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I've been playing a lot of games recently and so I thought I'd write a post on a few of my favourites, basically all of them are really old.... I can't afford all these new games that come out so instead I play old ones and wait until the newer ones get old.. it's not great, I know. Steam sales though are amazing and hurtful at the same time, there's always so many good games on sale, but you just want them all and that's not possible. (Violins start to play) 

I like to play on PC and PS3 so all the games I mention will be on one of them, but I'm sure a lot of them you can get on other consoles anyway! 

Starting with a game I've played most recently and when I start playing it I will be on it for hours. You'll probably be surprised by the fact that I'd never played it before but I've watched a lot of people play it from when it first came out back in 2011, can you believe that's five years ago.. where does the time go?? It's a very popular game, and has mostly positive reviews on it, it's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! If you guessed it, congrats you get a Chloe point. (Yeah, I don't know what that means either). 

 So if you didn't know it's an open world action role-playing game, and in short you fight dragons amongst an array of other creatures and people. You take on the main story quest as well as little side quests from loads of different npc's. Along the way from fighting and taking part in other skills such as making armour and weapons you gain more experience in that particular skill, and as you do more and more you level up your character and every time you level up you can have extra health, stamina or magicka, and then you choose a skill to have a perk put into it. I've played it on a computer and PS3 and the graphics from playing it on the computer was so much better, it's a very scenic game, it looks really cool. There's also so many different characters you can choose from and there's so many different styles you can choose from for you character's look. I have two accounts, my first character is an Argonian which is like a lizard looking character, and my second character was a male Redguard. I'm not very serious with the names I'll admit, I like to pick odd names but my Argonian is called Samandar Da Vinchi (don't ask) and my Redguard is called Jefferey Johnson because I thought that sounded pretty cool to be honest.. 

So yeah you basically find out that you're Dragonborn and so when you kill a dragon you absorb its soul, and you learn words which then mean you learn shouts and they all do different things. I haven't completed the game, I'm no where near to finishing it so I'm not an expert on it. But I do love it, it's really enjoyable, it also makes me jump a lot but that's just because I jump at anything. If you've played it before, you know right at the beginning where you're trying to run away from the dragon and it pops its head through the wall as you're running up the stairs, yep, I screamed. This is probably my most favourite game to play at the moment, so if you haven't played it go do that, if you have high five good game. 

Another game that I am loving playing which to be fair, I've played for a long while but I played it yesterday and I thought I'd give it a mention because it's a good ol' classic. This one is on the PC, it's very old. It was released in 2002 and is a real-time strategy game, any guesses? 

Age of Mythology.. the Extended Edition! Now everyone's probably played this or heard of it at least, but I find it a lot of fun. I probably play it different to a lot of people, of course most people will take it seriously and work out the best strategies to win easily and so on, but I love building pretty towns and having large armies of one thing. Such a girl right? Although silliness aside I do also play the campaign a lot and learn to better myself at the game as I go against people. So if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, it's a game where you build your own town and units, have villagers to get wood, gold and food, or fishing boats to get food, and make sure your town is well defended and when you're ready you march on out to attack the other players' towns. 

Also you can proceed to different ages when you reach certain things such as an amount of food and a specific building built, and once you do you choose between two minor gods that offer different things and one being a 'god power' which is usually a one-time special ability that usually damages your opponent or does something helpful for you. I usually play the Greeks and I've played them so much that I also always pick the same minor gods as I know what they benefit and what god power they give you. To be fair if I'm bored this is something I enjoy to play, it's not super hard and it's something fun to play with other people as well. 

Another game that I'm enjoying to play which I will play every so often rather than all in one go is Borderlands! I play this on PC and it was released back in 2009. I've only played this first one, and I would like to carry on and play the others once I've fully completed this one. It's probably got one of my favourite songs in it too.. and I'm sure others who have played this will agree it's a great song, Ain't no rest for the wicked by Cage the Elephant. The opening to the game is such a cool opening, with this song playing and the way it is edited when they introduce characters, it's too cool. 

So you begin on a bus going somewhere you don't know, but before you get off the bus you choose one of the characters they introduce that you want to be. My main account that I play I chose Roland the Soldier and named him Harold. (Yeah here I go again with the stupid names). You take on missions from NPC's or bounty boards, and when you complete a mission you'll get experience points or money, and also you gain experience points for killing things and will level up with more and more experience points. Each level you gain you get given a skill point which you can put into one of three special skills, and usually they will make something better like if you play the solder his special weapon is a Scorpio Turret that you can deploy if you need some help killing something and that's one thing you can upgrade with skill points. 

It's a fun game, and you can also play with other people so that's always a good thing. There are these dog-like creatures called skags and they terrify me. They're super easy to kill but for some reason I just find them scary... I jump a lot as I mentioned before. These games, they aren't good for my dear ol' heart. 

Lastly another game I'm enjoying which again has been out for a while, since 2011, and is a 2D action adventure sandbox game made by Re-Logic, any ideas? Yes, it's Terraria. I was bought it when it was on sale, originally I had no interest in buying it or playing it, but it's a lot of fun. 

You make your little character and give it a name, mines called QT, because why not, it's a cute little game. You explore the world, you build houses for a load of NPC's that join you throughout the game, and you fight the evil monsters that attack you, a lot of them are out at night. As well as exploring the world on land, you also mine and go underground and there you will find lots of surprises and underground houses and even more monsters and so on. I usually do two things, one.. attempt to build amazing super hotels for all my friends, and two.. mine like crazy. I just dig underground and keep going and try and discover and collect as many things as I can carry. I love collecting things for my houses that I build, like I'll find a cool statue or a nice chandelier to put in a room. 

You can also play it with loads of other people, and as well as the usual monsters to fight you can also fight bosses. It's a fun little game, I could be on it for hours without realising. 

Well these are my favourite games at the moment, what are yours? Hope you enjoyed this little post, I know I didn't go into too much detail but I didn't want to end up writing an essay especially because I mentioned 4 games! But as always, chat soon. 


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