How to get Adsense on your blog!

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Hey guys!

I thought this might be a really helpful post if you're looking to get adsense or you've just started out blogging and are looking at a way of making some money through your blog! It's not something you can get straight away, I applied 3 times and the 3rd time I got it so there's a few things to keep in mind before submitting an application! 

The really good thing about being successful in your application is that they don't take in to count the traffic to your blog. So you don't need to worry about hitting a high amount of readers for your blog to get adsense, although, in order to make money from having adsense, it's a good idea to make sure you do get a fair amount of traffic. 

So firstly the way it works is you put as many ads as you want, in different styles on your blog page and people who go onto your blog and click the links on the ads would then mean you get money. Obviously for just one click it isn't really any money, hence why having a good amount of traffic to your blog will help you out in giving you a bit of money. 

Here are some top tips to make your adsense application accepted!

1. The look of your blog. I'd say a professional look to your blog, so something that's easy to read, no multi-coloured writing for blog posts or a crazy background so that it's hard to see what's going on on your blog. Normally a nice simple layout, usually a white or a pastel background colour, a simple pattern if you want a cool background, and just make it so it's easy to navigate through. 

2. 15-20 posts. I'd make sure you've done at least 15 posts because if you just have one or two and send off an application I guess they can't be sure that you're going to keep going with your blog. As well make sure they are posts that have at least 300+ words, if you just do blog posts with pictures you may be less likely to be selected. 

3. Make sure all the pictures on your blog are your own. So if you have made blog posts where you have just took the images off google then you will need to make sure they are all removed before submitting an application. Also once you have adsense make sure not to use images that aren't you own as you will be banned from adsense. 

4. Having your own domain name. You can apply without and might still get approved but this will give you a bigger chance, I guess they see having your own domain as more professional so it's not something you have to do, but i'd say if you wanted adsense quickly this is a good way to do it. Also it's really cool having your own domain, that's what I think anyway...

5. Adding some important pages. Make sure you have an About me page, Contact page, and also a Privacy Policy page. If you don't know what to write for the privacy policy page then there are plenty of examples online that you can pretty much copy if the person who has written it states you can. 

6. If you have any other ad banners on your blog you will have to get rid of them before applying for google adsense. 

Once you apply you have to receive two success emails. The first one you get will say you've been successful and you can then put some ads onto your blog. However, they will be blank until you get the second email through that says everything is good and you can have them. The first email you usually get really quickly, I think I got my first one in the same day, but the second one took 4-5 days until they confirmed I was successful. I remember the second time I applied for it I received the first success email so I got excited, and then received the second one saying I wasn't successful so don't get too excited until you know for definite haha! 

I hope this helps, when I first started applying for it I felt so annoyed because it was just not being accepted and I was thinking, this is going to take months! But I looked up advice blogs for getting adsense like this one and it helped me out so much. A few weeks later I got approved, so it's quite quick and simple. If you do have any questions about it though, let me know I'll gladly help you out. 

My next post won't be until Tuesday now as it's my birthday on Monday and so I'm having a little birthday weekend as I won't be able to celebrate much on the Monday! But I'm sure I'll do a little post on that, as always, chat soon!


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