Things I love: August Edition

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As it's nearing the end of the month you know what that means, time for another of my monthly loves!

What I watched:
I actually feel like I don't watch enough to be honest. There hasn't been much this month that has got me excited. Last night though I did watch two films, Step Brothers which I have seen before, and Anchorman which I had never seen before. They're both great comedies, as I have seen Step Brothers a fair few times I'd say its probably my favourite out of the two.

What I snapped:
There is quite a few to choose from and one of my favourite pictures I have taken is already on the blog and on my instagram so you can see it through the slideshow of my instagram pictures but it is the one of the sunset as the sky looked amazing. However, I'll choose a different one and this is from when it was a really sunny day and I went to the park and had a picnic and chill day and so any pictures I took of the landscape looked pretty nice. So here is one of them (as I took many!)

What I wore:
I'd say one of my favourite things that I have chosen to wear a lot recently that I literally bought years and years ago but never felt confident to wear it, is a black bodycon skirt. It does make me look like I work in an office every time I wear it rather than it just being something casual, but I do just wear it casually. I think, I got it from Forever 21, like I mentioned before, probably about 5 years ago. I also only paid for one but got two for some reason so now I have two of the same skirt, good stuff! I remember it being quite cheap at the time, and if you are looking for something for work then this is ideal. 

What I did:
I'd say the most exciting thing I did this month was probably the little weekend festival I went to called Tokonatsu. As well as all the fun I had there, I generally enjoy camping. Also we were pretty lucky with the weather and it was very nice just to chill out in the sun if I didn't feel like taking part in an activity. But I won't go on about it as I did a whole blog post on it, which you can check > here <

What I ate:
I'd say one of my favourite meals this month is probably enchiladas, I mean, who doesn't love food covered in cheese? It's very unhealthy and so I don't have them that often, but there are probably recipes for a healthy enchilada.  

What I drank:
 I mean, it's never exciting this section. However, in Sainsbury's at the moment they do these carton of flavoured milk, like strawberry or banana milk for example. They are only £1 each, that was last week, I don't know if that offer is still on, but good deals. It lasts quite a while as well, like I said it's not exciting but deals are always good.

Where I went:
This month I've been to quite a few places, and I feel like August has just flown by, I can't believe it's almost September. One of the places I've visited this month that I enjoyed would have to be Harry Potter Studio Tour as I very much enjoyed it. I did a post on it that you can read > here < It's something different to do and you also learn a lot about the films and about how films are put together. I won't go on about it as you can just read my whole blog post about it but it's a great place to visit.

What I used:
This part as said before is usually for an app that I have used this month and have loved using, however, I'm going to change it a little and choose a desktop app that I have on my laptop rather than something I have on my phone. It's called Hitfilm4 Express and it's a video editing software, I don't know much about it at the moment, but I felt that when I eventually do start making my own videos I needed to find something that was free and something that was a lot better than windows movie maker... remember those days? Since downloading it I have been watching their videos on their website which help you understand how to use it, it's something that I'm going to have to study for a while till I'm comfortable with using it. It is a free download of the app so there is some things that aren't available to me and so if you had the money and were ready to start making professional looking videos for Youtube or if you wanted to make your own movies with more options and sound effects etc then look into buying the pro version. 

That's it for my August love list, what's some of your favourite things this month? Chat soon!


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