Things I love: June Edition

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Good morning! 

I know I missed out last month's faves so I thought I'd get this one in before it gets too into the month of July! 

I've been crazy busy as per usual, had to get ready for my holiday, went on holiday, had a weekend with Adam and now this weekend coming I'm working on the Saturday so been a busy bee. But it's all good because I have a day off today so can finally sit down and write out some blog posts! 

What I watched: 

I'm going to say Orange is the New Black, I'm kind of sad I watched it so quickly though... but it was really good, funny, emotional, full of so many good moments. I'm so glad I started watching it, I remember when it first came out and everyone was so hyped about it and I was like, nah I don't think it looks that great, and then I thought I can't judge something without having a watch so I started watching it and ended up spending every night just watching a few episodes until I was caught up with it! So yes, I would recommend you guys to watch this if you haven't already, you'll find it on Netflix! 

What I snapped: 

Well, as I said went to Majorca didn't I! So obviously I'm going to have so many holiday pictures but I'm just going to choose one that's a fave of mine because I am putting up holiday blog posts and they'll have so many pictures on there. Here's all us girls all ready for the evening, I think we just had dinner here and was on the way to the pool bar area where they do all the hotel entertainment, lovely. 

What I wore: 

I'm going to say my dungarees, I love them haha! I've always wanted to get some and I always thought no they're not going to look good on me surely. But I actually love them, although they are quite short, I've been wearing them here with tights when it wasn't so warm but I wore them going home from Majorca and that's the first time I have without tights and I realised how short they were but oh well! I don't really have a great picture of me in them, I could get changed into them now but I'm so lazy haha. 

What I did: 

I'm going to say the last full day we had in Majorca we spent it on a boat in the middle of the sea, it was so amazing. At the front of the boat it had spots to sunbathe which was absolutely glorious, lying there on a boat in the middle of the sea, just listening to the waves. I did of course, get very burnt. I put sun cream on several times but I did go in the sea at one point and sometimes you forget to re-apply until you can actually feel yourself burning. But it was one of my favourite days for sure, I would love to do that again, like every weekend would be fab. I think I want to move to Spain, it's so lovely there. 

Look at these boat views... here's us being so instagram and enjoying the views.

What I ate: 

Probably the buffet of food every day all day on holiday! But my favourite thing to eat was a plate of salad with some caesar dressing, it was so tasty and really refreshing to eat on hols, it was nice to balance out some of the less healthy food I ate.. but as soon as I got home I added caesar salad dressing to the shopping list! 

What I drank:

Been really enjoying strawberry Schnapps with lemonade, it's so fruity and refreshing and it just goes well with the sunshine at the moment. 

What I went: 

Obviously Majorca. Although I'm not going to talk much about it in this post check out this one, part 1 of my holiday: Majorca!

What I used: 

My camera. I've had so many good opportunities to take some fabulous pictures, especially of the scenery as well, here's some nice landscape pictures. 

Thank you for reading, hope you all had a good June! My July is going to be considerably less fun as I haven't got many great plans so I don't think my next monthly loves will be as exciting! Hope you all have a good weekend, and as always, chat soon.


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