Things I love: April Edition

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Good afternoon, hope the weekend has treated you well. 

This is a very late monthly love post but I did mention in my last post that I was posting it for this weekend. 

The weather has been so warm at the moment, I'm not used to it! I think I prefer the colder seasons over Summer, I'm usually someone who would prefer to wear jeans and tee rather than cool Summer clothes. 

Anyway, here are my April favourites, enjoy. 

What I watched

I don't watch things enough really, I'm going to cheat a little and say Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I actually only watched it last week but I very much enjoyed it. It was funny, the cast is brilliant as always, and the story line was okay. 

I would watch it again as it is very entertaining, but the only down side to it for me was the story line, there wasn't much going on really. The big fight that you usually get for marvel films wasn't so massive, well that's how I felt anyway, it was like there was just something missing for that extra wow factor. But it is still very good and I would recommend you go see it, the comedy in it is probably the best thing about it. 

What I snapped: 

As you know I went to Edinburgh in April so you can probably guess what some of my favourite snaps have been in that month. But here's two of my favourite pictures from the trip:

I'm so ready for another trip away, but it just so happens that next month I'm off to Spain with the girls which is super exciting... I have a lot of summer clothes shopping to do!

What I wore:

I'm going to say my red shirt that I wore while I was in Edinburgh, shown in this picture: 

It's a comfortable shirt just to put on when you don't know what to wear. Also it keeps you quite warm when it's a tiny bit chilly, so when the weather constantly changes from warm to cold in a day it's something good to wear!

What I did:

I'm going to say... paintballing. This was something organised by me and another person for Adam's birthday and I was actually quite terrified to go haha. But it's not like I could back out of it so I just stayed positive about it. I hadn't been before, and I knew from others that it can be quite painful. However, the pain from the paint balls actually wasn't too bad.. once you'd been hit by a few you kind of got used to it but it also depended on where you got hit as well. Of course we all ended up with lovely bruises, I still have some now! 

It was actually really fun and I would do it again. It's absolutely exhausting though, you pretty much do it for a whole day and after a while of running around carrying these guns it tires you out, I actually sat out of one game just because I needed the break.

It can be a little pricey, obviously you have to pay for the paint balls but its worth it, you play so many games and it literally lasts pretty much the whole day. 

What I ate: 

This is where I should have written this ages ago because I have to remember what I have eaten in April.. although the good thing is I went to Edinburgh and the food was delicious!

So I'd say, my egg and avocado on toast. It was amazing, looked great and tasted even better. 

Look at it.. 

If I could re-create it I would but I'm just not that talented with food haha!

What I drank:

Probably yet again, the cocktails I had in Edinburgh. They were so sweet and tasty. You couldn't even tell you were drinking alcohol which can be a good or bad thing because you end up drinking it super fast not realising how drunk it's making you. But I think I just love cocktail bars, they're so chill, the drinks are always so tasty, I guess the only downside is how expensive they all are but a good night out for me would definitely be going to a cocktail bar. 

Where I went:

Obviously Edinburgh. You can read all about it from my post last week... >click here< 

What I used:

For that month probably Snapchat! It's always fun to use especially when you are actually out and about and have interesting snaps to send to people! But I also use it a lot for my cat.. if you have me on Snapchat, 9 times out of 10 I'll send you a picture or video of my cat. I mean, they always do cute stuff and I just can't help it!

So that's my monthly faves for April, hope you enjoyed! Next weekend there won't be a post as I'm working both Saturday and Sunday, sad times. But the week after that I am actually doing some fun things so look forward to that! 

As always, chat soon. 


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