How To Improve Your Blog: Top 3 Easy Ways!

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Anyone out there thinking about starting a blog or have started one and you just don't know what to do to improve it? 

I'll give you some tips! If you're a blogger yourself as well, I'd love to have some tips from you! 

So I'm at the stage now where I'm always making changes to my blog to update it and keep it fresh and looking the way I want it to, but also I'm trying to improve my blog's reader count, my big goal is to have a blog where I can just interact with loads of people on different posts, that would be pretty cool, in order to do that I have to get my blog more noticed, and that's always a hard thing to do. So, from researching myself and getting advice from others here's what I found is good to help you reach the same goal I'm trying to reach... 

First of all if you've always thought that you wanted to do create a blog just go for it! Even if it's not something you want to do every week and it's just something where you want to write a piece of writing every month or so. Sometimes if you have something bothering you, or you have a really good day and you want to share what you got up to it's always nice to write it down and have others read it. You can write about anything as well, you love playing games and want to write reviews, or you love taking pictures and want to share them and get them noticed, you can blog about anything. In the words of Shia LaBeouf, just do it. 

 Some tips for getting more readers!

Social Media. 

It can be daunting making your own social media pages just for your blog, I mean I felt like it was a little hard because I just thought, who cares about seeing posts after posts on social media about my blog?? But it's really good to do to get your blog out there, like really good. From having these pages on Facebook or Twitter etc you can then link them on your blog so people who randomly stumble upon your blog can go follow you, and then from then they always have constant updates of when you publish a blog post. Also you can have the support from your Facebook friends or any other social media followers that you already have on personal accounts. 

Once you write and publish a post if you just leave it at that your unlikely to get many views for your new post, however, if you copy and paste the link to 5 different social media platforms for example then you're more likely to gain more readers. 

A thing that I think is quite helpful is on Twitter there's accounts that help you to get your blog posts noticed by other bloggers. So when you write a blog post you write out a tweet with the link and @ certain accounts or use their hashtags. If you're interested in knowing some I'll list a couple here but if you want to know more then just ask me! 

add this to your tweet: #bloggersblast and they'll retweet it. 
Tag @BblogRT in your tweet and they'll retweet it. 
Tag @FemaleBloggerRT and they'll also retweet you. 

So that's just a couple but there's loads so if you want any more I shall let you know them. I'd say go all out and tag and hashtag them all, might as well get as many people to share your blog post as possible! As well, if you follow these accounts on Twitter then you're going to have loads of peoples' blog posts on your timeline so you can check out loads of other bloggers which I think is a really handy thing. 

Checking out other blogs.

I think this quite an important one to do. If you love being in the blogger world then you should probably be interested in following other bloggers and reading their posts. It's something fun to do to read other blog posts, it also helps them out with getting more of an audience for their blog, and you can also gain inspiration from other bloggers for your own blog. I'd say it's a pretty standard thing to be doing and it's good to make friends with other bloggers. 

You could do blog posts where you choose some blogs that you've read and enjoyed, write about them and why you enjoyed reading it with links to the post and that way you'll make some blogger friends, most probably make them smile - which is always good to do, and at the same time you're helping them get more readers for their blog post, and you never know, they might do the same for you. There are also blog awards that some people do where they choose certain blogs that they like and nominate you to do the same, so it's like a never ending award where loads and loads of bloggers get the recognition they deserve after all their hard work. I've also seen that some people also will run little competitions where you can have your blog link displayed on their blog for a week or something like that so you have that little bit of help to get your blog noticed more! It's a good community, so use it to your advantage I'd say, people will love to help! 

Another thing that's good to do is when you spend a few hours just looking through blogs and reading their posts it's always nice to give them feedback in the comments or if they ask a question in their post that you can answer, you can do that in the comments. Not only is it nice to interact with others, you also get your name/blog url linked from comments on loads of different blogs. That way when someone reads the same post as you and then looks at the comments they can then see your comment and click the link to your blog to check it out. You could also after writing your feedback or comment, ask them to check out your blog or maybe a blog post that's similar to there's as they might be interested in it. It's a good way to get your blog all over the place but at the same time don't just go to loads of different blogs and not read the post and just put your link in the comments, that's a tiny bit rude.

Having a niche.

So I'm not good at this, and it's something I really need to work on. If you choose a certain category to write about, for example, food, games, films, lifestyle, fitness etc... you're more likely to pull in a certain audience, and that way if someone is looking for a specific blog and you write about what they're looking for then you have a loyal reader that will keep coming back. Whereas if you write about loads of different things you're more likely to grab the attention of someone for that blog post and then they won't return again until you do another post in that same category, or just won't come back to read your blog again because they've done it for the last few times and it's still not a blog post they're interested in. Make sense? 

I think once you have reached the stage where people follow your blog for you and not just your content then you can start being general again and writing about a wide variety of things, but while you're trying to start out and people are just reading your blog for specific content then it's probably better to pick a niche and stay with it. 

I know I am contradicting my blog... I have a lot of variety and the reason for that is because I still haven't picked a niche. I love writing about so many different things and I think for the moment that's probably hindering me. Hence why, I have created menu tabs so if someone clicks onto my blog and is only interested in one thing then they don't have to scroll through my blog trying to find it they can just click onto the subject in the menu. If you're like me and still are undecided for your niche I would suggest you do something like this, otherwise it's going to be hard to engage all of your followers. I do think as well if you do have more than one niche then I'd suggest that you'd have to do more blog posts more regularly, that way if you have a follower who loves your film posts and you don't post one for a month because you've written about other things then they'll get uninterested and think "oh maybe they aren't doing anymore film posts." It's a tough one, I really need to work on this. 

I've been thinking recently about my blog and about trying to expand it to reach more people and I do think this is a big thing that's stopping me. But when you love talking about so many things it's hard to stop doing so many different variety blog posts. My tagline for my blog is "Advice, Lifestyle and Chats" and my blog is called "Chloe Chats" so the style of my blog is chatty and that's the way I want to keep it. I also love writing chatty advice posts, it is one of my favourite subject areas that I blog about and also general lifestyle stuff... which is what my tagline says! So I could just cut down to advice and lifestyle rather than the added film/game/adventure posts... but I love films, I love games and when I go off on an adventure I love to blog about it. You see my dilemma? I mean if anyone has any tips for me regarding this problem I would love to hear some! What would you do in my shoes? I know it's something I have got to work on and that is my main goal at the moment, so watch this space... you may see some changes soon! 

I hope this helped, and that I didn't blabber on too much... this is why I'm Chloe Chats!! But if you are thinking about starting a blog then these will be some helpful tips to get you up and running and also if you're struggling with this area like me then I'd recommend you do these things! Thank you for reading, and as always, chat soon



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