Boosting your happiness: Part two.

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Good evening everyone! ☀

Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend! If you haven't already have a look at my previous post: Boosting your happiness - before reading this one! This is a second part as I explained in the post before that I wanted to show you my list of things that make me happy and also to just expand on the happiness subject.

As I'm writing this I'm actually having a pretty bad day today - I feel like it's important to document sometimes because it just shows that you're not alone and I still have bad days. I'm feeling pretty lonely today and I think that's why I'm not feeling so happy. If you have read previous posts on my blog you'll be aware that I moved out and away from home to a new place in Birmingham which I absolutely love don't get me wrong. I have had a lovely few weeks here and I am looking forward to the weeks to come! In leaving my home in Northampton I made the choice to move away from my family, my friends, leave my job, and move away from people that I could easily hang out with when I wanted to. Living in Birmingham I don't know anyone here except for my boyfriend and yes of course I can travel to see people, I have been back to Northampton and I have had people come up here to see me but sometimes I do feel a bit on my own I guess - I can't really set up a random 'oh let's go to the cinema tonight!' with my friends or family because I have to travel to do that now so it has to be planned. That's fine though, it's what growing up means and I still get to see the people I love but I just wanted you to see that I still have bad days - tomorrow will be a new day and every weekend I have met up with people, gone out, visited home etc.


Things that make me happy ⇊

Here's a list of some things that make me happy - my list I have is very long because I did start it over five months ago and I do add to it so I will only list a select few: 

🌞A warm shower.

🌞Eating my favourite food.

🌞Listening to music.

🌞Going to the cinema.

🌞Watching a film/TV series on Netflix.

🌞Hanging out with friends and family.

🌞Watching Yogscast and Hatfilms videos on YouTube - Particularly the TTT videos. 

🌞Being with Adam and talking to him.

🌞Funny SnapChats.

🌞Playing the keyboard.

🌞Playing a game I'm in the mood for.

🌞Treats from myself or other people.


🌞Being included.


🌞Otis and Xavier (my cat and hamster).

🌞A tidy room.

🌞Keeping busy.

🌞Getting dressed up and doing my make-up.

🌞Being cosy and having a hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

🌞A cup of tea.

🌞Aerobics with Geoff (sadly I no longer can attend his classes😢).

🌞Playing card games. 

🌞Watching animal videos. 

These are a select few and you might read some and think they're strange or why would that make me happy but it's personal to me so we all will have different lists. 

It's a nice activity to do and I would recommend you do it to, list ten things now that make you happy...go! 

Also whenever you are feeling down you can always have a look at your list and do one of them, you'll know for sure they'll cheer you up even if it's just for that moment. 

Professional information and self help for boosting happiness ⇊

I read a lot of self help books and looked online for advice from professionals as I got to a point that I need the help and I needed to learn how to help myself. Here are some more ways on how to be happier: 

(I have taken these select few from the NHS website:

1Manage your stress levels. 
If you have a build up of things that are making you feel stressed then this will have a huge impact on your happiness. It's a good idea to work on the those things and find a way to manage them, clearing your mind will help you a lot. You can also do some exercise, some breathing techniques, or taking control of your time - all of these are positive steps to help you feel better. 

2Enjoy yourself. 
As I have mentioned before it's always good to treat yourself and partake in activities that you know you'll enjoy. Try and find the funny things in certain situations, and also a good tip is to try not to do something that is only enjoyable at the time - for example drinking alcohol or eating too much junk food. 

3Boost your self-esteem. 
If you haven't already have a look at my previous post on this subject: Tips to improve your self confidence. Try and treat yourself the way you treat a friend that you value. They have added an example for this on the NHS website which is - notice when you're putting yourself down, "I'm so stupid for not getting that job" but if that was a friend would you say that to them? You wouldn't, you'd say something like "don't worry about it, you did your best and they'll be other opportunities out there." 

4Have a healthy lifestyle. 
Limit your alcohol intake, choose a well-balanced diet - a good diet makes your brain and body work efficiently, do some exercise and get enough sleep. I have written about these a lot in previous posts but it's so important to look after your physical health because it has such a big affect on your mental health. 

5Talk and share. 
When you have something that's on your mind and it's really bothering you how do you feel when you tell someone about it? I find that talking to people about things that are bothering me really help. You don't have to go to a professional, talking to loved ones can be just as helpful. However if you find it difficult to talk to the people you know about it then there are so many anonymous helplines out there. 

6Build your resilience. 

Resilience is what allows you to cope with the ups and downs in your life. Making something worthwhile out of painful times helps your resilience grow. If you go through something bad in your life try and make something creative out of it, you could write or sing - this helps you to express pain and get you through those hard times.

I hope you have enjoyed my little series of posts about happiness - I know there's a lot of information to take in but I hope something you have read has helped. Enjoy your week and I will be back as soon as I can. 

As always, 
chat soon. 

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