Southport: A little Brochure of the town..

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- Before I begin just thought I'd give you all a little update, I am currently changing my website - only a tiny bit! - But there soon will be little drop down tabs at the top of the page, currently how it is with the home link, where I will have different topics that you may be interested in where you will find my blog posts that are to do with that topic. It will take me some time though so give me a good few weeks till that's all up and running! -

For today's post I thought about my little tab topics I will include on my website and one of them is travel as I have a few posts on traveling and visiting places for a day, so I thought as I have some wonderful pictures of Southport in the sunshine I'd do a little brochure-like post! Also I love it there, and well, it's a good Pokemon Go hotspot! 

As I was only half hour away when I was up at University it was a place that was nice to visit, especially when we had some really hot days. The last time I went was my graduation week in the middle of July and it so happen to be the hottest days of the year... which was really enjoyable and lovely, but at the same time, graduating in big gowns on a hot day was pretty sweaty! 

So my favourite places to go and things to do when I'm in Southport is, visit the main shops of course, it's always fun to have a little shop (although it's less fun when you know you can't afford to buy anything!) Walking across the pier is always good, and around that area especially when its a nice day is just really relaxing, whenever it is warm there I would love to just have a picnic and sit somewhere with the pretty views. Of course, by the beach there are many arcades and that's always fun, I don't know why we find it fun to just put 2ps in a machine and try and win more 2ps just to put them back in the machine... anyone? One of my all time favourite things is the ice cream! There's so much choice, and no matter what, it's always delicious. Just writing this I want to go and get some mango ice cream. I know other seaside towns do these massive ice cream selections but I don't get to go to one often so it's always a nice treat for me. 

While I was there for the week I literally did just go out walking from the morning till the evening... I mean, Pokemon Go may have had a little blame for that... but so what, I enjoyed myself just walking around sunny Southport catching Pokemon! I also had a trip to Splash World which was actually really fun, it has a load of slides and a small area that you can swim in but I hadn't been swimming in such a long time so it was just really fun, and I would love to go to that again! Also I had family, Adam and my friend Kathy there some days to spend it with, it was a fab week! And if you're looking for a seaside town to visit this Summer... this is what I'd recommend. 

Here's some snaps of Southport looking all lovely in the sunshine (thank you Adam and Kathy for the pictures, my phone at the time was pretty bad.)

Walking down the Pier.

The beach!

The little arcade bit.

Have you ever been to Southport? What do you like to do when you visit the seaside? Hope you enjoyed my post, it's more of a picture post today! But as always, chat soon!


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