A Trip to the Harry Potter Studios

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Today's post is all about Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio Tour! I've been once before, but a few days ago I went back to visit. I was thinking, it's just going to be exactly the same... will I find it entertaining? Well, the first time I ever went was just a week into the opening of the studio tour so I never got to see a lot of the new things that you can see today, such as the train for example! 

It's an expensive outing so if you are thinking about going just keep that in mind, you get around 3 hours to stay and look around before you have to leave for the next lot of people to have their tour. If you went while it was over lunch time there is a cafe and of course you can buy some butterbeer or now, butterbeer ice cream! However, it is quite expensive again, so we decided to pack a picnic and eat it in the car when we had finished as our slot was 9.30am so by the time we had finished we had some lunch. I'm not a fan of the butterbeer however the ice cream is pretty tasty, it is £4.95 just for a cone though...but I guess you're paying for the gimmick rather than just a normal ice cream, and also where else are you going to get to try it?! 

Moving on from the food... (of course I spoke about the food first), the place as a whole is pretty amazing. I'm going to say it, and please don't hate me, but I'm not a massive fan of Harry Potter. I like it, I've watched all of the films but I've never read it and if I'm bored and feel like watching a film it's not something that I usually choose. However, I was a film student, and learning about how scenes were shot, or what actual sets look like, and learning about all the funny little facts while they were being filmed is pretty cool. When I was younger and I watched the films I never thought they'd be thousands and thousands of people working on the film. I guess when you're younger you just see the actors and that's all. Obviously growing up and learning about film it takes a lot of people to create one, but when you go somewhere like this it's kind of like, oh wow, thousands of people created this, it's kind of insane. Sets had to be built, thousands of props had to be made, costumes designed, make-up teams, animal teams, special effects teams, the directors and script writers, all the actors and extras, and so many more that I've probably missed out, it's crazy. Obviously the actors are a main role and without them there couldn't be film but also the people behind the scenes make it how you see it on screens. 

So when you arrive you queue up and slowly move up in the queue till you get let into a dark room with TV screens. There is a tour guide who talks to you and then you watch some clips. I actually went when they were celebrating 15 years since Philosopher's Stone so we were informed that there were some special props or sets that would be shown for a certain amount of days, so that was quite cool. You then go into a cinema room where you watch a quick video of Daniel, Emma and Rupert talking and the screen goes up and you find yourself outside the main hall doors. Exciting. 

You then see the great hall and you go on and see loads of sets and you can see loads of props, how they make certain things, a little ride on a train where they take pictures (that was quite funny), a little outside area which has a few more buildings and sets, all in all it's got a lot for you to see and everything will have a little board of writing where you find out a little fact or just general information on the set or prop. A favourite fact of mine was when you see the Boys Gryffindor dorm room the beds are tiny, and so you think oh they must have made them bigger while the boys grew up and got bigger right? But no, they kept the beds the same size throughout all the films so obviously once they got taller their feet and legs would be hanging off the end of the bed. 

Also the scenes from within Hogwarts they aren't all filmed in one place, and if you ever see a wide shot or a long exterior shot of the castle it's most likely filmed from a miniature sculpture of the castle. You get to see that and it looks pretty cool, and a lot of work went into it. 

There is also a massive shop at the end of the tour and also half way through there is a small shop. But they sell a lot, from the house clothes/robes, wands, the sweets and treats they have in the movie, brooms, teddies, remakes of props, there are also some things that are a over 200 pounds but most of them are ornaments like the whole chess board and pieces from the film etc, there's a lot, I can't list it all because I can't remember it all! But it's a good shop and if you want some memories from the tour or just some cool Harry Potter merch this is where you'll find it all. There are some things that aren't too much money but obviously a lot of it is quite pricey but what would you expect!  

As a side note, as I was nearing the end of the tour and I thought you know what I'm going to check Pokemon Go just for the fun of it... there can't be anything here right? Wrong. There are quite a few stops and it's quite amusing, certain sets or certain props are Pokestops and there is one gym. So I guess if you're not that into seeing film sets there's always some Pokemon Go to be played, but I wouldn't spend all that money for a ticket just to play Pokemon Go, unless you're very rich and you can afford to, but it isn't worth. 

I'd recommend visiting here, I would give it a full five stars out of five even if you aren't that interested in Harry potter, the making of all the sets and props are amazing and the things you learn about filming is awesome. I don't think I'd go back again any time soon, just because I've already been twice now and it is mostly the same thing to see, but if there was any added sets or maybe if I went with someone who had never been before it would be quite fun to see their reaction. 

Here are some pictures.. there aren't loads but a little sneak peak of some of the things you can see!


Have you ever been to the Studio Tour? Let me know what you rated it!

Thanks so much for reading, and chat soon!


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