10 Things that bring me happiness: Part two.

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Hey everyone! 

Hope you've had a nice start to the year, it's already the 12th.. I swear it doesn't seem like new years eve was that long ago! I know a lot of people hate it when January comes as Christmas is over, back to work/school/uni, back to not eating so much chocolate! But I always feel like it's a fresh new start, if the end of your year wasn't going how you wanted it to go, or there was a goal you were trying to reach but was constantly being unsuccessful, when the first of January hits it's like a new beginning for everything to go how you want it to go. 

I know that my end of the year wasn't going how I wanted it to go, for months and months I was trying to find work, trying to find paths that I could take to get me to my dream job and as the year was coming to end I just slowed down a little and enjoyed myself waiting to start over in the new year. And now it has been a good start for me as I have got a new job and I'm ready to learn new things, I've redesigned my blog ready to improve this, I've enrolled in a online course for computer development which will teach me all the skills to create websites by learning all about coding, and I've began registering to Universities do a masters degree... all that started at the beginning of January and it's still only the 12th... feeling pretty happy with myself. 

So as I've been redesigning my website I have also been looking at my content and how I can improve on it. One of the things I did do was to look over all my posts and see which ones were the most popular, it was quite a random mix of posts, but one of them was my "10 Things that bring me happiness." I read over it and I noticed that at the bottom of my blog post I mentioned that I found it difficult to name 10 things and so I thought I'd write a part two and see if I will still find it difficult to write down 10 things! Of course my previous 10 things all still make me happy but I will try to think up a new list of 10 things... 

Doing my make-up and actually liking how it looks. I don't know if this sounds silly to some, but don't you just love it when you do your make-up for the day and you look in the mirror afterwards and you're just like, yas I did it well today. There's nothing better when your eyeliner looks neat and the flicks are both the same on each eye. Then you're just like, I can do a nice Instagram today! But yeah, I don't know, something about when it all goes right and you just start the day feeling so positive because of it. 

Having a tidy room. Sometimes I feel like when I have nothing to do, tidying my room satisfies me. You see it's an absolute mess and so you put some music on and tidy or a good hour because you get distracted by the music and start dancing, but when it's all done you just stand back or sit down and think, this looks so nice to relax in now. Yes, I did do this today... but you know what they say, tidy room, tidy mind. I feel like it gets me motivated to sit and write a blog post or do some work so it makes me happy. 

Having a to-do list and ticking everything off. I do love a good list, if I know I've got a fair bit to do in a day I like to write it down in a list and when I do something I can tick it off. And then by the end of the day you have a ticked off list and you just think, wow, I've been pretty productive today. It's always nice to feel like you've been productive instead of feeling like you have wasted the day, so this is something that helps me feel productive. 

Making future plans. I feel like when you've got something to look forward it's always nice because you could be going to work thinking at the end of this week I get to go do this! And I just feel it makes you feel a lot happier when you've got something to look forward to, even if it is just a meal out at the end of the week, or something big like a holiday in a few months time. Isn't it great when you have a list of countdowns of events or holidays that you've got coming up. I used to love having countdowns to gigs I was going to.

Number four brings me nicely onto five which is going to gigs. I don't go to nearly enough as I want, I remember when I was back at school and I went to so many gigs and it was so good. But now gigs have just gone up in price and it's more difficult to go to them but I think for this year I want a goal to be that I go to more gigs. And now I have a job I can do all these fun things also which is exciting. 

Having a nice dinner. There's nothing like having a dinner in the evening that you're super excited for. It's always a little disappointing when you go to eat dinner and you see it's something you're not really interested in and so you just see it like you have to eat it so you're not hungry anymore. But when you have a meal that you're just craving it's always so great, do you not think? Or am I a bit weird for adding this to my happiness list... 

Learning new things. Sometimes if you're just doing the same old thing all the time and not trying out new things you don't learn anything new. I feel like it's quite exciting learning new things, being able to do something that maybe someone else has no idea to do, it makes you feel quite clever and you can then always teach others as well. As I mentioned I started a online course for coding and I'm really enjoying it, it's so interesting, and I just love the fact that I understand these new things. 

This one might be a little sad, I'm not sure... but my cat Otis. Everyone who knows me will know how obsessed I am with taking pictures of him, he's just so cute. He does cute things like, tap you if he wants your attention, so he'll just pick up his paw and give you pat on the back which is adorable. For some reason he loves sitting on you, so if you're just sitting in the living room watching TV he'll jump up on the sofa but he won't just lie next to you he has to sit on your lap. His fur does get absolutely everywhere because of always wanting to sit on you, so I tend to put a blanket on my lap whenever I am sitting downstairs because I don't want to get my clothes all hairy. But if you love cats too I have an Instagram for him, it's called acatcalledotis so if you want to see loads and loads of adorable pictures check it out!

Lying in bed having a lazy day watching films or a series with my boyfriend. It's always nice to have those relaxing days and I feel like its always cosy when you can lie in bed cuddling (basically just having my head on him and most probably annoying him) but feeling comfortable and watching a good film, or start a new series and spend the whole day just watching it all with some good snacks also. 

Doing something nice for someone. I don't know about you but Christmas for example, I always enjoy giving presents to someone and seeing them open them or hearing about what they think of it is one of my favourite things, I much prefer that to receiving presents. Or just randomly treating someone for a meal or book a secret little getaway somewhere and surprising someone with it, it's always so nice to see someone super happy and excited. 

And so these are my 10 things, all different to my last 10, and you know what? I actually found it a lot easier to list 10 things and I could list more. Maybe my mindset has changed, I am feeling more positive and feel like my life is finally moving forward so maybe that's why! 

What are the things that bring you happiness? Thank you for reading my blog post, it's a little bit heavy with writing this week but I guess I just had a lot to say in the new year. As always, chat soon! 

And also, keep an eye out, I'm still in the middle of updating my new design. 


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