Girls Holiday to Majorca! - Part 2

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As expected, here is my part 2 for my holiday post! If you haven't read the previous one, have a look at this one first: Part 1. 

Wednesday 21st June 

On the Wednesday.. it went a little bit wrong, but hey we were in Spain so you can't complain! (That sounds good to say). We booked to do go on the Magic Catamaran and it was an early start and we all got ready and headed to the bus stop.. and waited for 40 odd minutes.. and no bus turned up :( We had to go back to the hotel and at first we were going to get a refund but we ended up going on the Friday instead and I'm so glad we did, it was one of my favourite things to do. So because that didn't go to plan we went to another beach instead and walked around the little village there and then got a train back which was actually so fun haha.

Thursday 22nd June 

This day we hadn't planned anything until the evening so we chilled most of the morning/early afternoon by the pool as we hadn't for a little while as we were always out and about. And then we went off the Magaluf to see an evening show called Pirates. I used to go to Majorca like every year when I was younger with my family and we went to this show a lot and I remembered how good it was so when I went back again with the girls I thought, we have got to go see this! I hadn't been in like 8 years or so, so I couldn't remember much of it, and obviously all the main pirates were different people this time but it was still just as good as I remember. They kind of tell a story of these 4 pirates who get captured by the French Pirate and his men and they go to kill them all however the good pirates escape and they kill him instead! They show the story through amazing acrobatics and gymnastics and the room gets split to what pirate you cheer on and we got Captain Scarlett so at the end when you could get pictures with them we of course got a group one with our Captain! 

Friday 23rd June

This day which I've spoken about in my monthly love for June - which you can see here - is our trip on the magic catamaran which we finally got on! We were worried on the day that the bus wouldn't show up again haha but so glad it did! It was a afternoon one as well so we didn't have to get up as early this time. 

We got there, well the bus stopped and the driver was like get off and walk down there.. I think every one was kind of confused but there was a big crowd of us so we all followed one another and found it. 

We ended up sunbathing, swimming in the sea, I really enjoyed just sitting there in the sunshine in my bikini just looking at all the views as the boat was moving, it was so lovely. It was a little scary going into the sea because of course you get in from the boat and obviously you can't touch the floor so it's quite tiring keeping yourself up haha. But as it was so warm on the boat it was a good feeling to cool down in the sea but oh my god, when you first go to get in it's such a shock from the coldness of it! 

Saturday 24th June

And then it was home time! :( We had a early start but the airport was quick to go through again and all of a sudden we were on the plane home. It was a sad moment when you land back in the UK but as the same time it was nice to be home and in my own bed!

I had such a lovely holiday with the girls and I'm so happy I went! I'm ready to this every single year with them all!! 

I didn't take all the pictures I used so thank you to the girls for them, I have now been back to work for another few weeks now and I'm already missing the sunshine, the pool, the evenings, the day trips, take me back!

Hope you enjoyed my holiday posts, and as always, chat soon!

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