Things I love: November Edition

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Good evening!

So we're in December already.. how crazy?? I still don't feel very christmassy.. I have a feeling this year I won't be feeling it till Christmas Eve. As always, here are my monthly loves from the month just gone.. November!

What I watched: 

I've been to the cinema twice in November and both the films were pretty good. I went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, and also A Streetcat named Bob.  I was really impressed with Fantastic Beasts.. I'm not a huge fan of the Harry Potter films (I know everyone will probably hate me now, I'm sorry!) but I found this film very different. It's a bit more grown up, creepy in parts.. and I really loved that about it. The whole cast was great, and I would love to go see the other films that come out! 

Streetcat named Bob.. was absolutely adorable. It's quite a sad film, it's based on the book that was written by the man that this had happened to. So this film is about a man who is homeless and from being on the street is trying to get through his drug addiction. He's on a programme that is helping him to get through it and he manages to get a place to stay at which is where he meets Bob,the cutest thing. I don't want to spoil it but Bob really helps him turn his life around and when I got home from seeing it I have since tried to teach my cat to high five me, it's not going well. 

But yes, these are my favourites, if you are yet to see them, go see them!! 

What I snapped: 

I have to say it, I'm really bad with taking pictures. I've done a few things in this month... I've been to a Christmas Show Market, I've been to the German Market in Birmingham, I've been traveling to Birmingham for the past three weekends, I went to a mini festival, however, did I take any pictures? no. I'm a failure, I should remember really, as I know I have this to write every month! 

Instead I'll post a throwback picture of christmas 2013...enjoy.

Yes we are eating a Chinese on Xmas day.

 What I wore: 

I'm probably going to have to say my little aztec skirt which I just wear all the time! It's also getting a lot colder now as well and I still just wear it and then I go out in it and regret everything. But what can you do if you just love wearing something so much?!

What I did: 

I'm probably going to say the various places I went to watch things. So of course as I mentioned before, I went to the cinema a couple of times and I actually hadn't been for such a long time so it was really nice to do that. I will be going this month because I have to watch Rogue One. Also I went to the theatre and again, I haven't been to the theatre in ages! So it was something different to go and do, and I just love watching new films. 

What I ate: 

I'd say, a few days ago me and my mum made chicken risotto and we were following a recipe we had never cooked before, and it turned out amazing! Maybe if I made it again I could do a little post on it, I believe it was a healthy risotto and I find risotto's are always so filling which I love, I hate when you have a dinner and then a few hours later you're hungry again, whereas with this I was just stuffed for the whole evening! 

What I drank: 

Oreo Hot Chocolate. It's the best hot chocolate I've ever had. So I found out that you could get some little pot things for the coffee machine and I tried it out as they were on sale on Amazon for Black Friday so it was something stupid like 80 cups for 15 pounds which is insane. I just want to drink one all day every day. When its being made as well when you put the oreo chocolate part in the smell of Oreo's is just too good, mouth watering. So if you are looking for a new hot chocolate to try out for the Winter I would seriously recommend this!

Where I went: 

I enjoy going off to the German Market in Birmingham every year so that was quite a nice thing to go to. If you can I would recommend you go on a week day, I went properly on a saturday and it was extremely hectic. The train to there was crazy, I felt like a sardine, and of course walking around was crazy.. I also went on Black Friday weekend (good job there). As I did actually stand pretty much from 12 to late at night I actually got pretty sick from being too exhausted but other than that it's always joyful to go to! (Just pray that the trains don't have any problems when you go!) The food there is always amazing, I had some pork in a roll and a banana and nutella crepe, which is probably the tastiest thing I've ever had. The stalls all have lovely little christmas gifts, you just got to be patient as it can sometimes take some time to get to the front of a stall. 

What I used: 

So my favourite app, I'll probably go back to Pokemon Go again. I don't know how popular it still is, I still know a lot of people that play, but the buzz of the app probably isn't as big as it was. But they do have constant updates, and they had a Halloween event back in October, there's still new stuff being added to it all the time to keep people interested. I actually caught a Ditto last weekend which was exciting, I was out of the loop and didn't really realise you could them yet and also how it happens. But when I caught a pidgey and it came up with the 'Oh?' screen I was thinking.. huh has my egg hatched, and then pidgey just turned into ditto which was quite exciting. 

 And that is my November favourites, I hope you enjoyed. What were your favourites? As always, chat soon!


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