A day out in York

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Good Evening!

So last week I had a nice little day out to York, it's a very pretty looking city and full of culture. It's one of them places that you can go to again and again every so often. I'd say if you're looking for a family day out, or a day out with your partner or best friends, just for something to do or a special occasion this is a good place to visit or even stay for the weekend. The whole town has a traditional feel to it, and a lot of the streets and shop fronts all look old and quirky. 

I did several things while there, I actually felt like it was quite a busy day and we fit a lot in. I was completely shattered at the end of the day, I woke up around 5ish as it took over two hours to get there, so it was a early morning and a late evening getting back. I visited a museum, visited a little ruin of a castle, walked around the shops, and visited an art gallery. 

The first place we went to was the York Castle Museum, and if you do ever end up going to York I'd recommend you go here. So you can buy a day ticket for £5 and it's open from 9.30am to 5pm. Inside there's a few exhibitions that you can go see and learn about. I feel like when you're bored and that, museums aren't always one of the first things that pop in your mind, but some museums are completely free, or some aren't that costly and they're always enjoyable. Anyone else love visiting museums? 

There's a 1914 exhibition on the war so you can learn more on that, and as well the way museums set out areas and such, always looks pretty cool. When you first walk through they have a recruitment office and a train that you can sit down on with information of men being sent off to war. Kind of like you yourself are in their shoes and are being sent off to the front lines. This section shows you the new technology, the costumes, and how it generally was being at the front lines. It has the stories of fellow Yorkshire people that experienced this. 

Another section is the Victorian Street... this was my favourite part, it looks amazing. Whenever I see things like this, I kind of wish it still looked like that nowadays, it just looks so much prettier don't you think? 

It shows you what life was like for the rich and the poor, and the cool thing is that all the shops and different places you see there are based on a real York business around that era. Inside the shops as well will have all the goods that you would have seen back then as well. Then there was also an alleyway that portrayed poverty in the Victorian era. It's pretty cool, I have a few pictures of this bit but as I said, one of my favourite parts of the museum. 

Inside there is also an exhibition named, 'Shaping the Body: 400 years of fashion, food and life.' There's some clothes that you can try on there, as you can see here my mum had to try one on... 

But it's pretty interesting to learn about the fashion and how it changed over the years. It's funny to see how society is so different nowadays with ladies fashion and what they saw as the norm for body shapes. 

Another part is the Sixties. This part is pretty cool too... I feel like everything is a little boring nowadays but when you go to exhibitions like this and see what it was like in the past, it just seems so much cooler.. 

So it has a load of iconic objects from that era but a favourite bit of mine was the seeing all the household exhibits where they will have food, clothes, electrical items and toys etc from that era. 

They also had household exhibits from different century's too. 


Which then brings me onto the Toy section. They have an exhibit just for loads of toys throughout history (the last 150 years), it's crazy, and it's fun to spot the toys you owned, I saw a fair few toys that I owned or knew about. 

Lastly you can look round York Castle's Prison. You can learn about the history of it, and also you find out about a lot of the prisoners, why they found themselves in there and what happened to them... most of them of course wasn't great but it's very interesting. 

*disclaimer, this isn't a pleasant story*
There is one cell that is pitch black and as you walk in a small light comes on that plays the sound of people coughing and it explains that a small cell like that had 15+ prisoners that were so squished that they were suffocating. It isn't a lovely part of the museum but it is a famous prison so there's plenty to read about down there. 

They also have a database computer where you can search your family history and see if any spent time in this prison. 

It was also pretty dark down there so I didn't take any pictures of this bit, you'll just have to go visit yourself! 

So it's a pretty cool museum and a good place to visit if you find yourself in York! Here's their website if you're interested... http://www.yorkcastlemuseum.org.uk/

Next to it there's Clifford's Castle which is just something that takes ten minutes to walk round as it's now a ruin. There's a fee to look round but it's only £4 unless you are members of English Heritage then you can have a look for free, and as you look around they'll be boards that you can read the history of the castle from. Also the views from the top are pretty special, you can see a lot of York. 

Walking through the town and looking around at all the shops is something relaxing to do. You can also walk down the shortest street which as it suggests is pretty short. It's a very pretty looking place, with quirky shops as well as the shops that are well known. 

Finally the last place we went to was a little art gallery at the end the day, there's a few of them around so you can go to all of them if you wanted to. It's not huge so doesn't take too long to look round, and there's a massive range of art in there so something that everyone will enjoy. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and want to go visit York now? As always, chat soon!

I just loved this card.


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