Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My favourite Netflix shows

Good evening! Hope you all had a good day. I was writing down a list of things that I could blog about and a lot of them are Halloween themed, of course, it is October after all. But I watch tons of Netflix, it's something I'm on a lot, when I have free time I always love to start a series and once I do I can't stop watching it. I watch more series' than films on Netflix, and I also watch a lot of old things... that's what I love about Netflix. I have a huge list on my account that I want to watch, I have about 15 things on there at the moment, and so I thought I'd share my favourite shows at the moment that I am watching or have recently watched. 

So something that I finished in a day, yes I watched a whole series in a day, although it isn't a very long series... but it was about 8 hours worth. I had time that day, don't judge me. 

Stranger Things. 

I absolutely loved it, you know how sometimes you sit down and start watching a series and you might get a few odd episodes in it that are just not very interesting, and are more like filler episodes but sometimes it can put you off watching the next episode well, this is the complete opposite. Every episode is so engaging and something major happens in each episode that you just have to watch the next one, it's very hard to stop watching. It's new-ish so I don't want to write any spoilers because I know some of you might want to watch it but have yet to. All the kids in it are great, and I am very excited for the next series! It's a Sci-Fi/Thriller genre, and it can be a little creepy at parts, but it's not super scary so if you were holding back because you thought it might be too scary, it's not too bad. So go watch it now! 

Another favourite show of mine to watch is, Orange is the new Black. 

There's four seasons so if you start it now you have quite a bit to catch up on but it won't take you long, there's 13 episodes per season and they're an hour long except the last episode in each season is usually a little bit longer. I'm currently on season 4 episode 5 so I haven't even finished it yet but I'm pretty close to the end which is sad because I'll have to find something new to watch. It's a female prison drama that can be funny, serious and pretty emotional sometimes. The main gist of it is, it's about the females in the prison trying to carry out their sentences with lots of drama getting in the way for them all. You get flashbacks of some of the girls stories of how they got in there in the first place and you also get the stories of the prison guards and what their life is like and they also get themselves into a lot of drama too. Something happens every episode and it never fails to shock you, some things that happen are absolutely crazy but it's so entertaining and engaging. You get to know and love a lot of characters and it must be good if I'm still watching it! It does contain some brutal scenes that consist of beatings or even murders, and also there is a fair bit of nudity and sexual scenes/references. 

There is another season to be released next year I believe so if you an avid watcher we all have that to look forward to and see what happens next to the characters! 

A favourite thing of mine about Netflix is watching a really old series and so my next choice is:

Gossip Girl.  

This is quite old.. and has 6 seasons with about 20ish episodes in each season except for the last season which has 10 episodes. It's very entertaining, again something always happens in every episode but this is a bit more silly at times. There's things that happen that you can guess would happen, or things that just get out of hand and it can be quite silly, but that's why I love it. The characters are all lovable and there's always certain characters that you will ship and think belong together, but most of them all mix up and end up in relationships across some season. So it's about these kids that are from the upper east side that are all ridiculously wealthy and can pretty much do anything, with a little mix of kids from down town Brooklyn who try and enter the lifestyle of the upper east side. There's lots of drama, who's the Queen B at the school etc, and you watch the main characters get older and head off to college and get jobs, and become successful, or unsuccessful. You also get the drama of the parents which also makes it interesting, it's very family orientated. There's also lots of brutal scenes in this which consists of beatings, people almost dying, people actually dying... but it's all very entertaining. Throughout the whole thing there's a website which is called Gossip Girl which as the name suggests this Gossip Girl posts things about the main characters that usually creates most of the drama, and they get all this information to publish through people that send it in to them. As well as the story lines of the characters, a big plot is who is Gossip Girl, and you don't find out till the very end. I'd say now I know, it can be quite easy to work out... but I still found it a little shocking. It's very good and when I finished it I was quite sad there was no more to watch. So yes, if you're looking for something quite light and easy going and something that makes you keep wanting to watch more this is good to watch. 

There's so much on Netflix and I could go on a list so much but these are the most recent top shows for me. What do you watch on Netflix? Maybe someone can give me a new series to watch, that would be fab. 

My next post will be Halloween themed, so I will see you then, as always, chat soon!


Halloween Costumes

 So I thought as it's Halloween coming up and you might want some help or any ideas in costumes so I'll tell you what I went as for Halloween for the past few years with some pictures of course and what products I used to do certain make up looks.. enjoy.

So a few years ago I went as a cat.. what girl doesn't go as cat for at least one year of Halloween?! Now I didn't really fancy going out and buying a bunch of things so I tried to do a kind of DIY type costume and make myself look like a cat with the things I already had. So this might be handy if you didn't have too much money to spend on a costume!

 Sorry for the super bad picture, so this was me two years ago, lovely. So I bought the ears probably off amazon or something so quite cheap, and then I also bought some cat tights because it's a little different to usual cat costumes and they're cute. These were a bit more expensive, but any Japanese type shop you'll find them to be honest. Then I wore a black dress that I already owned and did some cat make-up, there you go, cat costume. It isn't amazing, and I don't look terrifying like you're supposed to for Halloween, maybe I should have been a dead cat or something...

 The make up is really easy to do, you just need black eyeliner, I use a pencil so it's easy to do the nose and whiskers. But do your foundation and all that as usual, maybe a bit of glittery bronzer to make you a bit glittery. When you do you eyes you can add a nice smokey look for your eyes, and put your eyeliner on like you usually would but add a bit extra into the corner of your eyes and make the wings a bit longer. Also add a bit of red lippy and you're all good to go!

Last year I decided to go as a dead pirate.. to be fair I had a pirates outfit and I thought the only way to make it Halloween-esk was to add lots of fake blood. 

  So I bought this costume off ebay.. it was a reasonable price, and I             originally bought it for a gig I was going to... but I chickened out and didn't    wear it. Before you ask, basically they're like a pirate metal band and I was going to go all in and dress up but I didn't in the end, so it was handy to have for Halloween! To make myself look a bit more dead I used white paint for the whole of my face, to be fair, I'm already extremely pale so I didn't need much..I then made my eyes a little dark so I put on some eyeliner and I also made it so I had quite dark under eyes. I then put a lot of fake blood on that dripped from my eyes.. it actually dried out after a few hours and looked like skin just hanging off my face, so it looked pretty disgusting, success! 
I feel like if you have some fake blood you could be pretty much anything and you'll look grand for Halloween. 

I do want to be something cooler this Halloween, and I have an idea but it's whether it happens or actually looks good when it's done, we shall see.. I've always wanted to have some scary contacts but I've always chickened out in wearing them, although I do wear glasses often for going on the laptop, reading, watching television etc, and my eyes are probably getting worse so maybe one day I'll get used to wearing contacts. 

What are you going as for Halloween?! As always, chat soon!


Monday, 17 October 2016

Why Halloween is the best holiday!

Hello! It's been a little while, I am so sorry! My life has kind of just been on hold for the last week due to firstly having a fever which then turned into a very horrible chest infection. I don't actually remember ever having a chest infection before but it's so uncomfortable on your chest (you don't say chlo), I literally didn't want to breathe because I didn't want to have to move my chest.. over dramatic I know. But I am feeling a little better.. still on the medicine, still coughing like a trooper but I'm feeling a bit better than I was so I'm back, hello. 

I actually had so much planned on here for October because I love the month so much and now it's nearing the end, fab. I hope October for you has been good and you've gotten into the Halloween spirit! Today I thought I'd do a bit of a chatty post rather than a some of my more creative pieces I had planned as I'm still not 100%. 

Why is Halloween so god damn good?!

Here are my top reasons to why it's the best holiday, and if you don't think it is then here's hoping to convince you... 

1. Costumes. 

I mean, it's so fun dressing up! It's not every day of the year where dressing up as something for a night out is normal.. I mean you can wear a costume for an ordinary night out for a laugh or if it's a friends birthday or something and they have a theme, but when you go into town and out in front of the public everyone around you will just be dressed normally, whereas Halloween everyone is in costume and it's not something out of the ordinary! I also find getting ready before is really fun, especially when you're getting ready with others as well. Also it's so fun seeing other people dressed up, or trying to guess what they are... how many Harley Quinn's do you think they'll be this year?

2. Halloween Parties!

I mean normal parties are fun as well of course but when you're all in costumes and the house is decorated over the top, it's the best. I'm kind of sad because I don't know what I'm doing this year! I am very tempted to have a party, I just need to do something. You can even have cool Halloween food that you make in the day, like Halloween cookies or Halloween cakes... I may have a go at some of them and do a blog post on it!

3. Music

Listening to spooky music just gets your more hyped up. It can be fun to just have some scary sounds playing in the background as you play some weird scary drinking games... (I'm getting a tad too into this) but I'd like to make some weird green or orange punch, or there definitely has to be some sort of Halloween/scary game.

4. Scary films/games

A lot of people love scary films, and of course when we get to this month they're always on television and there's always a scary film coming out at the cinema. Now, I'm not actually a fan of scary films.. I struggle to watch them, I've watched a few, I much prefer to watch them with a group of people than on my own. Although there's nothing better lighting some candles, having a few snacks and getting under a duvet on the sofa watching a good ol' horror film as the weather outside is freezing and chucking it down. 

Also I think it's a fun idea to have a bunch of friends over and play some horror games, fits well with the Halloween theme, and it's pretty funny to watch someone play as you all crap yourselves.

5. Scary Events

There's always such good events on over Halloween at so many places. There's scary walks, there's things set up specifically for Halloween where you'll walk around places with live actors and such, if you go to theme parks they always have something on, I've been to Alton Towers at Halloween and it was one of the best things ever, everyone there is always so terrifying, and they usually have something special on.

My list could go on... why do you love Halloween? 

This was just a fun little post but I should be bouncing back now so I shall chat to you very soon!


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My favourite Horror Games!

It's officially October now.. so of course that means every blog post I write has to have something relating to Halloween! 

I love Halloween so much, it's the best holiday of the year.. I love it even more than christmas or my birthday... it's just so fun, don't you agree? 

I thought it was a bit early to jump into costume ideas so obviously a big theme of Halloween is horror, and I love playing games so this was a fun little post idea for me. I'm not a big fan of horror movies but absolutely love horror games... maybe a bit weird? I've seen a few horror films and I am a big baby when it comes to watching them, usually I'm fine when I'm watching them but afterwards and for the next few days I just can't sleep. I know, they're not real but still my brain just goes crazy and over thinks it all. Typical me. But with horror games I can play them late at night, in the dark, with headphones on and scream at my laptop every time something makes me jump or creeps me out but I will sleep fine that night and every night after, but I'd say that some horror games are so much scarier than a lot of horror films out there. It's an odd one, I feel like doing a research experiment on it or something.. could be quite interesting. 

Some horror games can be completely immersive and if you play them with little light and with headphones on it can really feel like you're in the game. I love games like that. If you've played a horror game and at some point taken off your headphones and scanned around the room before carrying on, that's when you know it's a pretty good game! I'll talk about my top three horror games that I've played and loved.. number 1 being my all time favourite... at the moment. These might not be the best ones out there, it's just the ones that I love.

3.  Ao Oni

Now this isn't scary... it's just something fun and I actually really enjoyed playing it. It's something that you can complete quite quickly, It's a role-playing horror game and involves lots of puzzles to complete without getting caught. You play Hiroshi who is trapped inside a haunted mansion with his friends... who all go missing, with a monster that's around that chases you throughout. You have to find a way to save as many friends as possible and get out of the haunted mansion. The monster, the 'Oni' is a big purple monster that lives in the mansion and also if he catches any of Hiroshi's friends they will also turn into an Oni, there can also be other ones that are different shapes that can also chase you. So you can't fight them, if they start chasing you, you just have to run away and lose them as quickly as possible so you can carry on with whatever puzzle you're on. Basically you go from room to room picking up clues and solving problems until you escape. 

A cool little thing you can do is you can re-name your character to certain things and that will effect the game. So if you call yourself blockman then the Oni you face will be a blockman Oni, naming yourself godmode will prevent the Oni from hurting you, naming you character JMU will then mean that in the kitchen room an English Translator will be on the sofa and will say different things to you but he can also turn into an Oni as well. Naming your character Southpark will make it so the characters resemble southpark characters, changes the story a little, and they have bloody and profane humour. 

It's quite entertaining and really fun to play, and of course with all the different versions it's something you can re-play.

2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent. 

So, I haven't completed this yet... I am a little bit too scared to press play and carry on where I left off. The reason I am scared to go back on is because I have run out of oil for my lamp which is your main light source and I am at a part where it is pretty much too dark to see without my lamp and I know for sure that I am about to run into the monster. How can I go back to play it when I know he's going to jump out on me and I don't have a light source... terrifying. I know I'm being a bit of a chicken and I will of course carry on playing but it is a very good game. If you love horror games and you want a game that can quite possibly make you poo yourself, this is the game for you. 

It's a first person perspective and you play a character called Daniel. You have to go around a castle where you will find letters to read, and also a few puzzles to solve throughout. You have to make sure you keep your sanity managed, so if you're in darkness for too long, or you just stare at a monster whilst hiding your sanity will go start to go crazy and the screen will go wavy, and you'll start to see things, this also alerts the monsters. So in order to keep this managed is to stand in some light, or light your lamp or a tinderbox to help keep you calm, and also don't stare at the monsters for too long... I mean it's pretty accurate, I'm sure if you were in complete darkness for so long and you see a monster you'll probably go a tad crazy. If you do come across a monster and it does spot you all you can do is run and and make sure you lose it as you do not get any weapons and you can't attack, although you can throw objects at it to slow it down for a few seconds before continuing to flee. 

As well as the scary surroundings and monsters that appear that you have to flee from, the story is pretty good. So you start off by waking up in this castle with no memory at all of himself or anything about his past... you discover your first note to yourself and learn that you took away your own memory on purpose, and that you need to find Alexander and kill him. So that's what you set off to do, picking up new letters and having some flashbacks where you learn more about why you're there and about yourself and also about this Alexander person. I don't really want to spoil anything if you haven't played or like the sound of this so decide to give it a go, but it's pretty good. It's quite old, I expect most people that play or love horror games have probably already played it. What do you guys think?

1. Outlast

This game is my absolute favourite, it's so good. I can't find many horror games that can beat it, in my opinion. It's similar to Amnesia in that it's a first person perspective, but it's very different. Instead of a castle it's set in a psychiatric hospital, and although they seem a bit like monsters, you have to hide and run away from the patients who are there, but are they the monsters? That's what you're there to do, investigate Mount Massive Asylum. You receive an email from someone that wants you to come film and investigate what has actually been going on at the hospital, and of course, it isn't very nice. 

Again, you can't attack, if you come across a patient you have to run and hide so that you loose them so you can continue trying to escape... which is what you basically try and do pretty much as soon as you enter the hospital. By the time you get there, all the staff have been brutally murdered and every time you try and escape a problem occurs which makes it harder and harder for you to get out. It's very dark for most parts inside and so the camera you carry around with you will have a night vision mode which you will have to use, but of course you have to collect any batteries you find lying around because you can run out, and believe me, you don't want to run out. You also pick up folders in various rooms which are mostly about the facility or the patients. Collecting and reading them you find out what has happened here, and why the patients are the way they are. 

Not every one of the patients will try and kill you, they'll be some that are too scared themselves or are just doing whatever they want such as continuously hitting their head on a brick wall. However, there are plenty that will chase and kill you if you don't get away. You will learn about certain patients that continuously chase you throughout the whole game such as Chris Walker, who will call you "little pig." He's quite a scary man, so I wouldn't hang around him for long. You do meet a priest who is called Father Martin, he is one of the main characters that wants you to stick around and record as much as possible as he says "you have a calling." He will at the beginning stop you from leaving by locking the gates and such, but he's kind of nice... I guess. 

It's terrifying, the story is really intriguing, the characters are all great, and if you love this game then I would recommend that you play the DLC which is called, The Whistleblower. I think that's a lot scarier that Outlast, but it's also clever as it links the two together very well. I am looking forward to the next one... 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my top 3 favourite horror games, what are yours? 
As always, chat soon.. with some more Halloween themed posts!