Insomnia 60 - Birmingham.

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Good evening, hope you're all good!

Last week I went to Birmingham NEC for Insomnia 60, on this exact day last week actually. My first impressions as I walked in was just, ..there's so much going on... I don't know where to start! It was quite overwhelming I suppose, but this was my first time going to one so that's probably why. But basically if you didn't know, its a massive games convention and there's loads of games you can try out, there's youtubers/streamers to meet, there's also various stages filled with talks/game finals and also fun little shows, and also many people went in cosplay and there were some cosplay events. 

I wouldn't say I'm a massive gamer but I enjoy playing some games most evenings and I also watch the Yogscast and Hat Films on Youtube/Twitch who were at the convention so it was a good opportunity to go meet them and get some merchandise.

It's quite busy so sometimes it did take some waiting around to get on some of the games but at the same time it was fun to watch others play. Also the games you could play it wasn't just new games that were out at the time, there were also some retro games, old consoles, old PC games, tabletop games, VR games, and also a massive section just for Minecraft, of course.

Going through the different stages and what sort of things were showing..

On the Twitch stage there were gameplays of World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch and also some fun little shows with some of the Yogscast members. There was also a Rocket League open, league of legends finals, overwatch finals, and also Counter Strike global offensive finals.

On the Creator stage there were Q and A sessions with many different game companies, a chat about Twitch, guest interviews, and also chats about Youtube, and much more but I'd be writing an essay if I mentioned everything.

There was also a Exhibition stage where it involved a lot of interaction with the people watching, one of my favourite events on that I saw on this stage was the last event of the day which was a little just dance dance off and like the whole audience just joined in, it was an entertaining end to the day. But there was also other stuff like a Gang Beasts event, on the Sunday because it was mainly Zelda themed there was a Legend of Zelda Cosplay competition which I didn't get to see unfortunately but I'm guessing there was a load of links...

Also on the Saturday there was a live music show with Chase & status, Years & years, wretch 32, jaguar skills and disciples which I didn't go to also as I only went on the Sunday but that was only an extra £10 to go along to that. On the Sunday as I said before, it was a themed Zelda day so The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses orchestra were there to play some well known Zelda tunes which I did go to see. It was good, I hadn't really seen a live orchestra in a while so it was a good experience, probably the only thing that let it down was the seats.. they were these horrible small hard chairs and it went on for like two hours so it was a very uncomfortable experience.

I didn't buy much while I was there, if I could I'd buy so many consoles, I want a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch but I don't have they money for them both haha. I only bought some Hat Films merchandise as I was meeting them and needed something for them to sign.. but hey here we are:

I always find when you're meeting people this way you just don't really know what to say, but I suppose its the same feeling for them as well! You can check out their vlog if you want to see more about their days at Insomnia, you can also see me and Adam woo *totally youtube famous now.* I am too short to really see though but at least I can spot my hair at points right?

It was a good day, pretty shattering at the end, I don't know if I could get through going 4 days in a row, there were some camping areas for people as you could bring your own computer along to chill and play games for the whole 4 days, or if you were taking part in any game finals/open events etc. It was £25 entry and I'd say its definitely worth it, the Zelda orchestra was a bit pricey, but other than that if you ever wanted to go or thought about it I'd say go check it out!

Here's some pictures of Insomnia that everyone I was with took and I stole, thank you guys.

The BYOC part.

A sweet lookin' computer
The Zelda Orchestra
VR gameplay, playing Resident Evil.. *hope you don't mind I put this on here*
The Exhibition stage where the Just dance dance off was taking place.

The audience joining in..
The Twitch stage, just before Overwatch finals were taking place
Here's a short video clip of the Zelda Orchestra, putting it on here the quality has dropped so just have a listen as you can't really see much haha.

Any one else go to it or want to go to an Insomnia? Hope you all had a lovely weekend and chat soon!


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