Things I love: December Edition

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Hey everyone! Apologies for being away for so long, Christmas was a crazy busy time and then I wasn't at home for a while after it so I haven't had much time to sit and write a blog post. So here's my December love list, running a little bit late, but hey, we're only into the fourth day of January!

What I watched: 

There's always a lot on over the Christmas season, but my favourite thing I've watched this month is Rogue One. I might be biased because I love Star Wars, but it is such a good film. The new characters you meet, the old ones you see, the familiar sayings and jokes, the constant links to the other films, it's very good. All the main characters are so cool as well, they're end up like a super cool super hero crew.

I can't really say much else without massive spoilers, but just go see it! 

What I snapped: 

Normally you would snap loads of pictures over the Christmas period, I haven't taken many pictures.. but here are a few of some of the things I got up to... 

What I wore: 

One of the things that I enjoyed wearing was my black bodycon dress with a striped pattern down the front. It's smart and something nice to wear if you're out on a date or a night out with friends. I also had a new christmas jumper this year which had a pug on it and pugs are just adorable aren't they? So of course it has to be listed in my favourites. 

What I did: 

Well 'doing' Christmas was quite fun... all the extra food you don't normally buy but have it all just for this season is one of the best things, but also makes me think why can't we just have this amazing food all the time? But its always a nice relaxing day, good food, and of course you get to open a load of presents when you wake up, I mean, that's not something you get every day. A lot of the last few weeks have been quite nice, I've been stressed quite a lot and I guess it was a good time to chill out and kind of let it leave my mind for that week. 

 What I ate: 

Wow, I'm going to be pretty boring and go for the standard choice for this time of year... well it has to be Christmas dinner doesn't it?! I don't know why we all love it so much, it's kind of like a Sunday roast with a few different things and cranberry sauce. But there's just something about eating it on Christmas day. 

Although if you ever go to Pizza Express you have got to order the Lasagna, it's so damn tasty. I mean again, I might be biased with this because I love lasagna, but if you do too, this does a good one.  

What I drank:

Over the festive season my favourite drink I had, a lot more classy than my usual cider, was some prosecco. It's not something that I like to drink all the time but for special occasions it's always nice. And also if you're trying to get drunk, this goes straight to your head. But I also find it gives me the worst hangover's, probably why I don't like to drink it so often. But it tastes lovely and you just feel oh so classy when you're drinking it.

Where I went: 

All the cute little christmassy things you can do around Christmas is always nice. Going to a Christmas show and looking around all the stands inside the Birmingham NEC, going around the German Markets in Birmingham, just walking around cities or towns with all the lights up, and the fun evenings with friends. 

So that's the year over! Crazy how fast it has gone, but I'm hoping for a good 2017, and for me I'm hoping there can only be some positive things coming my way seeing as how unlucky I have been towards the end half of 2016, so fingers crossed! 

I will keep my blog going, I know I fail at it sometimes, but new year, maybe I can make my blog better, that's the dream. 

Also this was quite a short post as I wanted to get something put out tonight as it's been so long and I didn't want to leave my final monthly love too late into January, but I've done these for over a year now which I didn't think I'd continue to do so that's a success.

I hope you liked my December likes, and I shall be back with a post next week! Hope you all had a good Christmas, and as always, chat soon!


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