Things I love: February Edition

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Yet again it has been a couple of weeks since my last blog post and I've totally missed my February favourites so here they are! (Just a few days late..)

What I watched:

I'd say something I have been enjoying watching is Riverdale on Netlix. It's kind of like a High school drama where there's a huge investigation in who murdered one of the pupils. It's really good, it comes out every week so you do have to wait for a few days until you can watch the next episode though. As well as the main story line of finding out who the killer is you find out back stories and secrets of the different families that most probably links to the main plot. But yes, I cannot wait to find out who murdered the boy! It's one of those where you probably won't find out till the very last episode... or maybe even the next series, you know what these programs are like!

What I snapped:

So I decided to dye my hair pink last weekend and at first I was unsure of it but now I feel like I've gotten used to it and now I kind of love it. So here's a snap of me with pink hair...

I also feel like I have an addiction with dying my hair now. I mean I have been dying my hair constantly for like 3 years as I am a brunette but I prefer having blonde hair, so I guess it's not so bad if I keep dying my hair different colours every so often right? But yeah, the pink is kind of fading now and I feel like I just want to go crazy and try a load of different pastel colours. 

What I wore:

I went on quite a shopping spree a few weekends ago and bought a load of new clothes. One of my favourites being a crop top that says 'Aliens believe in us' with a cute little spaceship. It's comfortable to wear, goes with anything and it was also quite cheap from H&M.

Isn't it adorable.

What I did:

 Probably two weeks ago when I had a full on weekend but it was quite fun. I had my brother and Alyx come down to visit and also my boyfriend. On the Saturday we went to Milton Keynes and did a load of shopping... I just hadn't been clothes shopping in so long so it was quite a nice little shop I did - maybe spent a little too much but it was well and truly needed.

On the Sunday it was more chill as we didn't go out anywhere but we had a lot of the family round and has a massive Sunday roast, so that was nice.

What I ate and drank:

I feel like I need to eat something fancy at least once a month for this section. However I did go to Becksworth and have some afternoon tea which was quite a nice spread. (This was last weekend, which yes, means that it was in March but it was only the beginning so this can be included right?)

Here's a picture of the afternoon tea.. doesn't it look fab? It was very tasty and very filling. Would recommend this place if you're looking for a cute place to go.

And my favourite drink... not really sure. I haven't had anything new, and the thing that I'm drinking the most at the moment is just water. How boring.

 Where I went:

This was also at the beginning of March but I'll include it in here! I had a night out with the girls last weekend which was really fun, I feel like I hadn't had a good night out in a while and it was a good one.

Hope you enjoyed reading my favourites of February! Sorry I take so long in writing new blog posts at the moment, I just always seem so busy, today's been the only day for a while where I've actually just chilled out - well and truly needed!

As always, chat soon!


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