Healthy Christmas Sausage Rolls

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Good evening!

So as it is that time of the year where there is so much party food that's so unhealthy for us but we can't not indulge in all these amazing party foods.. so here I have a little recipe for some healthy festive sausage rolls that you always need for a good ol' Christmas party!

These are apple and sage filo sausage rolls, and they taste great! Sometimes when eating healthier alternatives to things you can tell how different they taste and sometimes it just doesn't fulfill that want for that food. But these taste like the normal unhealthy sausage rolls that taste so good but are so much more better for you, what more could you want?!

 🎄 Ingredients: 🎄

Small onion
An apple
Slimming World sausages
healthy pork mince (5% fat or less)
Medium egg
Filo Pastry sheets
Low Cal cooking spray

This is quite a quick and easy recipe as it's one of those where you put it all into one bowl. 

Step One: 

Put the oven on 180 degrees to pre heat it. 

Chop the onion into small pieces and add them to a bowl. Do the same with the apple, and add that to the bowl with the onions. 

Step Two:

Chop up some fresh sage and add a table spoon to the bowl of apple and onion chunks. 

Next get 6 Slimming World sausages and peel off the outside skin before placing them into the bowl also. 

Step Three: 

Measure out 150g of the pork mince and add that to the mixture. 

Beat a medium sized egg in a separate bowl and then add most of it to the bowl with everything else, you need to save a tiny bit to brush onto the pastry. 
Step Four:

Next step you mix it all together, now you can use a spoon but I just used my hands, it's a lot easier. Once that's all mixed together here comes the trickiest part. 

So start off by dividing your mixture into two equal parts. 

Step Five: 

Lay out one strip of filo pastry and spray it with low cal cooking spray and then put another layer of filo pastry on top. Then cut in the middle so there's two long pieces of filo pastry. 

Step Six: 

Get one half of the mixture and roll it out into a long thin rectangle shape and place it on one side of the pastry. 

Then get some of the egg that's left over and brush the side of the pastry that the mixture isn't on. Then fold it over to join the other side. 

Do this again with the other piece of pastry and mixture. 

Try not to make the rectangle too thick as it'll be harder to fold the pastry over. Yes mine is a little too thick, so do it thinner than in this picture.

Step Seven: 

Chop them into small sausage roll shapes  and place them onto a baking tray. Spray some more low cal cooking spray on top of them all and place them into the oven for 25 minutes, or until they look a golden colour.

Mine don't look too neat, but if you have a thinner rectangle to begin with it'll fit inside the pastry nicely, but they tasted good so I'm happy!

Hope you enjoyed this post and make some of these yourself! As always, chat soon.


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  1. What a great idea! Definitely need these as part of my pre-christmas diet! Great job.