Girls Holiday to Majorca!

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Good evening, hope you've all had/having a lovely week. 

At the end of June I spent a week away in Majorca with my friends and it was the absolute best. The weather was amazing, the relaxation was needed, the food was glorious and the company was really good! 

I'm going to split this blog post into two as I'll go through what we did every day of the week and if I did that in one blog it would be an absolute essay. So today's post will be about Saturday the 17th to the Tuesday, with loads of pictures included of course. 

So Saturday morning we set our alarms for 2.30am! And left the house around 3am to get the airport for 4, the airport part went by so quickly! I feel like it's one of the quickest airport journeys i've experienced, although it had been a long while since I had been abroad. We tried to get some breakfast at the airport but we didn't get the chance so most of us had a spot of breaky on the plane which tasted alright actually. When we arrived in Palma we then had to get on a coach to our hotel which was just over a hour I believe. Here's me and Amy and Kayleigh on the coach on the way, super excited! 

I travelled in tights and it was absolutely boiling when we got off the plane, but to be fair, you wouldn't want to wear shorts in the England at 3am..

As soon as we arrived we got to our hotel room, we were on the third floor, going up those steps like 3 times a day got pretty tiring.

We got changed immediately and had some lunch. Going all inclusive was so good, breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks and dinner all included, as well as the drinks for the evenings! 

The food was mostly always enjoyable and they had a bit of everything. I love the salads, I had a lot of salads and fruit for pudding. We then spent the rest of the day by the pool, they had a main pool for everyone and then a smaller one just for adults so we always went there as it was a lot quieter and more relaxing. 

On the Sunday we spent all day by the pool, it was the weekend and we had only just got there so it was really nice to relax for the weekend. Although I was constantly putting sun cream on I got so burnt, I was like a lobster! But here's some pictures of  the evenings of hotel entertainment and many drinks.

On Monday we hadn't booked to do anything but we decided to go find a beach near where we were staying. The beaches are all quite small and adorable, but so stunning. When you first dip your feet in the water it's quite cold but once you're in and swimming around it soon warms up, and to be fair, after being so hot and bothered from being in the sun it's such a nice feeling going into the sea to cool off. Although you never think you'll burn much if you're in the sea but oh you do. I never realised I was so sensitive to the sun.. I burn so easily, even after applying factor 50 every hour or so!! 

On the Tuesday we visited the Caves of Drach where we wondered around them and then had a small orchestra.
The caves were amazing, we all did expect the orchestra to be a little bit bigger as it was 4 people on a small boat but it was enjoyable to listen to. There was mini boat ride afterwards which we thought would lead us all the way out of the caves but it was just for like two seconds, so was a tiny but disappointing. 

I know I said in my previous post how I wasn't a fan of the heat however being here, most of the time just in your bikini it was really nice and it certainly helped with making me feel a lot more stress free and calm.

But all in all the first 4 days were amazing, so relaxing, just what I needed. I am so ready to go on Holiday again! 

Pictures below!

You can see the next 4 days in the next blog. As always, chat soon.

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