Christmas Show: Birmingham

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When is it acceptable to start celebrating Christmas?  Many people have different views when asked this question, some would say as soon as Halloween finishes... and others would say, a few days before Christmas Eve.. which end of the spectrum are you? 

Well I went to a Christmas Show on Thursday the 10th of November, of course there was Christmas music playing, there were tons and tons of stands that were selling various gifts for you to buy as Christmas presents, there was also a giant snow globe that you could stand inside, and many many Christmas decorations everywhere. Even though it was fun looking at all the gift ideas, and it did make me happy seeing all the pretty decorations and hearing the jolly Christmas music... it didn't make me feel 'Christmassy'.. is that weird? After I had finished or even while I was there I had no excitement for Christmas, I had a good day of course, it just had no effect on me! Maybe it's a bit too soon for me.

This made me laugh, it's SO true.. right girls??
I didn't actually buy any Christmas presents so maybe that's why, or maybe it was just too early for me to think about it. I know it's always good to buy presents early though, get in before the rush... but to be honest I'd rather buy gifts online, so much less hassle, I know I'm boring. 

Well here's a little post on my day out at the Christmas Show in Birmingham at the NEC. It's on over the weekend I believe, so you still have the chance to get yourselves there! You do have to pay for a ticket, but it's not that expensive, it's also cheaper if you buy it online rather than when you are there, if I remember correctly it costs £8 online and £11 if you buy the ticket on the door. Although I would suggest getting it online because of how crazily busy it'll be at the weekend. Also if you're struggling with gift ideas for anyone this will help you out, there's so many goodies, for adults to children, there's everything. Also a favourite thing of mine was that for most of the stands they're hand made gifts that the people running the stand has made, so it's all pretty cool stuff. 

Worst. photo. ever.

Examples of things you can buy are... kids toys, a range of different flavoured alcohol (my favourite thing was that most stands with food or drink always have a tester bit, don't you just love free stuff?), handmade Christmas decorations, Make up products, Cheese, Chocolate, Jam, Skin products, Books, Garden items, Household items, Christmas cards, Wall art, there was also stands where you could sit down and get things done like curl your hair, polish your shoes, do you make up, try out some virtual reality goggles etc, sponsor stands for animals, driving experience sign ups, candles, and so much more... I can't list it all, if I actually had a notebook and noted down all the stands then sure, but I didn't. 

I took a few pictures so you get the idea of what it is, there was also some singers that sung throughout the day, I was told that one of them was an X Factor contestant from last year but I don't watch it so I have no idea who he was! If you don't like busy 'market' like shopping experiences then you probably won't enjoy this, it was extremely busy and this was a Thursday, I dread to think what it will be like this weekend. One guy at a stall actually said to us that he was running low on stock, he best get re-stocking... 

It's something fun to do with friends or family, and as I said before if you are unsure on what gifts to buy this place will give you so many ideas, especially if you're looking for something more quirky and different as well. 

If you go along let me know what you thought, or if you've been before. This was my first time going, and I think I'd go again next year and buy some Christmas gifts too! 

As always, chat soon!


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