Japanese Anime and Culture Festival: Tokonatsu!

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Hello! Yes, it has been more than 3 days since I last did a post and I do apologise... I have been crazy busy this weekend and the last few days and so I have only just been able to sit at my laptop and write another post. Busy doing what you may ask? Well if you read the title of this post you'll know what I have been up to!

So from Friday to Monday morning I spent my time camping in a field in Bedfordshire with a load of people for a little festival called Tokonatsu! The weather for it was amazing, sunny every day, no rain whatsoever, tanned shoulders (yes chloe), and it was just really chilled and fun.

You're probably wondering, what even is this? Well let me explain...

Tokonatsu means eternal summer, and it is a Japanese Culture and anime Festival where you partake in fun activities alongside loads of other people who enjoy the same thing. There is a wide range of activities, which include sitting in the games tent and playing a load of different table top games etc, a cinema where you can watch some anime, some fun little festival games like trying to knock down stacked cups, a cosplay masquerade which you can take part in or watch, a quiz, pictionary, speed drawing and writing competition, ready steady cosplay where you have a time limit and some materials and you have to make a costume, a lip sync battle, and then there are games which require running around such as, capture the flag, Toko disk which is frisbee sport where you have two teams and you have to get the frisbee to the scoring end zones, Otaku Royale/Otaku Royale classic which is where you get given a bag which contains a tshirt and  weapon and you have to kill each other and the last one wins, but you can get really good weapons such as massive water guns or really bad weapons such as a whisk. So as you can see there is always something going on, I probably missed out some things as well purely because I can't remember everything! So because of the wide variety there is loads to choose from.

I took part in Otaku Royale classic and in the first game my weapon was a diablo which I couldn't do much with but run around, and then the second game I got a big water gun. I also loved watching the lip sync battle it was very funny I just wish it went on for longer as it was quite short. Also going to the camp fire was also a highlight for me as it was just so relaxing and warm. 

In the evenings the cinema is on for a bit, the gaming tent is open for a while, and there was a little disco on the Friday. We spent the evenings sitting around chilling and playing a few drinking games and then went off to chill round the camp fire.

Once you pay for your ticket you get put into a team. There are four houses, this year it was Dragons, Tigers, Turtles and Phoenixes. When you participate in a game or event then you get given a token, and if you win or do something cool etc then you get rewarded more tokens. With the tokens you then can hand them in and either use them just for a point for your team or choose a perk which can help you in another event. I was in blue dragons and well, we basically won. We got the most points overall but for some reason a dice was rolled to deduct points and we then came second but a lot of us just agreed that we won anyway.  It was a bit odd, and it didn't seem right so hopefully that doesn't happen again.

It's a great place to chill and socialise, it's a relaxing, safe and friendly atmosphere. It is something I'd go back to and after being there I've got into watching more anime again. They also have breakfast for you in the mornings and there are food vans to buy lunch and dinner from. We did go off to a pub on the Saturday evening for a nice dinner as it was a bit much just having burgers or pizza's for three days. I'd also say the schedule that they gave out at the beginning they didn't seem to follow properly so it was a tad confusing, but someone did walk around the campsite shouting out what was about to be on. Also because I was a newbie to the festival I didn't get some of the in-jokes that staff had with the veterans but I guess they will be more understandable once I've been there a fair few years.

Overall it was a great experience, and as said before because of the fab weather it was lovely to just sit and sunbathe also... I'd love to go again and maybe do my own cosplay this time (we'll see we'll see). Hope you enjoyed this post, and chat soon! 


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