Why Halloween is the best holiday!

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Hello! It's been a little while, I am so sorry! My life has kind of just been on hold for the last week due to firstly having a fever which then turned into a very horrible chest infection. I don't actually remember ever having a chest infection before but it's so uncomfortable on your chest (you don't say chlo), I literally didn't want to breathe because I didn't want to have to move my chest.. over dramatic I know. But I am feeling a little better.. still on the medicine, still coughing like a trooper but I'm feeling a bit better than I was so I'm back, hello. 

I actually had so much planned on here for October because I love the month so much and now it's nearing the end, fab. I hope October for you has been good and you've gotten into the Halloween spirit! Today I thought I'd do a bit of a chatty post rather than a some of my more creative pieces I had planned as I'm still not 100%. 

Why is Halloween so god damn good?!

Here are my top reasons to why it's the best holiday, and if you don't think it is then here's hoping to convince you... 

1. Costumes. 

I mean, it's so fun dressing up! It's not every day of the year where dressing up as something for a night out is normal.. I mean you can wear a costume for an ordinary night out for a laugh or if it's a friends birthday or something and they have a theme, but when you go into town and out in front of the public everyone around you will just be dressed normally, whereas Halloween everyone is in costume and it's not something out of the ordinary! I also find getting ready before is really fun, especially when you're getting ready with others as well. Also it's so fun seeing other people dressed up, or trying to guess what they are... how many Harley Quinn's do you think they'll be this year?

2. Halloween Parties!

I mean normal parties are fun as well of course but when you're all in costumes and the house is decorated over the top, it's the best. I'm kind of sad because I don't know what I'm doing this year! I am very tempted to have a party, I just need to do something. You can even have cool Halloween food that you make in the day, like Halloween cookies or Halloween cakes... I may have a go at some of them and do a blog post on it!

3. Music

Listening to spooky music just gets your more hyped up. It can be fun to just have some scary sounds playing in the background as you play some weird scary drinking games... (I'm getting a tad too into this) but I'd like to make some weird green or orange punch, or there definitely has to be some sort of Halloween/scary game.

4. Scary films/games

A lot of people love scary films, and of course when we get to this month they're always on television and there's always a scary film coming out at the cinema. Now, I'm not actually a fan of scary films.. I struggle to watch them, I've watched a few, I much prefer to watch them with a group of people than on my own. Although there's nothing better lighting some candles, having a few snacks and getting under a duvet on the sofa watching a good ol' horror film as the weather outside is freezing and chucking it down. 

Also I think it's a fun idea to have a bunch of friends over and play some horror games, fits well with the Halloween theme, and it's pretty funny to watch someone play as you all crap yourselves.

5. Scary Events

There's always such good events on over Halloween at so many places. There's scary walks, there's things set up specifically for Halloween where you'll walk around places with live actors and such, if you go to theme parks they always have something on, I've been to Alton Towers at Halloween and it was one of the best things ever, everyone there is always so terrifying, and they usually have something special on.

My list could go on... why do you love Halloween? 

This was just a fun little post but I should be bouncing back now so I shall chat to you very soon!


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