfortable to begin with as most of the time when we receive compliments we would respond with a compliment back to the person or just generally dismissing it. 

Whilst doing this another challenge alongside it - compliment other people when you see them do something well or when you notice something else you feel deserves attention. How do you feel when that person you have just given a compliment to lights up and accepts it compared to when someone downplays it or dismisses it? 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you try out that challenge! 

As always, chat soon. 

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