Boosting your happiness.

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Good evening everyone! 

Hope you are well, apologies that there hasn't been a post for a few weeks now sometimes I find it difficult to juggle everything all at once. I took a bit of time off my blog to concentrate on other important things that I have going on at the moment, hope you didn't miss me too much! 😉

For a few days now I have wanted to write a post but I have struggled to choose what to write about. I have a lot of ideas for blog posts but sometimes I don't like to write them if I'm not feeling it at the time. Today I thought I'd do a post on happiness - what is happiness? What makes you happy? How important is happiness to you? How often are you happy? How do you find happiness?

To me, life is all about happiness, your own happiness and the happiness of the people around you. I feel that it's so important to be happy, when you're in a good mood you just feel as if you're on top of the world. It's a beautiful feeling but sometimes it can often be hard to make yourself feel happy. It's not normal to be happy every second of your life and you will probably go through some hard times but it's important to pick yourself up and work on your own happiness.

🙶 Happiness isn't a switch that's on or off, it's something you grow.🙷- Lynn Hord. 

About 5-6 months ago when I was having a really bad time I felt like it was impossible to feel happy. I couldn't think of anything that could make me feel happy again and if I went out and did something or my boyfriend came down to visit me I would feel happy temporarily, and it would be gone as soon as those things came to an end. I really hated myself for being like that and thinking so negatively about everything and that just made me feel worse. I also hated that I made others around me feel sad because of me, it was a vicious cycle that I felt would never end. But it did. Of course I feel down every so often and I have negative thoughts, this last month has been very stressful for me and recently I have thought that I'm not getting anywhere with life but I also stop myself from thinking that because I know it's silly and I am trying my best to get where I want to be.

Simple ways to boost your happiness ⇓ 

Here is a list of fun little activities and changes you can do to help with boosting your happiness.

Write a list of things in your life that are great right now and that make you happy. This is something I have done a few times, it can be really surprising just how long the list is. Also you can keep adding to it, you might discover something new that makes you happy. It's also quite therapeutic to list things that make you feel good. Once you have your list whenever you are feeling down you can always look back at it and try and action one of those listed.

Choose a happy song to play to lift your mood whenever you need it. Do you have that one song that you absolutely love, and every time you hear it you can't help but smile, or it just lifts your mood as soon as you hear it? Play that song. Close you eyes whilst you listen if that helps too. You can also find a 'happy' playlist online to listen to, music really helps to change your mood.

Another music idea is to change your alarm on your phone to a favourite song or a song that immediately makes you happy - it can be a lot nicer waking up to that in the morning than just that droning beep!

List some activities you can do that don't cost any money to do that you know makes you happy. A good one for me is going on a picnic, I love getting it all ready beforehand and then going somewhere you know is a good spot, chilling, talking, eating, or even just sitting there quietly reading or people watching. Maybe you enjoy going for a walk?

Create a happiness planner. Plan events or goals that you'd like to do and write them down into a planner. You can then add to it by writing down what actions you can take to complete the goals or countdown the days to those special days and events you have planned for.

Buying yourself the things you love. Do you feel happy when you buy some new clothes or a new book? Does it spark joy and increase your happiness when you buy something you love? It's not good to go crazy and buy things all the time to make yourself feel good however every once in a while it's always a good happiness boost to spend a little time on yourself.

Create a morning ritual to start your day with a smile. If there is something that puts you in a better mood before you start your day off then go for it. May that be something simple like having your morning coffee at the table whilst reading a magazine or listening to the news on the radio. If you have the time to maybe going to a exercise class in the morning, taking a walk, or doing some meditating. I find that when I wake up not feeling great that mindfulness is something that really helps me. I use this whenever I'm feeling anxious or stressed about something too. I'll stop what I'm doing, close my eyes and focus on the noises I can hear around me. When I hear a certain noise I'll name it in my head, even if I'm somewhere that's super noisy like in a restaurant I find it helps to just close you eyes and focus on the sounds around you - it really relaxes me.

I hope there is something in this list that can help you with boosting your happiness. I will do another part to this post this weekend where I will show you my list of things that make me happy. I will also give you some more advice on boosting happiness.

What makes you happy? Comment below!

As always, chat soon.

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