Favourite Christmas Movies!

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One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is all the old favourite movies come on television, also some new ones too which is always nice to add to the collection! So I thought as it's around that time they begin to show on television that I'd write a little list on some of my favourites... and if you haven't seen them yet maybe it will inspire you to watch it and make it one of your new favourites.

🎄 Elf 🎄

Of course this was going to be on my list! It's such a great film, it's adorable, funny, and just all round great entertainment. If you don't know what this film is or what it's about, where have you been?? So Will Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf who climbs into Santa's sack of presents on one Christmas Eve when he was a little baby and ends up being looked after and grows up with all the elves and so he believes that he is an elf. He finds himself not to be very good at making all the toys or doing any of the general Elf jobs and he doesn't understand why and of course he grows exceptionally big compared to all the elves... so he gets told that his real dad is a human and so he goes off in search of his dad. So you get to follow Buddy on his journey in New York City as he searches for his dad, meets a girl who he falls in love with, and saves Christmas. I guess I kind of ruined the plot if someone hasn't watched it, but it's been around for so long, and it's still fab to watch.

🎅Arthur Christmas🎅

So this is a film that I hadn't really watched or heard of, and then one Christmas when it was on television I watched it... and loved it. So this one is all about Santa delivering all the presents out to the children of the world but using a more modern machine rather than a sleigh and reindeer. On Santa's return he congratulates the Elves on the successful night and his eldest son thinks that his dad will retire and give the job to him,but he doesn't. Arthur is his youngest clumsy son who looks at all the letters that children send to Santa, but he discovers that a present hasn't been delivered. So grandsanta who was the previous Santa convinces Arthur to take the old wooden sleigh and all the reindeer's to deliver this present, and so Arthur, Grandsanta and the Elf Bryony does. Things don't go to plan, and there's many things along the way that makes you think they'll never get this present to the child in time. It's a lovely film, and is up there with one of my favourites.

The Holiday

If you're into RomComs and want something Christmas-y to watch then this a good shout. It's got a load of famous actors and actresses in it as the main characters, and there's two lots of couples. So in one little cottage in England you have Kate Winslet who plays Iris who takes a house exchange holiday because she's trying to forget about her boss who she loves but knows he doesn't feel the same towards her. Over in America you have Amanda who's played by Cameron Diaz who needs the holiday away as she finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. And so it begins, they both swap homes for two weeks where they both meet people who they end up falling in love with (Graham played by Jude Law and Miles played by Jack Black) and they both end up happy again. Obviously that's a very short description and along the way there's little hiccups that happen but it's a feel good film, and something easy to sit back and watch. If you like Love Actually I'm sure you'll love this also. 

🎁The Nightmare Before Christmas🎁

This is another film that I really enjoy to watch, it's a bit different to the usual Christmas films of Santa delivering presents. So Jack is from Halloween Town and every year they have a Halloween party however Jack is tired of the same thing every year and so he goes off searching for new ideas. While in the woods he comes across a load of trees with doors to different towns and he experiences Christmas Town and loves it so much that he goes back to tell Halloween Town that he wants them to takeover Christmas that year. They aren't extremely convinced with the idea, but they go with it. While Jack is trying to organise everything, there's also sally a rag doll woman who falls in love with Jack. However, she has a dream of a Christmas tree catching fire and tries to do anything she can to make Jack fail. Santa from Christmas Town is also kidnapped and taken to the evil Oogie Boogie. Jack also doesn't have much success in delivering presents around the world, and heads back to Halloween Town where he rescues Santa and Sally as she is also taken by the Oogie Boogie as she tries to rescue Santa. Santa heads back to save Christmas Town and snow falls in Halloween Town to represent the bond that him and Santa now shared. It's a cute film, the soundtrack is amazing, it's one of my top favourites also. I actually haven't watched this in a while, but I think I'll watch it one evening this week!

The Grinch

And finally... The Grinch. Of course I had to write about this, it is a Christmas classic. So if you don't know what it's about... Jim Carrey plays the Grinch who absolutely hates Christmas and is always pulling some mean pranks on the people of Whoville so they all very much dislike him. The only person that does have an interest in the Grinch is a young girl called Cindy Lou who gets saved by him in the post office. So she goes around asking people about him and discovers how his past wasn't so great. He arrived in Whoville by mistake and was raised by two sisters and at first he was quite timid and good, however, he was bullied at school for being different and at one point shaves his beard to fit in more but cuts himself badly so the next day at school he gets bullied again and goes on a rampage and storms up the mountain to where he lives now. So Cindy Lou tries to get him involved in Whoville's Christmas and many things go wrong, but of course it has a happy ending. It's a really good film, I've probably seen it over 30 times by now but it's always something you have to watch over Christmas!

What are you favourite Christmas films? There's so many, I could probably add like 10 more to this list, of course there's Home Alone, Christmas with the Kranks etc... but if you haven't seen any of the ones I've listed please do go watch them, you won't regret it! Hope you're all having a wonderful December so far, and as always, chat soon!


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