Things I love: October Edition

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I usually do this at the end of the month but we're only into November by one day! Here are my monthly loves, enjoy. 

What I watched: 

Something that I have enjoyed this month is Stranger Things. I feel it suits the month well, a bit spooky, goes well with a Halloween themed month. I have done a post on my favourite Netflix shows recently which this is on, you can read about it >here< but it's so so so so good.  All the characters are great, every episode is tense, you can't guess what's going to happen, and it just draws you in so much, it's very hard to just watch one episode and not the rest with it... I'd recommend anyone to watch this if you're looking for something new to watch. 

What I snapped: 

I feel like there's a lot to pick from this month... firstly, I have a new cat called Otis and so I have taken a good amount of pictures of him, I just can't help myself and try to take selfies with the cat, anyone else do this with their pets? He clearly had enough in this one though... 

I also had a little Halloween party and so here's some pictures from that. 

What I wore: 

Well I have quite a large bundle of clothing that I bought last month so there's a selection, I might actually do a little haul of the clothes I got at some point. But for now I'll say my new black lace playsuit... I got 2 one with short sleeves and one with long, they aren't exactly the same but they're both black lace with the back being lace as well so they're see-through but they are very pretty. I wore one for my Halloween costume as you just saw. One was from Primark which is the short sleeved one, and the other was from Forever 21, both decent prices. 

What I did: 

I'd say the week up to Halloween weekend and that weekend was all pretty good. The weekend before was a good one, a tad busy, but me and my boyfriend went into town to get halloween decorations, costume stuff, and just general halloween things and it was quite fun. Then of course the next weekend we spent a lot of the day getting it all ready, carving pumpkins, making cakes, and the best bit getting into your costume. 

What I ate: 

The best thing I ate is probably a burger from Buddies. I went to Buddies for lunch with some friends and they have the best menu. The burgers are always amazing, weird names, but tasty. I had a beef burger with two hash browns, bacon and sauce... I know that's not a great description but I can't remember it all to be honest.But if you have Buddies by you and you haven't been before you should go. It's an American style restaurant so the portions are big, and you can pay extra to have bigger burgers. 

What I drank: 

Tea. Lots of tea. Recently I've been feeling so tired all the time and the only thing that wakes me up and gets me motivated is a good ol' cuppa. I'm probably addicted to tea now but oh well, it just tastes great.

Where I went: 

I haven't gone to many exciting places this month... I actually spent about 3 weeks of it really ill and couldn't eat without being sick and couldn't stand up without almost fainting, good times. So I'd say just being at home recovering was nice, that's as good as this part gets.

What I used: 

The app I'll choose this time is Tuber Simulator which is a game by the youtuber Pewdiepie. It's so addictive, I can't stop going on it. You're basically a youtuber and you can buy things to make your room look cool, you create videos and gain more and more views and subscribers. You also have quests to complete daily, and sometimes there's some cool events on too. I, of course, have called my channel "chloe chats" maybe that dream will come true soon... once I'm not too scared to make a video and have the right stuff so it doesn't look rubbish. 

Thanks for reading, what's some of your October favourites? As always, chat soon!


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