Halloween Costumes

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 So I thought as it's Halloween coming up and you might want some help or any ideas in costumes so I'll tell you what I went as for Halloween for the past few years with some pictures of course and what products I used to do certain make up looks.. enjoy.

So a few years ago I went as a cat.. what girl doesn't go as cat for at least one year of Halloween?! Now I didn't really fancy going out and buying a bunch of things so I tried to do a kind of DIY type costume and make myself look like a cat with the things I already had. So this might be handy if you didn't have too much money to spend on a costume!

 Sorry for the super bad picture, so this was me two years ago, lovely. So I bought the ears probably off amazon or something so quite cheap, and then I also bought some cat tights because it's a little different to usual cat costumes and they're cute. These were a bit more expensive, but any Japanese type shop you'll find them to be honest. Then I wore a black dress that I already owned and did some cat make-up, there you go, cat costume. It isn't amazing, and I don't look terrifying like you're supposed to for Halloween, maybe I should have been a dead cat or something...

 The make up is really easy to do, you just need black eyeliner, I use a pencil so it's easy to do the nose and whiskers. But do your foundation and all that as usual, maybe a bit of glittery bronzer to make you a bit glittery. When you do you eyes you can add a nice smokey look for your eyes, and put your eyeliner on like you usually would but add a bit extra into the corner of your eyes and make the wings a bit longer. Also add a bit of red lippy and you're all good to go!

Last year I decided to go as a dead pirate.. to be fair I had a pirates outfit and I thought the only way to make it Halloween-esk was to add lots of fake blood. 

  So I bought this costume off ebay.. it was a reasonable price, and I             originally bought it for a gig I was going to... but I chickened out and didn't    wear it. Before you ask, basically they're like a pirate metal band and I was going to go all in and dress up but I didn't in the end, so it was handy to have for Halloween! To make myself look a bit more dead I used white paint for the whole of my face, to be fair, I'm already extremely pale so I didn't need much..I then made my eyes a little dark so I put on some eyeliner and I also made it so I had quite dark under eyes. I then put a lot of fake blood on that dripped from my eyes.. it actually dried out after a few hours and looked like skin just hanging off my face, so it looked pretty disgusting, success! 
I feel like if you have some fake blood you could be pretty much anything and you'll look grand for Halloween. 

I do want to be something cooler this Halloween, and I have an idea but it's whether it happens or actually looks good when it's done, we shall see.. I've always wanted to have some scary contacts but I've always chickened out in wearing them, although I do wear glasses often for going on the laptop, reading, watching television etc, and my eyes are probably getting worse so maybe one day I'll get used to wearing contacts. 

What are you going as for Halloween?! As always, chat soon!


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