Clothing Favourites: Summer Edition

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I dream about going on a shopping spree, and when the day comes I'll be so happy. Soon Chloe, soon. But hey, good evening. I hope you all had a great day. 

So Summer is coming to an end, so I decide to do a post on my favourite Summer clothing, crazy. These aren't going to be like the best clothes that were out this season, they are just clothes I own and have probably owned for a while that I have enjoyed wearing this Summer. Lovely, let's begin.

By the way I'm no model so any pictures of me modeling my favourite choices, don't judge. It's also just my phone so yeah. 

Here are my top picks that I've been loving to wear for this season: 

1. My first one is this patterned black and white playsuit. If I remember right, I got this from primark, and it was on sale, or it might not have been but the price was a right bargain! I just love wearing this, I think it looks pretty and it's not too warm when it's really hot and sunny (which is no more...) but I'd just wear tights with it anyway and wear it all year around. It has two buttons at the top, I mean you could undo them and leave it open if you want to show that much cleavage, but I have it buttoned up all the time. Good purchase. 

2. My next pick is another navy bluey playsuit. It doesn't look as pretty but I remember seeing it in a shop (I'm sorry I really can't remember where...) and it was only like £3 I think, and I just thought it looks so comfortable. It's something I'll wear around the house if I know I'm not going out anywhere, or if you just want to chill in the garden. I have been out in it also, and I do think sometimes oh my god do I look like I'm in pj's or something, but to be honest it looks fine as something to wear out and about as well. The picture is awful, I know. 

3. My next chosen piece is this black bodycon skirt which I usually have a vest top or something that can be tucked into it like in this picture. I just think it makes me look quite smart, and well it's something you can wear to work if you have a smart dresscode. I bought these ages and ages ago... but I think I wore it once and then stopped for like 3 years, and recently found them again and also I guess, got the confidence to wear it. It gives you that good body shape as it hugs your body and it's not super short either.I remember I ordered one and got two sent so I don't know whether that was mistake but now I have two the same which is handy! It was from Forever 21. 

4. Next up are these denim shorts. I got these from Forever 21 as well, I've had them for a while now so are slowly getting a bit destroyed from wearing them a lot. They have that ripped look on each side and you can wear them with anything really. 

5. This is a navy dress which I got from Primark for £8 I believe. It's quite casual but you can also wear it going out as well. It's not too long or short, and there's a tie round the back so you can make it tighter around your waist. It also shows off the top half of your back, and the front is covered in cute little patterns.

6. My last pick is something I used to always wear and then recently I got given one as a gift and started wearing them again. But here's two of my cute patterned scarfs I have and you can wear them with pretty much anything really. They're just a nice add on to your outfit of the day. 

So these are my Summer clothing favourites, what have you enjoyed wearing this Summer? I can't believe how quick it's gone! As always, chat soon!


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