Friday, 7 July 2017

Girls Holiday to Majorca! - Part 2


As expected, here is my part 2 for my holiday post! If you haven't read the previous one, have a look at this one first: Part 1

Wednesday 21st June 

On the Wednesday.. it went a little bit wrong, but hey we were in Spain so you can't complain! (That sounds good to say). We booked to do go on the Magic Catamaran and it was an early start and we all got ready and headed to the bus stop.. and waited for 40 odd minutes.. and no bus turned up :( We had to go back to the hotel and at first we were going to get a refund but we ended up going on the Friday instead and I'm so glad we did, it was one of my favourite things to do. So because that didn't go to plan we went to another beach instead and walked around the little village there and then got a train back which was actually so fun haha.

Thursday 22nd June 

This day we hadn't planned anything until the evening so we chilled most of the morning/early afternoon by the pool as we hadn't for a little while as we were always out and about. And then we went off the Magaluf to see an evening show called Pirates. I used to go to Majorca like every year when I was younger with my family and we went to this show a lot and I remembered how good it was so when I went back again with the girls I thought, we have got to go see this! I hadn't been in like 8 years or so, so I couldn't remember much of it, and obviously all the main pirates were different people this time but it was still just as good as I remember. They kind of tell a story of these 4 pirates who get captured by the French Pirate and his men and they go to kill them all however the good pirates escape and they kill him instead! They show the story through amazing acrobatics and gymnastics and the room gets split to what pirate you cheer on and we got Captain Scarlett so at the end when you could get pictures with them we of course got a group one with our Captain! 

Friday 23rd June

This day which I've spoken about in my monthly love for June - which you can see here - is our trip on the magic catamaran which we finally got on! We were worried on the day that the bus wouldn't show up again haha but so glad it did! It was a afternoon one as well so we didn't have to get up as early this time. 

We got there, well the bus stopped and the driver was like get off and walk down there.. I think every one was kind of confused but there was a big crowd of us so we all followed one another and found it. 

We ended up sunbathing, swimming in the sea, I really enjoyed just sitting there in the sunshine in my bikini just looking at all the views as the boat was moving, it was so lovely. It was a little scary going into the sea because of course you get in from the boat and obviously you can't touch the floor so it's quite tiring keeping yourself up haha. But as it was so warm on the boat it was a good feeling to cool down in the sea but oh my god, when you first go to get in it's such a shock from the coldness of it! 

Saturday 24th June

And then it was home time! :( We had a early start but the airport was quick to go through again and all of a sudden we were on the plane home. It was a sad moment when you land back in the UK but as the same time it was nice to be home and in my own bed!

I had such a lovely holiday with the girls and I'm so happy I went! I'm ready to this every single year with them all!! 

I didn't take all the pictures I used so thank you to the girls for them, I have now been back to work for another few weeks now and I'm already missing the sunshine, the pool, the evenings, the day trips, take me back!

Pictures of these days are below!

Hope you enjoyed my holiday posts, and as always, chat soon!



Thursday, 6 July 2017

Things I love: June Edition

Good morning! 

I know I missed out last month's faves so I thought I'd get this one in before it gets too into the month of July! 

I've been crazy busy as per usual, had to get ready for my holiday, went on holiday, had a weekend with Adam and now this weekend coming I'm working on the Saturday so been a busy bee. But it's all good because I have a day off today so can finally sit down and write out some blog posts! 

What I watched: 

I'm going to say Orange is the New Black, I'm kind of sad I watched it so quickly though... but it was really good, funny, emotional, full of so many good moments. I'm so glad I started watching it, I remember when it first came out and everyone was so hyped about it and I was like, nah I don't think it looks that great, and then I thought I can't judge something without having a watch so I started watching it and ended up spending every night just watching a few episodes until I was caught up with it! So yes, I would recommend you guys to watch this if you haven't already, you'll find it on Netflix! 

What I snapped: 

Well, as I said went to Majorca didn't I! So obviously I'm going to have so many holiday pictures but I'm just going to choose one that's a fave of mine because I am putting up holiday blog posts and they'll have so many pictures on there. Here's all us girls all ready for the evening, I think we just had dinner here and was on the way to the pool bar area where they do all the hotel entertainment, lovely. 

What I wore: 

I'm going to say my dungarees, I love them haha! I've always wanted to get some and I always thought no they're not going to look good on me surely. But I actually love them, although they are quite short, I've been wearing them here with tights when it wasn't so warm but I wore them going home from Majorca and that's the first time I have without tights and I realised how short they were but oh well! I don't really have a great picture of me in them, I could get changed into them now but I'm so lazy haha. 

What I did: 

I'm going to say the last full day we had in Majorca we spent it on a boat in the middle of the sea, it was so amazing. At the front of the boat it had spots to sunbathe which was absolutely glorious, lying there on a boat in the middle of the sea, just listening to the waves. I did of course, get very burnt. I put sun cream on several times but I did go in the sea at one point and sometimes you forget to re-apply until you can actually feel yourself burning. But it was one of my favourite days for sure, I would love to do that again, like every weekend would be fab. I think I want to move to Spain, it's so lovely there. 

Look at these boat views... here's us being so instagram and enjoying the views.

What I ate: 

Probably the buffet of food every day all day on holiday! But my favourite thing to eat was a plate of salad with some caesar dressing, it was so tasty and really refreshing to eat on hols, it was nice to balance out some of the less healthy food I ate.. but as soon as I got home I added caesar salad dressing to the shopping list! 

What I drank:

Been really enjoying strawberry Schnapps with lemonade, it's so fruity and refreshing and it just goes well with the sunshine at the moment. 

What I went: 

Obviously Majorca. Although I'm not going to talk much about it in this post check out this one, part 1 of my holiday: Majorca!

What I used: 

My camera. I've had so many good opportunities to take some fabulous pictures, especially of the scenery as well, here's some nice landscape pictures. 

Thank you for reading, hope you all had a good June! My July is going to be considerably less fun as I haven't got many great plans so I don't think my next monthly loves will be as exciting! Hope you all have a good weekend, and as always, chat soon.


Girls Holiday to Majorca!

Good evening, hope you've all had/having a lovely week. 

At the end of June I spent a week away in Majorca with my friends and it was the absolute best. The weather was amazing, the relaxation was needed, the food was glorious and the company was really good! 

I'm going to split this blog post into two as I'll go through what we did every day of the week and if I did that in one blog it would be an absolute essay. So today's post will be about Saturday the 17th to the Tuesday, with loads of pictures included of course. 

So Saturday morning we set our alarms for 2.30am! And left the house around 3am to get the airport for 4, the airport part went by so quickly! I feel like it's one of the quickest airport journeys i've experienced, although it had been a long while since I had been abroad. We tried to get some breakfast at the airport but we didn't get the chance so most of us had a spot of breaky on the plane which tasted alright actually. When we arrived in Palma we then had to get on a coach to our hotel which was just over a hour I believe. Here's me and Amy and Kayleigh on the coach on the way, super excited! 

I travelled in tights and it was absolutely boiling when we got off the plane, but to be fair, you wouldn't want to wear shorts in the England at 3am..

As soon as we arrived we got to our hotel room, we were on the third floor, going up those steps like 3 times a day got pretty tiring.

We got changed immediately and had some lunch. Going all inclusive was so good, breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks and dinner all included, as well as the drinks for the evenings! 

The food was mostly always enjoyable and they had a bit of everything. I love the salads, I had a lot of salads and fruit for pudding. We then spent the rest of the day by the pool, they had a main pool for everyone and then a smaller one just for adults so we always went there as it was a lot quieter and more relaxing. 

On the Sunday we spent all day by the pool, it was the weekend and we had only just got there so it was really nice to relax for the weekend. Although I was constantly putting sun cream on I got so burnt, I was like a lobster! But here's some pictures of  the evenings of hotel entertainment and many drinks.

On Monday we hadn't booked to do anything but we decided to go find a beach near where we were staying. The beaches are all quite small and adorable, but so stunning. When you first dip your feet in the water it's quite cold but once you're in and swimming around it soon warms up, and to be fair, after being so hot and bothered from being in the sun it's such a nice feeling going into the sea to cool off. Although you never think you'll burn much if you're in the sea but oh you do. I never realised I was so sensitive to the sun.. I burn so easily, even after applying factor 50 every hour or so!! 

On the Tuesday we visited the Caves of Drach where we wondered around them and then had a small orchestra.
The caves were amazing, we all did expect the orchestra to be a little bit bigger as it was 4 people on a small boat but it was enjoyable to listen to. There was mini boat ride afterwards which we thought would lead us all the way out of the caves but it was just for like two seconds, so was a tiny but disappointing. 

I know I said in my previous post how I wasn't a fan of the heat however being here, most of the time just in your bikini it was really nice and it certainly helped with making me feel a lot more stress free and calm.

But all in all the first 4 days were amazing, so relaxing, just what I needed. I am so ready to go on Holiday again! 

Pictures below!

You can see the next 4 days in the next blog. As always, chat soon.



Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What I've been up to...

Good afternoon!

I'm writing this as I sit in my garden in the lovely sunshine, it's fab. I've always been one of those people that when asked would you rather be hot or cold I'd say cold, I still stand by that, I really hate muggy weather but if I'm just relaxing and not doing anything then it's great! I also prefer to wear jumpers and warm clothes than Summer clothes so that's another reason to why I'd say I'd rather be cold. 

Anyway, I haven't done a blog post in a good while, I've had a lot of things to do and it's just kept me insanely busy. Most of the time I prefer to blog at a weekend as I'm not at work and if it's a good chance to put time aside and write some blog posts! However the past two weekends I hadn't had a chance to do that. The weekend just gone I relaxed a little, had my boyfriend over as I'm not going to see him now for about a month so I wanted to spend some time with him. We didn't do much to be fair, and I could have put some time aside to write a blog post but I just didn't want to - which is fair enough. The weekend before that I went to Aberystwyth with a group of friends so I didn't bring a long my laptop with me to do this. And then this weekend I'm off to Majorca with the girls! From Saturday to Saturday, and then the Saturday I return I have another event to attend so I don't know when I'm going to get the chance to blog again! Hopefully on the Sunday, I can do a holiday post! My mum always says to me she never sees me and it's true... in the week I'm at work and at the weekends I go out or visit places, although I do enjoy a weekend at home of doing nothing every once in a while but I also love the idea of visiting various places every weekend, even if it is just in the UK, it'd be good to have a checklist of places in the UK I want to visit and end up checking them all off in a year or something! Maybe you could let me know of any good places to visit. 

So that's a little update of where I have been and why you haven't heard from me in a while, I'm still here don't worry! 

Another big update from me is that I cut my hair.. my lovely long hair that I've had for so long - probably like over ten years - I decided to be brave and try out a different hair style. I follow Tanya Burr on Instagram and when she got her hair cut to that short do I thought she looked so pretty and for a while I was thinking about it, and I was kind of getting bored of my hair, although I did love it when I dyed it pink and purple.. not sure what my hair would be like short and dyed a bright colour, I guess there's only one way to find out! Everyone was telling me if I don't like it short it doesn't matter, your hair will grow back. And I thought yeah okay, they're right. My hair also grows so quickly so I knew it wouldn't take long, so I showed my hair dresser a picture and because I was slightly scared I asked her to do a bit at a time so I could go look in the mirror before any more gets chopped off. I really like it, she also put layers in it as well, and I feel like it suits me. And also it'll be nice with less hair making me warm in Spain... it's also so much quicker to maintain haha, I get in the shower now and I find it weird at the moment how much quicker it is to wash my hair. Here's a picture in case you are wondering what it is like:

You know when you're on holiday abroad and you go to the beach all the time and it makes your hair look so good and wavy, I'm actually really looking forward to that... is that sad? 

I also know I missed out on my May favourites which is not like me, I never miss a monthly favourite! But it's already the 14th of June so I'm not going to do one. If you're interested here's a mini one as this blog post is my waffling on... 

Fave thing watched is probably Cowboy Bebop, it's on Netflix, it's an anime and it's good. Enjoyed a weekend in Birmingham, stayed at a hotel there and had a big shopping spree - although I feel like when you purposely plan a shopping trip you can't find anything and when you just find yourself in a town with shops you want everything but because it wasn't planned you don't want to spend money... just me? I've also bought tickets to go see PVRIS and Seether live which is super exciting, I feel like I haven't gone to a gig in forever, although they are both in the Winter but still something to look forward to! Although after my holiday to Majorca I have no other trips planned so I need to work on that.. life's good when you know you've got something coming up! 

I guess another update from me is that I'm planning - ever so slowly - to move out of my parents house to Birmingham, it's going to take a lot of planning and my original aim was September time but we shall have to see, I'll keep you updated. 

So that's where I've been, what I've been up to, and what I'm going to do. My next blog post will most probably be when I am back from my holiday, I have quite a busy day today, need to get packing as I leave very early Saturday morning and I'm back at work Thursday and Friday so today is pretty much the best chance I've got. 

Hope you all have a lovely day! As always, chat soon. 


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Things I love: April Edition

Good afternoon, hope the weekend has treated you well. 

This is a very late monthly love post but I did mention in my last post that I was posting it for this weekend. 

The weather has been so warm at the moment, I'm not used to it! I think I prefer the colder seasons over Summer, I'm usually someone who would prefer to wear jeans and tee rather than cool Summer clothes. 

Anyway, here are my April favourites, enjoy. 

What I watched

I don't watch things enough really, I'm going to cheat a little and say Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I actually only watched it last week but I very much enjoyed it. It was funny, the cast is brilliant as always, and the story line was okay. 

I would watch it again as it is very entertaining, but the only down side to it for me was the story line, there wasn't much going on really. The big fight that you usually get for marvel films wasn't so massive, well that's how I felt anyway, it was like there was just something missing for that extra wow factor. But it is still very good and I would recommend you go see it, the comedy in it is probably the best thing about it. 

What I snapped: 

As you know I went to Edinburgh in April so you can probably guess what some of my favourite snaps have been in that month. But here's two of my favourite pictures from the trip:

I'm so ready for another trip away, but it just so happens that next month I'm off to Spain with the girls which is super exciting... I have a lot of summer clothes shopping to do!

What I wore:

I'm going to say my red shirt that I wore while I was in Edinburgh, shown in this picture: 

It's a comfortable shirt just to put on when you don't know what to wear. Also it keeps you quite warm when it's a tiny bit chilly, so when the weather constantly changes from warm to cold in a day it's something good to wear!

What I did:

I'm going to say... paintballing. This was something organised by me and another person for Adam's birthday and I was actually quite terrified to go haha. But it's not like I could back out of it so I just stayed positive about it. I hadn't been before, and I knew from others that it can be quite painful. However, the pain from the paint balls actually wasn't too bad.. once you'd been hit by a few you kind of got used to it but it also depended on where you got hit as well. Of course we all ended up with lovely bruises, I still have some now! 

It was actually really fun and I would do it again. It's absolutely exhausting though, you pretty much do it for a whole day and after a while of running around carrying these guns it tires you out, I actually sat out of one game just because I needed the break.

It can be a little pricey, obviously you have to pay for the paint balls but its worth it, you play so many games and it literally lasts pretty much the whole day. 

What I ate: 

This is where I should have written this ages ago because I have to remember what I have eaten in April.. although the good thing is I went to Edinburgh and the food was delicious!

So I'd say, my egg and avocado on toast. It was amazing, looked great and tasted even better. 

Look at it.. 

If I could re-create it I would but I'm just not that talented with food haha!

What I drank:

Probably yet again, the cocktails I had in Edinburgh. They were so sweet and tasty. You couldn't even tell you were drinking alcohol which can be a good or bad thing because you end up drinking it super fast not realising how drunk it's making you. But I think I just love cocktail bars, they're so chill, the drinks are always so tasty, I guess the only downside is how expensive they all are but a good night out for me would definitely be going to a cocktail bar. 

Where I went:

Obviously Edinburgh. You can read all about it from my post last week... >click here< 

What I used:

For that month probably Snapchat! It's always fun to use especially when you are actually out and about and have interesting snaps to send to people! But I also use it a lot for my cat.. if you have me on Snapchat, 9 times out of 10 I'll send you a picture or video of my cat. I mean, they always do cute stuff and I just can't help it!

So that's my monthly faves for April, hope you enjoyed! Next weekend there won't be a post as I'm working both Saturday and Sunday, sad times. But the week after that I am actually doing some fun things so look forward to that! 

As always, chat soon. 


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Edinburgh: April 2017.

Hello guys!

If you read my last post you'll be aware that I said I was off to Edinburgh! I decided that for Adam's birthday I wanted to go somewhere nice rather than just buy a gift so I decided Edinburgh might be a nice place to go visit as I had heard a lot of good things about it. It was only for a few nights so we went down on the Wednesday and came back home on the Friday evening. Before we went we decided it was a good idea to plan every thing so we didn't have to spend time planning while we were there and basically every thing we had planned - we did! It was a super busy few days, very tiring as it was non-stop as we wanted to do as much as we could. So I thought I'd write a little (it's probably not going to be little...) blog post of all the things we got up to and my opinion on visiting Edinburgh itself. 

First things first, the traveling. 

Wednesday the 26th of April, around 7.30am. 

We got up quite early as our train was leaving Birmingham at around 8.15am and to get there we had to get on another train first. Obviously we packed the night before and got to Birmingham in plenty of time to catch the train. It was just over 4 hours on the train to get there and we luckily pre-booked the tickets for a virgin train so we already had seats in advance which is nice, you don't really want to be worrying about not getting a seat for over 4 hours... weirdly, I was kind of looking forward to the journey. I don't usually like trains, they can be quite boring and crowded but this one was nice and chilled and when we got closer to Scotland there were some good views to see. 

Arriving into Edinburgh Haymarket, around 12.30pm. 

We got off before the last stop as we were getting off at Haymarket rather than the main Edinburgh station. The hotel was probably a less than ten minute walk from the station. First impressions of the town was it was very quiet... I mean, it was a Wednesday so I guess there's no surprise there! The walk from the station to the hotel was just like walking through a usual town but walking further past the hotel is when you come across Edinburgh Castle which I will tell you more about as we did go and visit of course. The hotel was nice, we didn't spend much time there, it was more just a place to stay at night as we were out pretty much all day every day. After getting settled in we decided to go to a pub for some lunch, I just had a veggie burger but Adam tried some Haggis sausage.. I guess being in Scotland it was something you had to try right? 

After filling up on food we then decided to walk up Arthur's Seat.. not sure if that's a good idea after eating a lot of food and after traveling for hours and it being quite late in the afternoon.. but I'm glad we did.

Here's us trying out the selfie stick we bought in the hotel room:

Climbing Arthur's Seat, Wednesday afternoon. 

I didn't know much about Arthur's Seat so I didn't know what to expect. It didn't take long to climb and it wasn't that hard going. It was actually quite nice because it was sunny so when we were back at the bottom it was quite chilled and relaxing to just sit on the grass (and catch Pokemon of course).  

When you get to the top the views are pretty amazing. You get a panoramic view of Edinburgh town, you can see the castle, Holyrood palace, the old town, it's a pretty cool experience. Arthur's Seat was formed by an extinct volcano and the hill rises above the city to a height of 250.5m. You can climb it from any side really, obviously there are easier bits where a path has been created but on the way down we decided to go a different way which I found a little scary at times... 

Here are some pictures of the walk up: 


Thursday 27th April, AM.

After a long day the day before we decided to have a small lie in but then made our way to Edinburgh Castle for the morning and early afternoon. 

Before that we stopped off for some breakfast at Loudons which was absolutely amazing, if you're ever there I would recommend it, the food was so good! Here are some pictures of some of the nice breakfast we had:  

The castle was right near to the hotel so it was a short walk.

We also got to see some of the Royal Mile before going into the Castle. The castle is basically at the top of a very long street and right at the bottom of the Royal Mile is the Palace. It is a very historic place, there's a lot to learn. Most of it of course is the constant war between Scotland and England, England took over the castle and Edinburgh many times. 

So the castle took quite a long time to look round every thing, there were little rooms you could look in, prisons, you could also stand up at the top and take in the views and all the old cannons and such were all there. The castle too was built upon an extinct volcano and the summit of the castle rock is 130 meters above sea level with rocky cliffs to the south, west and the north rising to around 80 meters high... so it was a good spot and tricky to get to back in the day.

There was also the National Scotland War museum which was included in the entry of the castle which was good. It was cool to see all the war equipment, ranging from older weapons/clothing etc to the newer upgrades. It's a lot to take in, they also had the war memorial there for the thousands and thousands of men and women that lost their lives at war.


Thursday 27th, 4.30pm.

After visiting the castle we then had a tour booked for the underground vaults. These were quite interesting and the tour was very enjoyable. We were taught a bit about the streets (the royal mile) before going underground. Walking down the royal mile there were some small alley ways and when going down them you're in between buildings where people lived/live with 6 floors (which back in the day were about 11 floors high and they were so close together that people who lived in them could put their hand out the window and shake hands with their neighbour.) We were also told about how when they did not have a sewage they would put all their waste into a bucket and chuck it out the windows into these small alley ways! There was a law put in later where they were not allowed to do this until after dark as in the day people could be walking by and get a bucket of crap on their heads! 

We were also told about the famous bridges that were built going from one side of a building stretching over to reach the opposite side. This bridge was such a big addition to the Royal Mile.

Here's a picture of the Royal Mile: 

We then went underground to see the vaults. In these vaults there were a range of things, at first there were many shops that opened underground, a tavern, a blacksmiths etc... however a lot of them did not last very long as it was quite smelly under there and also because they were quite poorly built when it rained a lot of water got into them and could cause floods. When shops had enough and closed up that's when other things took cover in the vaults such as prostitution, black market, drug dealing opportunities, and also it was said that body snatchers would store bodies under there when they had dug them up from graves to give them to the medical researchers who paid good money for a body to dissect.

It was a cool place to learn about, many people lived under there as well, and to this day there are some restaurants and clubs that use the underground vaults. The tour lady was very good and I think if I went again I'd go on a ghost tour that they do as I feel that would be quite entertaining! 

We don't have any pictures of these, it was quite dark down there so I doubt the pictures would have been any good anyway, but if you find yourself in Edinburgh I'd recommend checking them out!

Thursday 27th, evening. 

We decided to go to a pizza place for dinner which was lovely, I had a cocktail there and I wasn't expecting it to be so strong.. but my god it was. Which then made me really want to go to a bar and have some cocktails, so we did!

We went to this bar and it was amazing. it was called: Badabing. It was so chill, there was a man playing the piano and you could sit around the piano! But we had a couple cocktails each and I got quite drunk, but the people working were so cool and there was such a good collection of cocktails that you could buy. We went for the sweet ones, here's a picture of some:  

Friday 28th April, AM.

Our last day... sad times! We decided on this day to check out Holyrood Palace, after all it's where ar' liz stays every summer so we thought it would be an amazing place to look round, and it was of course. 

You couldn't take pictures inside but it was as you would expect a palace to look like.. lots of posh plates and cutlery. Holyrood Palace is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. It has served as the principle residence of the Kings and Queens of Scots since the 16th Century and is now used for state occasions. Queen Elizabeth spends a week there at the beginning of each summer for official engagements and ceremonies. It's always open to the public though except for when there are members of the Royal Family there.

Here are some pictures of outside: 


Friday 28th, afternoon. 

We then had to leave to get to the station to catch the train home! And that was just a small overview of our mini holiday in Edinburgh! It was very educational and there was so much to see. As I said before we tried to fit in as much as possible in the short stay we were there for and I think we did pretty well. It's a pretty place but because every thing is so hilly it was very tiring and it was nice to get back on the train and chill. 

I didn't write about every detail in this blog post otherwise it would be so long but I would recommend to go, especially if you like to look around at historic places and learn about history. I had a wonderful time and it has now made me want to go away for a few nights to other places to explore all the little areas of the UK. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I am over due a monthly love post for April however because of this one it'll be a little late but look forward to that next weekend! 

Hope you've had a great weekend and as always, chat soon!


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Insomnia 60 - Birmingham.

Good evening, hope you're all good!

Last week I went to Birmingham NEC for Insomnia 60, on this exact day last week actually. My first impressions as I walked in was just, ..there's so much going on... I don't know where to start! It was quite overwhelming I suppose, but this was my first time going to one so that's probably why. But basically if you didn't know, its a massive games convention and there's loads of games you can try out, there's youtubers/streamers to meet, there's also various stages filled with talks/game finals and also fun little shows, and also many people went in cosplay and there were some cosplay events. 

I wouldn't say I'm a massive gamer but I enjoy playing some games most evenings and I also watch the Yogscast and Hat Films on Youtube/Twitch who were at the convention so it was a good opportunity to go meet them and get some merchandise.

It's quite busy so sometimes it did take some waiting around to get on some of the games but at the same time it was fun to watch others play. Also the games you could play it wasn't just new games that were out at the time, there were also some retro games, old consoles, old PC games, tabletop games, VR games, and also a massive section just for Minecraft, of course.

Going through the different stages and what sort of things were showing..

On the Twitch stage there were gameplays of World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch and also some fun little shows with some of the Yogscast members. There was also a Rocket League open, league of legends finals, overwatch finals, and also Counter Strike global offensive finals.

On the Creator stage there were Q and A sessions with many different game companies, a chat about Twitch, guest interviews, and also chats about Youtube, and much more but I'd be writing an essay if I mentioned everything.

There was also a Exhibition stage where it involved a lot of interaction with the people watching, one of my favourite events on that I saw on this stage was the last event of the day which was a little just dance dance off and like the whole audience just joined in, it was an entertaining end to the day. But there was also other stuff like a Gang Beasts event, on the Sunday because it was mainly Zelda themed there was a Legend of Zelda Cosplay competition which I didn't get to see unfortunately but I'm guessing there was a load of links...

Also on the Saturday there was a live music show with Chase & status, Years & years, wretch 32, jaguar skills and disciples which I didn't go to also as I only went on the Sunday but that was only an extra £10 to go along to that. On the Sunday as I said before, it was a themed Zelda day so The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses orchestra were there to play some well known Zelda tunes which I did go to see. It was good, I hadn't really seen a live orchestra in a while so it was a good experience, probably the only thing that let it down was the seats.. they were these horrible small hard chairs and it went on for like two hours so it was a very uncomfortable experience.

I didn't buy much while I was there, if I could I'd buy so many consoles, I want a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch but I don't have they money for them both haha. I only bought some Hat Films merchandise as I was meeting them and needed something for them to sign.. but hey here we are:

I always find when you're meeting people this way you just don't really know what to say, but I suppose its the same feeling for them as well! You can check out their vlog if you want to see more about their days at Insomnia, you can also see me and Adam woo *totally youtube famous now.* I am too short to really see though but at least I can spot my hair at points right?

It was a good day, pretty shattering at the end, I don't know if I could get through going 4 days in a row, there were some camping areas for people as you could bring your own computer along to chill and play games for the whole 4 days, or if you were taking part in any game finals/open events etc. It was £25 entry and I'd say its definitely worth it, the Zelda orchestra was a bit pricey, but other than that if you ever wanted to go or thought about it I'd say go check it out!

Here's some pictures of Insomnia that everyone I was with took and I stole, thank you guys.

The BYOC part.
A sweet lookin' computer
The Zelda Orchestra
VR gameplay, playing Resident Evil.. *hope you don't mind I put this on here*
The Exhibition stage where the Just dance dance off was taking place.

The audience joining in..
The Twitch stage, just before Overwatch finals were taking place
Here's a short video clip of the Zelda Orchestra, putting it on here the quality has dropped so just have a listen as you can't really see much haha.

Any one else go to it or want to go to an Insomnia? Hope you all had a lovely weekend and chat soon!