Things I love: March Edition

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Good evening! 

Following on from my last post, I know these are kind of the only posts I do at the moment but I don't want to miss out March as it's been a good ol' month! So as always, here are my monthly loves 💗

What I watched: 

My favourite thing that I have watched in March has got to be Logan. I didn't have any expectation at all of what it might be like, I just thought, I like x-men, so why not? 

I don't want to talk about any of the plot or anything like that because it is such a good film and if you haven't seen it already I would really recommend that you do. I wasn't expecting it to be so emotional, it was full of action, lots of violence... I basically cried like 3 times while watching it. It is probably the best marvel film I've ever seen, I can't really fault it. 

Just go see it! 

What I snapped: 

So last month was me with pink hair.... in March I went light purple so here's me with purple hair! 

I wonder what colour I'll go next, to be fair, I really liked the pink hair so I'd go for that colour again for sure, but it just takes a lot of time to dye the whole of my head so I am going back to blonde for a bit as after dying my hair pink and then purple, it is now quite an odd mixture of colours so I'm going to go back to blonde and start a fresh for when I next dye my hair a bright colour... 

What I wore:

Here's a cute little pinfold dress - not sure that's the correct name for it but I'm sure you know what I mean.. but it's a smart looking dress, it's grey and quite thick as well so at the moment while it's kinda warm but still kinda cold it's quite ideal to wear with some black tights. 

I got it from New Look, I actually can't remember how much it was but I think it was a little pricey maybe, might have been around 24 pounds which is alright to be fair! 

You could wear it without anything underneath but I bought a long sleeve plain white tee to go under it which just adds to the cuteness! Probably something you could wear to work or if you're going out somewhere nice or something like that! 

Here's me.. not modelling it that well but you can kind of see it.. also ignore my hair, it's a weird selection of colour at the moment because of the constant coloured hair dye I'm using.

What I did:

On Monday and Tuesday I had two days off work and it was so chill and nice to just spend some time chilling, going to the cinema to see Logan, going out to dinner, playing games on the PS3, going into town and buying things... from Saturday to Tuesday having that time off to just have some fun was something I really needed! 

Sometimes if you're just busy constantly it's always good to have a few days off just to de-stress and relax.

I've got quite a lot of plans in April so I will probably put out a blog post on these fun little plans, I won't say what I'm doing yet, you'll just have to wait and see (but it will involve a lot of pictures also!)

What I ate: 

I should really write down or note something down on my phone or something when I eat something really nice because it gets to this and I can't remember what good stuff I've eaten. I mean, who even remembers what they had for dinner like a few nights ago?? 

But going from recent meals, I'd probably say the lasagna at Pizza Express. I've probably said this before in one of these monthly loves to be fair... but it is really that good. If you ever go there just order it you'll know what I mean then. 

Also I haven't had it in March but the chocolate fondant pudding is amazing from Pizza express.. chocolately goodness. It's one of them puddings where you break into it and then melted chocolate comes out of it... heaven. 

Just go Pizza Express.

What I drank:

I actually tried a peanut butter hot chocolate. I know that probably sounds so weird and disgusting but it really isn't. Also when I made it the smell of peanut butter was so much stronger than the taste so if you do try it don't be put off by the strong smell, it doesn't taste that peanut buttery...  

I got mine from Sainsbury's but you can probably get it anywhere, but it was just a sachet that you add with hot water. 

I've tried a range of different flavoured hot chocolates, and this peanut butter one is probably one of my favourites.

Where I went: 

Probably comic con in Birmingham nec. That was pretty cool, I've been before a couple of years ago and I remember it being quite cool but if you're tempted easily with buying things don't go! I joke of course, but I couldn't help but buy things and I actually bought the tiniest Meowth for like 15 pounds which is quite expensive but he's my favourite Pokemon so I didn't mind. 

It's got loads of stalls, merchandise, comics/films/manga/anime, signing areas, jewellery, swords, artwork, mini shows, lots of cosplayers, a nice day out I guess if you're into all of that. 

It was only 11 quid as well for general day tickets so not a bad price at all, you can also buy weekend tickets to go for the whole weekend but I feel like one day is enough to see it all! Unless you spend ages queuing up to get something signed but the previous time and this time I didn't bother with that. 

Here's my cute Meowth, aw..  

What I used: 

So this is for an app usually. To be honest I'm going to go with my Spotify app. Walking to work early in the morning at around 6ish in the morning when I'm really tired and just want to sleep, having my offline Spotify to listen to keeps me awake. Gets me through the morning walk and the walk home afterwards. 

Although you can only listen to Spotify offline if you pay for the service monthly, so if you have the version you'll have to use your phone data and you can only skip like 5 songs I think and it doesn't let you choose what song you want to listen to so... I'd recommend paying for Spotify if you can it's a lot better, and no adverts so that's always good! 

Hope you enjoyed my March loves, this is my second blog post today... and there will be another one tomorrow 😁

As always, chat soon!


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