Healthy Snacks, My First Graze Box!

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Hey everyone! 

So the other week I received a graze package through the post and I'd heard of them before, people have been so positive about it that I wanted to see what it was all about! I wouldn't say I'm always eating healthy but a lot of the meals I do eat are good healthy meals. 

When I looked up the graze website I signed up and found that at first you get the choice of three boxes for your first one, there was a variety box, a light box and I just can't remember the third one it suggested but other boxes include, dips and dippers box, bakery box, jerky box, chocolate box, flapjack box, protein box, sugar count box, pure box, savoury box, sustain box, aromatic broths box, and popcorn box. Don't they all sound amazing?? There's such a wide variety and even though most are healthy snacks with the odd treats the box I received everything tasted amazing. 

So I chose the variety box as it was my first one and I just wanted a random array of snacks. In my box I received a few bits of paper telling me about my box, and also some cute little envelopes with vouchers inside that you can give to friends or family as it has a code on it so they can get the first and fifth box for free! 

These were the snacks I had in my graze box

Jam Doughnuts: and before you think ooh doughnuts, it wasn't a usual doughnut. But it was loads of different food items that you put together and make a little doughnut, it's pretty cute (kind of like those hamburger sweets you get but not sweets...) So in this little package it had raspberry strings, sponge pieces, raspberry cranberries and almonds. So you'd put them altogether and eat them and it's kind of like a raspberry jam doughnut... I'm guessing that's what they were getting at when they created it. But you can do what I did and just eat them all separately, but it was really tasty. The raspberry strings were amazing, I'd eat these again and again, and if they're healthy snacks what's better than that? Also it says on the packet graze light so I'm guessing this snack will be from the light graze box if you're interested in these snacks.

Sour Cream & Garlic Crostini: I'd say you have to like garlic things to like these... but if you do love garlic then this is great! I am a garlic lover and when I'm cooking I tend to add garlic a lot to meals. (hey at least I'll keep those vampires away...) So these include, sour cream and onion cashews with garlic crostini. I finished these off first out of all the snacks... I told you I liked garlic things. It was so tasty, and these come under graze light as well. 

Original Protein Flapjack: So these are exactly what the title says, flapjacks. These are oat flapjacks with linseeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. I mean there isn't much to explain here, they are just like normal tasting flapjacks, but they do taste delicious. Really good fibre and protein, you get 6 squares and they contain 8 grams of protein, pretty good. You can't go wrong with a good ol' tasty flapjack.

Sesame Garlic Crunch: These are the final little package snack I got in this box, it included, garlic sesame sticks, oat bran sesame sticks and multigrain soy crackers. It's like they knew that I loved garlic... These are also really good, they also have 'new' on this pack and the sour cream & garlic crostini so it must be quite a new snack to try out. These include other snacks that aren't garlic like the oat bran sticks and the soy crackers so if you get tired of eating the garlic you have them also. But these were the snacks that I finished second... so they're pretty tasty. 

These are mostly empty as I have already eaten them..

So in most graze boxes you get 4 types of different snacks but there are some boxes you can get with more but obviously will be a bit more expensive than the 4 snack boxes. The box I received cost £3.99 and I think the popcorn box comes with 6 snacks so that cost £5.99 and the jerky box cost £4.99 as they're meat snacks. But if you want to check out the prices just go check out the website they're all on there

They're definitely worth the price, I mean I know I've only tried one but the one box that I did try the snacks were so good and I'd gladly pay £3.99 for it. The good thing as well is the package size will fit through your letterbox so you don't have to wait around and be in to answer the door. Also if that makes you think oh... do you not get that much then? I think it's the perfect sized snack, the smaller packages inside with the snacks in are filled and there's a lot in there. You can get sharing boxes that are bigger and won't fit through your letterbox so if you get them then you will have to make sure you're in to receive it, but when you order it gives you the day that they post and it will be the same day every time if you continue with a recurring order. 

Also if you rate the snack you receive each time then in the future when your graze box is being created they will take that information so you will always receive favourites and things you like. You can also cancel at any time, and when you first sign up your first box will always be free, so if you want to try it out for absolutely nothing then just go for it, get a free box of healthy snacks and either carry on if you like it or just cancel. 

I hope you enjoyed my post, and if you've always been searching for healthy snacks to eat and you don't know what to buy this is a really good deal. As always, chat soon. 


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