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Good evening! Hope you all had a good day. I was writing down a list of things that I could blog about and a lot of them are Halloween themed, of course, it is October after all. But I watch tons of Netflix, it's something I'm on a lot, when I have free time I always love to start a series and once I do I can't stop watching it. I watch more series' than films on Netflix, and I also watch a lot of old things... that's what I love about Netflix. I have a huge list on my account that I want to watch, I have about 15 things on there at the moment, and so I thought I'd share my favourite shows at the moment that I am watching or have recently watched. 

So something that I finished in a day, yes I watched a whole series in a day, although it isn't a very long series... but it was about 8 hours worth. I had time that day, don't judge me. 

Stranger Things. 

I absolutely loved it, you know how sometimes you sit down and start watching a series and you might get a few odd episodes in it that are just not very interesting, and are more like filler episodes but sometimes it can put you off watching the next episode well, this is the complete opposite. Every episode is so engaging and something major happens in each episode that you just have to watch the next one, it's very hard to stop watching. It's new-ish so I don't want to write any spoilers because I know some of you might want to watch it but have yet to. All the kids in it are great, and I am very excited for the next series! It's a Sci-Fi/Thriller genre, and it can be a little creepy at parts, but it's not super scary so if you were holding back because you thought it might be too scary, it's not too bad. So go watch it now! 

Another favourite show of mine to watch is, Orange is the new Black. 

There's four seasons so if you start it now you have quite a bit to catch up on but it won't take you long, there's 13 episodes per season and they're an hour long except the last episode in each season is usually a little bit longer. I'm currently on season 4 episode 5 so I haven't even finished it yet but I'm pretty close to the end which is sad because I'll have to find something new to watch. It's a female prison drama that can be funny, serious and pretty emotional sometimes. The main gist of it is, it's about the females in the prison trying to carry out their sentences with lots of drama getting in the way for them all. You get flashbacks of some of the girls stories of how they got in there in the first place and you also get the stories of the prison guards and what their life is like and they also get themselves into a lot of drama too. Something happens every episode and it never fails to shock you, some things that happen are absolutely crazy but it's so entertaining and engaging. You get to know and love a lot of characters and it must be good if I'm still watching it! It does contain some brutal scenes that consist of beatings or even murders, and also there is a fair bit of nudity and sexual scenes/references. 

There is another season to be released next year I believe so if you an avid watcher we all have that to look forward to and see what happens next to the characters! 

A favourite thing of mine about Netflix is watching a really old series and so my next choice is:

Gossip Girl.  

This is quite old.. and has 6 seasons with about 20ish episodes in each season except for the last season which has 10 episodes. It's very entertaining, again something always happens in every episode but this is a bit more silly at times. There's things that happen that you can guess would happen, or things that just get out of hand and it can be quite silly, but that's why I love it. The characters are all lovable and there's always certain characters that you will ship and think belong together, but most of them all mix up and end up in relationships across some season. So it's about these kids that are from the upper east side that are all ridiculously wealthy and can pretty much do anything, with a little mix of kids from down town Brooklyn who try and enter the lifestyle of the upper east side. There's lots of drama, who's the Queen B at the school etc, and you watch the main characters get older and head off to college and get jobs, and become successful, or unsuccessful. You also get the drama of the parents which also makes it interesting, it's very family orientated. There's also lots of brutal scenes in this which consists of beatings, people almost dying, people actually dying... but it's all very entertaining. Throughout the whole thing there's a website which is called Gossip Girl which as the name suggests this Gossip Girl posts things about the main characters that usually creates most of the drama, and they get all this information to publish through people that send it in to them. As well as the story lines of the characters, a big plot is who is Gossip Girl, and you don't find out till the very end. I'd say now I know, it can be quite easy to work out... but I still found it a little shocking. It's very good and when I finished it I was quite sad there was no more to watch. So yes, if you're looking for something quite light and easy going and something that makes you keep wanting to watch more this is good to watch. 

There's so much on Netflix and I could go on a list so much but these are the most recent top shows for me. What do you watch on Netflix? Maybe someone can give me a new series to watch, that would be fab. 

My next post will be Halloween themed, so I will see you then, as always, chat soon!


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