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Hello everyone, I know it's been a very long time.

As you can see I have completely re-designed my blog, I have been thinking about getting back to blogging for a while but I just didn't know when or what to do if I did. I'm also quite ashamed of myself that I have left my blog for so long, this is something I loved doing and I guess I forgot about my love for it and felt like I was too busy to run it anymore. However I've been thinking a lot recently about what I love doing and this blog was pretty high on the list, why would I stop doing something that I enjoyed so much?

I've decided to have quite a simple theme for my blog and for a while, even when I was writing blog posts before I knew I needed to pick a theme to write about, I feel like I was all over the place, I just wrote about anything I could think of. But I also remember how hard it was thinking about one theme and focusing purely on that, I kept thinking about ideas such as film review posts or cute little adventures I had but at the moment or back then as well, I felt like there wasn't enough to write about.

The beginning of 2018 has been a hard one for me, there's been a lot going on and I've had a lot to deal with. I will explain more about that in my next post but I've been reading and learning a lot about anxiety. I have read about it to grasp a better understanding of it to help me, it has been something that has got me through these last few months. I want to share with others my story and how I have gone from rock bottom to feeling at a point where I have more of a positive outlook on life and just generally feeling happy - I never thought I'd get to that stage so I'm quite proud of myself.

The biggest step up for me was talking to people about it, being able to have someone there to listen to me and get what is in my head out in the open, even writing this out is helping me to feel better. I have spoken to several people about my blog posts that I'm about to publish and the biggest fear for me is my family and friends who had no idea that I have struggled with this are going to see this - and that scares me a little. However the few that I have spoken to about this have said that they'd like to share their stories too and I thought that was a lovely idea. Imagine having all these anxiety stories out there for others to see and realise that they aren't going through this alone and how people have recovered from this or even if people just need advice because they're struggling to get through it, we can all help each other. 

I have created an email for this - You can send your stories and what you've gone through or how you've got help or any advice you may have. Even if you haven't suffered this yourself but you know a loved one that has it would be interesting to see how others deal with this. I also want to state that if you don't want your names posted along with them then I will of course respect your wishes and keep them private.

This is not the main focus though, I am very much looking forward to the stories of others but I will also be continuing with blog posts written by myself with ways that have helped me and the things that I have learnt through my experience. Even if I don't get any response or any views of my posts this is helping me overcome my anxiety and that's my main goal.

I have also added a new page to my website labelled - mental health helplines. It has a very long list of websites of charities that are there to help you with all the contact numbers needed. 

Keep an eye out for the next post, it'll be posted tomorrow.

Chat soon 

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