Having a Bad Day?

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I've done a lot of Pokemon Go posts recently and some posts with loads of pictures but today I felt a good ol' Chloe chats advice post. You know the ones, where I chat for far too long and usually with advice I need to tell myself! 

Well I figured as I'm feeling ever so stressed at the moment, a little helpful post on how to deal with bad days seemed like a pretty good idea. Here's a list of ideas and helpful tips in making that bad day fade away and feel more positive. 

I finished university forever in June and I am now on the road to try and get myself a graduate job, and it's tough. I'm finding it very hard at the moment to stay positive when you do apply over and over and get no opportunities or successful applications, and it's stressful. But at the end of the day I know that something will happen eventually I just have to get through this little unknown patch of my life. I know that even if I can't find myself my dream job - which can't always happen for everyone straight away, I can just find a part time job just so I have a little money and can carry on searching and applying for more. I have to tell myself that something will come my way soon, and to just be patient! 

1. Do some exercise. In most of my advice posts for trying to stay positive and how to deal with stress I always suggest this. I know exercise can seem like so much effort and when you're feeling down you kind of just want to lay down and do nothing. But if you can get yourself to go for a run/walk, or even have a go on the Wii Fit, or do a workout DVD, or go on a bike ride... anything like that, after you do it you'll feel so much better. It can seem tiring as you're doing it but once you have done it, showered and you're sitting down chilling afterwards your spirits will feel lifted! It's something that has worked for me so I'd recommend it. 

2. Having a relaxing bath. Have some candles, maybe use some bubble bath or bath bombs, have a book with you to read or maybe have some music quietly on in the background, this is always one that is highly recommended to help relieve stress, and the warm water is also good at relaxing your muscles. I don't usually do this, for one I don't actually have a bath tub, and when I end up staying somewhere that has one I always think, I'll have a bath that'll be nice. Then I make the bath and get in, and I just sit there thinking what now... they aren't for me but as I said, they are highly recommended to help with stress and such so go for it!

3. Eating your favourite food. If you love chocolate then go treat yourself have that bar of chocolate! Or if you have a favourite meal for dinner make it or suggest it if someone else is cooking for you. I mean, I get excited for food, I don't know if that's just me but I love food. When I know I'm having a really good dinner that I love it really does make me feel super happy. I know, I'm odd. 

4. Treat yourself for a little time out. If you have any work that you can put on hold until the next day then do it. Sometimes it's good to just totally relax and put things on hold. Of course, you might not be able to, but even just a few hours break can do a lot. Spend a few hours watching your all time favourite film that can be a good way to lift your mood, or depending on what you're into, you could play a game or do some drawing, whatever you enjoy to do by yourself. 

5. Talk to a friend. I'd say if you're feeling down this is always a good thing to do to help cheer yourself up. You could just have a long phone conversation with them or arrange to meet up and do something together. That way for those few hours at least whatever is on your mind bothering you will be out the way for a bit. You could talk to your friend about why you're having a bad day and feeling down and you never know, they might be able to completely get rid of your worries.

6. Cuddling with a pet. This might sound weird to some people, but it's so relaxing and comforting to just play with and fuss a cute pet. Sometimes they can be crazy and run all over the place and get excited just because you're paying them attention and that can help with making you feel happier. You'll probably find as well that you can get distracted for hours just watching your pets going crazy, or if it's something like a dog you could take them out for a walk. That way you'll be out in the fresh air doing some exercise and watching your dog loving life. 

These are just some ideas and little helpful tips that I'm hoping can help make your bad day disappear. I've said this before but writing out things can really help in making you feel more relaxed so when I do posts like this it gets me thinking of these helpful tips that also helps me as I write them down for you guys to read. I'd even put that as a separate point, just write things down. Write thoughts down, and then write down ways to help with these worries, it really does help. 

yep this is what I need when planning blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and I also hoped it helped! As always, chat soon. 


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