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Good evening! 

So 2016 is kind of coming to an end incredibly quickly! Where do the days go?! It's a good time of the year to review everything of that year so a few new blog posts that I put up will probably be related to that in some way. I've had a few ideas for quite a few blog posts throughout December... I say this now, I hope I don't regret it! (I said this for October.. and look what happened!) 

I recently had to think of a few products that I think are well worth the purchase, and it got me thinking.. why not write a post about some of the products. Here are some of my favourite products I have used throughout this year that have been fab and well worth purchasing!

1. Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara. 

I remember when I first bought this, so there was a deal on because it was a brand new mascara, and I can't really remember what the deal was exactly... but it was something like if you spent over a certain amount on Rimmel London products you got this for free, and not so long ago they had it on offer for buy one get one free I think. So I went into Boots just getting the things I needed and as I saw I could get this for free, I thought, may as well! And I've literally been using it ever since... it's SO good. It makes your eyelashes really long and also I love that it doesn't leave your eyelashes looking clumpy. At the moment I wouldn't change my mascara because I love this one too much, but if you're looking for a new one to try, even if this one isn't a new one out anymore, this is a great mascara. I think it's either £7.99 or £8.99 which is a decent price and it lasts for ages, I don't really have to buy mascara that often. I also got my Mum into it and now she also uses it all the time! 

2. Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation.

I know I just spoke about a Rimmel London product but this is also one of my favourites of this year. I always find foundation one of the trickiest things to buy because, one, there's so many different ones, and two, I feel like you don't know what it's like until you try it yourself...even if a friend tells you it's amazing, I feel like everyone's skin is different and takes to them differently. So I guess me telling you that this is a good product kind of makes me a hypocrite... but maybe some of you may agree with me. I have actually gone through a few different ones this year because I found some were too heavy on my face, some really affected my skin and made me quite spotty, but this is the one I stopped at and was happy to use. It blends into your skin well, it covers all your blemishes, it lasts longer, and also it's a decent sized container so it actually takes me a little while to get through the whole thing which is nice. I think the price is again £7.99 or £8.99, I'm so bad at this I know! I honestly can't remember what the range of skin colours they have with this foundation, but I get the lightest you can.. I'm so pale its embarrassing. 

3. Nice n Easy Hair Dye. 

So I've actually been using this for like, 3 years... and I haven't ever changed to a different hair dye. So I'm naturally brunette but I've been blonde for the past 3 years (life would have been so much easier if I was naturally blonde.) At the moment I don't think I'd ever go back to my natural hair colour... I think I look horrible with brown hair so that's me dying my hair for the rest of my life. But anyway, this brand has never disappointed me. My hair looks so natural, people are generally shocked when I mention that blonde isn't my natural hair colour, that's how good this hair dye is. I know many people worry about hair dye ruining your hair, but as I said, for the whole time I've been doing it my hair still looks healthy and always feels soft. The usual price in most shops is £5.99 but I used to buy it cheaper at Body Care, but there's always a deal on with this hair dye brand, most of the time you can buy 2 or £10 so it's quite helpful if you have long hair and need two bottles of it. They also have a root touch up as well so if your roots start showing but the rest of your hair is fine it's a handy thing to buy! (I actually had a facebook memory today saying that I'd gone and dyed my hair blonde.. and here I still am continuing to dye it blonde! So it really is 3 years to this day!)

4. Colour Freedom, Crimson Red.

I love this product. If you're looking to dye hair a different more vibrant colour than just blonde, black, brunette etc, these are such good dyes to use. If you want to dye your whole head a different colour or even just have a bit of dip-dye and you want something that comes out after some washes this is a favourite product of mine to use. I decided to dip-dye my hair, and I wanted a pastel colour to begin with and I chose a light pink as I have blonde hair and didn't want to go too bright to begin with. To make it a pastel colour I just mixed it with conditioner before brushing onto the ends of my hair and it works a treat. I've also now done it without conditioner and had bright red dip dyed ends and I'm just in love with doing it. It's non-permanent and comes out after so many washes, it depends how dark or light it is, so when I didn't add any conditioner and went for the red colour it took a lot longer to wash out (I dyed it on the 29th of October and it is still in my hair now - 22nd November, obviously a lot more faded) but it also looks quite nice while its slowly fading. There's a range of colours which I would love to try at some point, Magenta, Pink, Crimson Red, Blue, Silver Blonde, Purple, White Blonde, Rose Blonde, Aqua, Grey and Blue Denim. You can either have them as the colours you see on the box or make them pastel colours by mixing conditioner. Also they're £6.99 and lasts for ages... especially if you're just using it for dip-dye, I still have my original dye I bought... but I guess if you do dye your whole head then depending on your hair length you may end up using all of it.

5. Rimmel London Soft Kohl black Eyeliner Pencil.

As you can see, I'm very impressed with Rimmel london products. I've been using this forever really, I've tried other eyeliner's before and even though they say they're black sometimes they just don't seem the black shade you want. This product is a really good black, and I also find it super easy to put on. I know some eyeliner's you can find quite difficult to put on or at least make a neat wing (doesn't doing wings just stress you out sometimes?!). When the pencil is sharpened well I find that it's so easy doing wings and it always looks quite neat. Unless I'm in a rush or you just have one of them days where you literally just can't get your eyeliner exactly how you want it. It's only £2.99 which is such a bargain! Especially because out of all my make up eyeliner is something that I buy the most frequently so it's nice not having to buy something quite pricey all every month or so. 

So that's a few hair and beauty products that I've loved using this year, what's your favourites? 

As always, chat soon! 


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