How to make: White Chocolate Cookies!

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Good evening, hope you all have a great day! 

I should probably mention that I have dropped from doing a few posts a week to just one... I've just been a little busy, and soon I'll probably be busy nearly like every day but I will always do at least one post a week! Adult life, it's not fun. Of course I'm joking, but having this blog while at University was easier to maintain than it is now. 

Anyway enough of that, I decided to write a blog post on something that I've baked as it's been a little while since I've done a little cooking post. I used to make these all the time when I was younger and so I thought I'd bring it back and make them again! I've chosen white chocolate but to be honest you can do any type of chocolate, milk, dark, mint, even go crazy and use some white and raspberry chocolate (madness). 

Here's what you'll need: 

115g of soft butter
115g of light brown sugar
1 egg
250g of self-raising flour
125g of white chocolate (which you'll chop up) 

So it's quite a basic recipe and quick and easy to do... probably why it was something I loved making when I was younger! 

Here's the steps and some pictures of me making them... 

Step 1. 

Preheat the oven, put it on about 190 degrees. Also to get you all prepared get some large baking trays, this will make 24 cookies, and when you put them in the oven they expand so you'll need at least two large baking trays with grease-proof paper on them, if you're worried that they may stick still you can put some butter on to grease it a little more, but just normal baking paper does it fine for me. You'll probably find that you'll cook a bunch on the trays and then will spoon some more of the mixture onto the tray and cook them separately... I guess it depends how big your oven is.

Step 2. 

Measure out the sugar and butter and put them in a large bowl, so that's 115g of both the butter and the sugar. If you have an electric whisk then beat that mixture until it's fluffy and if you have to do it by hand, it shouldn't take too long. 

Sugar & butter mixed

Step 3. 

Crack an egg into a jug and lightly beat it and whilst you beat the sugar and butter mixture gradually add the egg into the bowl. 

Beaten egg added & mixed

Step 4. 

Sift 250g of flour into the large bowl and again mix it well, so it's all blended together. This is where it looks less like a normal cake mixture as it's less creamy and well, more cookie like...(explained well there). 

Sifted flour added & mixed

Step 5. 

Get 125g of white chocolate and chop it into smaller chunks, not too small, you want to bite into the cookie and have a good little chunk of white chocolate. Stir the chunks in well so they're all spread out, you don't want to find that you make a cookie with no chocolate in it at all. 

White Choc chopped

White choc added & stirred in

Step 6. 

Get a heaped spoonful and place it onto the baking tray, you don't need too much because as I said before they will expand, so don't put too many on the tray either and make sure there's a big enough gap between them all. 

Heaped spoonful evenly spread

Then place them in the oven for about 12 minutes and keep on eye on them, if they look golden brown then they are all done and ready to be put on a cooling rack. 

And that's it! 24 yummy white chocolate cookies, and as I said before you can do different types of chocolate, you could split the recipe and do half with white chocolate and half with milk. 


They only take about 20 minutes altogether to get them prepared and cooked, quick and easy! You can use a cookie shape cutter so when they cook they make that shape, or if you wanted them circular shaped you can use one, I used to use a circle shaped one when I was younger so that they were perfectly round like normal cookies, but I didn't today... still taste good though!

Hope you enjoyed my post, and if you make these, hope you enjoy them! As always, chat soon. 


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