Pokemon Go: The best way to level up!

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I'm still here, playing Pokemon Go, the hype is still there for me! And for many many others also it seems! It hasn't been out for that long but there were a lot of doubters out there that thought it would die down pretty quickly... but I feel when I'm out catching Pokemon now I see more and more people playing it too. One of my favourite things I saw yesterday whilst I was out hunting Pokemon in the park was a whole family all walking around the park to the different gyms trying to take them over... it's like when you have a family outing somewhere but this family seemed to just go out and all play Pokemon Go whilst enjoying the sunshine! It was fab. It was also cool to see so many parents enjoying the game just as much as all the hundreds of children who were out playing it in the park.

Pokemon Go adventures #3

I come from a small-ish town and it really isn't as great as a city is for Pokemon Go however, you just have to find the right places! There's a park in my town called Abington Park and if you're from Northampton and want to find a good place to catch a load of Pokemon I'd strongly suggest there... so many Pokestops and also a good range of Pokemon! I actually caught one of the highest level Pokemon ever here, and I've been Pokemon hunting in Birmingham which is crazy with Pokestops and Pokemon, but I managed to get a lucky catch of a 1072 Goldduck, so that was pretty nice! There is also a good few gyms around in the park so I did manage to take over a couple, not for very long as they are all under attack pretty much every five minutes so it wasn't possible to have a few Pokemon in a couple of gyms and then collect the rewards unfortunately! I did take some screenshots of some of the Pokemon I caught, I always try and take screenshots of the rarer Pokemon but I get so nervous that they'll run away so I just go to catch them as quickly as I can! I don't know if I'm the only one, and it may be a tiny bit sad but I have took a screenshot of every gym I am in, there isn't many but I do love to have a memory of it... too sad?

It was a lovely sunny day on Saturday so as well as being able to catch a load of Pokemon it's always nice to spend the day in the sun, and we decided to have a little picnic and bring a frisbee along so it wasn't always heads down on our phones catching Pokemon... but it is fun to play Pokemon with others. Here are some snaps of the park, it's a great place and as well as having the usual park bit for the younger kids there's lots of greenery and places to sit and chill.

The best way to level up?!

I felt as well as doing a post on one of my Pokemon adventures it was good to also write some tips for you guys and one of the biggest tips I've heard that I follow now is the best way to go up in trainer levels. I went from about level 11 to level 16 just by saving up a load of candy for Pidgeys, Weedles, and Rattata's and then anything I had also caught a lot of like, Drowzee's, Zubat's and Spearow's and worked out how much candy I needed to evolve as many Pidgey's etc as I had, and then used a lucky egg and spent the whole 30 minutes evolving all of them! I'd say as long as you know you have enough Pokemon to evolve in all of the 30 minutes it is well worth it. So even if you do get annoyed about the pesky Pidgeys and Rattata's always popping up, catch them all and save up the candy! You will get so much xp for evolving loads and loads of Pidgey's and you only need 12 Pidgey candy to evolve them! 

Although if you do find that you do all the evolves you can and you still have some time left on your lucky egg it might be a good idea to be by a Pokestop with a lure on so you can use those double xp extras as you catch a load of Pokemon and also from collecting more items from the Pokestop. Or if you aren't near a Pokestop you could also use some incense at the same time as you use your lucky egg so you have the same 30 minutes on each and so you catch more Pokemon and gain double xp while you do it, however, I have seen that this is a popular one but I feel like it's more expensive as you have to use up two of your items in one go... so I'd stick to the making sure you have 30 minutes of Pokemon to evolve and just use your lucky egg for that. 

I'm no expert but I have reached level 20 quite quickly and that's a lot down to the lucky egg and evolving strategy.. and maybe having too much time on my hands and going out a lot to catch many Pokemon! But I hope you enjoyed this little blog and I hope it helped someone out, what are your tips for the game? I'd love to know! Chat soon, 


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