Sunday, 28 August 2016

10 Things That Bring Me Happiness

Hey guys, hope you've had a good day! So I've seen this blog post written a lot and I find it's always interesting to see what things make people happy. There are the general ones that a lot of people say but sometimes there some fun quirky things that make people happy. Therefore I felt I'd leave aside the usual, family, friends, jobs etc and list some more unusual ones. By the way I'm not saying that my family and friends don't bring me happiness, of course they do! But just to mix it up a little. 

Banana Milkshake. Whenever I go somewhere for a drink and I see they're selling milkshakes I will happily have one. Also, I always pick Banana flavour, it's my all time favourite milkshake, even if I had a choice from all the fancy ones you can get now, I'd still tell you Banana is my favourite. I'd say it deserves to be on my happiness list as I enjoy drinking it therefore it makes me happy. 

When you want to listen to music and you pick something just right. I don't know if this is just me but you know when you're in the mood to listen to some music and you're searching for something to play and you pick an artist and it's just the type of music you want to hear. It's quite hard to explain, but I hope that makes a little sense at least. But I find when you listen to some music most of the time it makes you feel happy and chills you out. When you're in a bad mood I'd say listening to music is a good way to cheer yourself up. 

Lying in bed watching Youtube videos. Sometimes you wake up and you don't want to leave your bed, but at the same time it can be boring just lying there not doing anything and also can make you feel tired and then for the rest of the day you just feel tired and that can be a horrible feeling. So what I like to do is lie in bed for a bit, maybe an hour if I'm feeling super lazy - which is often... and just have a look at my subscription videos. It's fun and makes me laugh, and if you know someone else that watches the same Youtubers as you then you now have things to discuss!

Generally just having a busy day. I know this might sound odd, I don't mean just being super busy with chores or cleaning but having a day out, or even running some of your errands. For one it always feels good to check off your to do list, and two it feels good to have accomplished a lot in a day. And of course the most obvious reason if you spend your day doing something fun that you're enjoying then it tends to make you happy. I find when I have days where I don't do anything it just feels like a waste of a day for me and I usually find that I end up feeling quite negative that day. 

Playing a game that I'm enjoying. I added that I'm enjoying because sometimes if I'm bored I end up playing a game that I'm not enjoying but it's helping with not making me bored. I feel like I only end up enjoying a game when I'm in the mood to play that particular game, so when I am it makes me happy. Also when I play games with other people it's also lots of fun, so playing a game that I'm finding enjoyable makes me happy. 

Writing blog posts outside in the sun. As you can see I've made sure a lot of my answers are very specific... but when it's a really sunny and warm day it makes me so happy to sit outside and write a blog posts. I mean sitting out in the sun doing things generally make me happy, I'd even find it happy to sit in the sunshine filling out job applications. There's just something about sitting outside while its warm and sunny that always brightens up your day. 

Making cakes. I've always enjoyed making cakes, especially when the finished cake or cakes come out great... I'll admit that doesn't happen often, but they usually always taste really good so I guess that's all that matters. As well if you end up breaking a bit of the cake when getting it out of the tin its easy enough to hide it by putting icing or butter cream over it... it's like it never happened. And as well if other people try and enjoy it that's always a plus as well.

Being around people as well as having time to myself. It's enjoyable and good to be around people every so often, and especially having days out it's always fun to have people to share the experience with. Also it's nice sometimes to have time to myself, do my own thing without having other people around. So both of these things bring me happiness.

Watching animal videos. I know this isn't just me, but picture this. You're scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr and you come across so many photos, gifs, or videos of the cutest animals doing cute/stupid/funny things. It just makes you so happy doesn't it?? It also makes me want every single animal I see.

Lastly, I'd say going to sleep in a freshly made bed that's just been washed. It always feels so much better when you lie down in your bed ready to sleep with fresh bed sheets, for some reason it just feels 10 times more comfortable, and you just get the best nights sleep. If it was easy enough to wash bed sheets every single day and for it not to be costly for bills or the environment then I would love to have fresh bed sheets every night. Although, maybe if we did do that every day we wouldn't feel the difference?

I found that it's actually quite hard to list ten... now I don't know if that says something about me, maybe it does. Maybe I need to try new things or maybe I just wasn't thinking hard enough. Maybe I just haven't had enough life experiences yet, after all, I am only 21!

What are some of the things that bring you happiness? 

Thanks for reading, and as always, chat soon!


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Things I love: August Edition

As it's nearing the end of the month you know what that means, time for another of my monthly loves!

What I watched:
I actually feel like I don't watch enough to be honest. There hasn't been much this month that has got me excited. Last night though I did watch two films, Step Brothers which I have seen before, and Anchorman which I had never seen before. They're both great comedies, as I have seen Step Brothers a fair few times I'd say its probably my favourite out of the two.

What I snapped:
There is quite a few to choose from and one of my favourite pictures I have taken is already on the blog and on my instagram so you can see it through the slideshow of my instagram pictures but it is the one of the sunset as the sky looked amazing. However, I'll choose a different one and this is from when it was a really sunny day and I went to the park and had a picnic and chill day and so any pictures I took of the landscape looked pretty nice. So here is one of them (as I took many!)

What I wore:
I'd say one of my favourite things that I have chosen to wear a lot recently that I literally bought years and years ago but never felt confident to wear it, is a black bodycon skirt. It does make me look like I work in an office every time I wear it rather than it just being something casual, but I do just wear it casually. I think, I got it from Forever 21, like I mentioned before, probably about 5 years ago. I also only paid for one but got two for some reason so now I have two of the same skirt, good stuff! I remember it being quite cheap at the time, and if you are looking for something for work then this is ideal. 

What I did:
I'd say the most exciting thing I did this month was probably the little weekend festival I went to called Tokonatsu. As well as all the fun I had there, I generally enjoy camping. Also we were pretty lucky with the weather and it was very nice just to chill out in the sun if I didn't feel like taking part in an activity. But I won't go on about it as I did a whole blog post on it, which you can check > here <

What I ate:
I'd say one of my favourite meals this month is probably enchiladas, I mean, who doesn't love food covered in cheese? It's very unhealthy and so I don't have them that often, but there are probably recipes for a healthy enchilada.  

What I drank:
 I mean, it's never exciting this section. However, in Sainsbury's at the moment they do these carton of flavoured milk, like strawberry or banana milk for example. They are only £1 each, that was last week, I don't know if that offer is still on, but good deals. It lasts quite a while as well, like I said it's not exciting but deals are always good.

Where I went:
This month I've been to quite a few places, and I feel like August has just flown by, I can't believe it's almost September. One of the places I've visited this month that I enjoyed would have to be Harry Potter Studio Tour as I very much enjoyed it. I did a post on it that you can read > here < It's something different to do and you also learn a lot about the films and about how films are put together. I won't go on about it as you can just read my whole blog post about it but it's a great place to visit.

What I used:
This part as said before is usually for an app that I have used this month and have loved using, however, I'm going to change it a little and choose a desktop app that I have on my laptop rather than something I have on my phone. It's called Hitfilm4 Express and it's a video editing software, I don't know much about it at the moment, but I felt that when I eventually do start making my own videos I needed to find something that was free and something that was a lot better than windows movie maker... remember those days? Since downloading it I have been watching their videos on their website which help you understand how to use it, it's something that I'm going to have to study for a while till I'm comfortable with using it. It is a free download of the app so there is some things that aren't available to me and so if you had the money and were ready to start making professional looking videos for Youtube or if you wanted to make your own movies with more options and sound effects etc then look into buying the pro version. 

That's it for my August love list, what's some of your favourite things this month? Chat soon!


Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Trip to the Harry Potter Studios

Good afternoon! You may have noticed that there are now pull-down menu's at the top of my website now, so if you only want to read certain posts it's now easier to just choose the type of blog post you want to find out about! (This post will be in the Adventure link and in 'Days Out.')

Today's post is all about Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio Tour! I've been once before, but a few days ago I went back to visit. I was thinking, it's just going to be exactly the same... will I find it entertaining? Well, the first time I ever went was just a week into the opening of the studio tour so I never got to see a lot of the new things that you can see today, such as the train for example! 

It's an expensive outing so if you are thinking about going just keep that in mind, you get around 3 hours to stay and look around before you have to leave for the next lot of people to have their tour. If you went while it was over lunch time there is a cafe and of course you can buy some butterbeer or now, butterbeer ice cream! However, it is quite expensive again, so we decided to pack a picnic and eat it in the car when we had finished as our slot was 9.30am so by the time we had finished we had some lunch. I'm not a fan of the butterbeer however the ice cream is pretty tasty, it is £4.95 just for a cone though...but I guess you're paying for the gimmick rather than just a normal ice cream, and also where else are you going to get to try it?! 

Moving on from the food... (of course I spoke about the food first), the place as a whole is pretty amazing. I'm going to say it, and please don't hate me, but I'm not a massive fan of Harry Potter. I like it, I've watched all of the films but I've never read it and if I'm bored and feel like watching a film it's not something that I usually choose. However, I was a film student, and learning about how scenes were shot, or what actual sets look like, and learning about all the funny little facts while they were being filmed is pretty cool. When I was younger and I watched the films I never thought they'd be thousands and thousands of people working on the film. I guess when you're younger you just see the actors and that's all. Obviously growing up and learning about film it takes a lot of people to create one, but when you go somewhere like this it's kind of like, oh wow, thousands of people created this, it's kind of insane. Sets had to be built, thousands of props had to be made, costumes designed, make-up teams, animal teams, special effects teams, the directors and script writers, all the actors and extras, and so many more that I've probably missed out, it's crazy. Obviously the actors are a main role and without them there couldn't be film but also the people behind the scenes make it how you see it on screens. 

So when you arrive you queue up and slowly move up in the queue till you get let into a dark room with TV screens. There is a tour guide who talks to you and then you watch some clips. I actually went when they were celebrating 15 years since Philosopher's Stone so we were informed that there were some special props or sets that would be shown for a certain amount of days, so that was quite cool. You then go into a cinema room where you watch a quick video of Daniel, Emma and Rupert talking and the screen goes up and you find yourself outside the main hall doors. Exciting. 

You then see the great hall and you go on and see loads of sets and you can see loads of props, how they make certain things, a little ride on a train where they take pictures (that was quite funny), a little outside area which has a few more buildings and sets, all in all it's got a lot for you to see and everything will have a little board of writing where you find out a little fact or just general information on the set or prop. A favourite fact of mine was when you see the Boys Gryffindor dorm room the beds are tiny, and so you think oh they must have made them bigger while the boys grew up and got bigger right? But no, they kept the beds the same size throughout all the films so obviously once they got taller their feet and legs would be hanging off the end of the bed. 

Also the scenes from within Hogwarts they aren't all filmed in one place, and if you ever see a wide shot or a long exterior shot of the castle it's most likely filmed from a miniature sculpture of the castle. You get to see that and it looks pretty cool, and a lot of work went into it. 

There is also a massive shop at the end of the tour and also half way through there is a small shop. But they sell a lot, from the house clothes/robes, wands, the sweets and treats they have in the movie, brooms, teddies, remakes of props, there are also some things that are a over 200 pounds but most of them are ornaments like the whole chess board and pieces from the film etc, there's a lot, I can't list it all because I can't remember it all! But it's a good shop and if you want some memories from the tour or just some cool Harry Potter merch this is where you'll find it all. There are some things that aren't too much money but obviously a lot of it is quite pricey but what would you expect!  

As a side note, as I was nearing the end of the tour and I thought you know what I'm going to check Pokemon Go just for the fun of it... there can't be anything here right? Wrong. There are quite a few stops and it's quite amusing, certain sets or certain props are Pokestops and there is one gym. So I guess if you're not that into seeing film sets there's always some Pokemon Go to be played, but I wouldn't spend all that money for a ticket just to play Pokemon Go, unless you're very rich and you can afford to, but it isn't worth. 

I'd recommend visiting here, I would give it a full five stars out of five even if you aren't that interested in Harry potter, the making of all the sets and props are amazing and the things you learn about filming is awesome. I don't think I'd go back again any time soon, just because I've already been twice now and it is mostly the same thing to see, but if there was any added sets or maybe if I went with someone who had never been before it would be quite fun to see their reaction. 

Here are some pictures.. there aren't loads but a little sneak peak of some of the things you can see!


Have you ever been to the Studio Tour? Let me know what you rated it!

Thanks so much for reading, and chat soon!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Japanese Anime and Culture Festival: Tokonatsu!

Hello! Yes, it has been more than 3 days since I last did a post and I do apologise... I have been crazy busy this weekend and the last few days and so I have only just been able to sit at my laptop and write another post. Busy doing what you may ask? Well if you read the title of this post you'll know what I have been up to!

So from Friday to Monday morning I spent my time camping in a field in Bedfordshire with a load of people for a little festival called Tokonatsu! The weather for it was amazing, sunny every day, no rain whatsoever, tanned shoulders (yes chloe), and it was just really chilled and fun.

You're probably wondering, what even is this? Well let me explain...

Tokonatsu means eternal summer, and it is a Japanese Culture and anime Festival where you partake in fun activities alongside loads of other people who enjoy the same thing. There is a wide range of activities, which include sitting in the games tent and playing a load of different table top games etc, a cinema where you can watch some anime, some fun little festival games like trying to knock down stacked cups, a cosplay masquerade which you can take part in or watch, a quiz, pictionary, speed drawing and writing competition, ready steady cosplay where you have a time limit and some materials and you have to make a costume, a lip sync battle, and then there are games which require running around such as, capture the flag, Toko disk which is frisbee sport where you have two teams and you have to get the frisbee to the scoring end zones, Otaku Royale/Otaku Royale classic which is where you get given a bag which contains a tshirt and  weapon and you have to kill each other and the last one wins, but you can get really good weapons such as massive water guns or really bad weapons such as a whisk. So as you can see there is always something going on, I probably missed out some things as well purely because I can't remember everything! So because of the wide variety there is loads to choose from.

I took part in Otaku Royale classic and in the first game my weapon was a diablo which I couldn't do much with but run around, and then the second game I got a big water gun. I also loved watching the lip sync battle it was very funny I just wish it went on for longer as it was quite short. Also going to the camp fire was also a highlight for me as it was just so relaxing and warm. 

In the evenings the cinema is on for a bit, the gaming tent is open for a while, and there was a little disco on the Friday. We spent the evenings sitting around chilling and playing a few drinking games and then went off to chill round the camp fire.

Once you pay for your ticket you get put into a team. There are four houses, this year it was Dragons, Tigers, Turtles and Phoenixes. When you participate in a game or event then you get given a token, and if you win or do something cool etc then you get rewarded more tokens. With the tokens you then can hand them in and either use them just for a point for your team or choose a perk which can help you in another event. I was in blue dragons and well, we basically won. We got the most points overall but for some reason a dice was rolled to deduct points and we then came second but a lot of us just agreed that we won anyway.  It was a bit odd, and it didn't seem right so hopefully that doesn't happen again.

It's a great place to chill and socialise, it's a relaxing, safe and friendly atmosphere. It is something I'd go back to and after being there I've got into watching more anime again. They also have breakfast for you in the mornings and there are food vans to buy lunch and dinner from. We did go off to a pub on the Saturday evening for a nice dinner as it was a bit much just having burgers or pizza's for three days. I'd also say the schedule that they gave out at the beginning they didn't seem to follow properly so it was a tad confusing, but someone did walk around the campsite shouting out what was about to be on. Also because I was a newbie to the festival I didn't get some of the in-jokes that staff had with the veterans but I guess they will be more understandable once I've been there a fair few years.

Overall it was a great experience, and as said before because of the fab weather it was lovely to just sit and sunbathe also... I'd love to go again and maybe do my own cosplay this time (we'll see we'll see). Hope you enjoyed this post, and chat soon! 


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Having a Bad Day?

I've done a lot of Pokemon Go posts recently and some posts with loads of pictures but today I felt a good ol' Chloe chats advice post. You know the ones, where I chat for far too long and usually with advice I need to tell myself! 

Well I figured as I'm feeling ever so stressed at the moment, a little helpful post on how to deal with bad days seemed like a pretty good idea. Here's a list of ideas and helpful tips in making that bad day fade away and feel more positive. 

I finished university forever in June and I am now on the road to try and get myself a graduate job, and it's tough. I'm finding it very hard at the moment to stay positive when you do apply over and over and get no opportunities or successful applications, and it's stressful. But at the end of the day I know that something will happen eventually I just have to get through this little unknown patch of my life. I know that even if I can't find myself my dream job - which can't always happen for everyone straight away, I can just find a part time job just so I have a little money and can carry on searching and applying for more. I have to tell myself that something will come my way soon, and to just be patient! 

1. Do some exercise. In most of my advice posts for trying to stay positive and how to deal with stress I always suggest this. I know exercise can seem like so much effort and when you're feeling down you kind of just want to lay down and do nothing. But if you can get yourself to go for a run/walk, or even have a go on the Wii Fit, or do a workout DVD, or go on a bike ride... anything like that, after you do it you'll feel so much better. It can seem tiring as you're doing it but once you have done it, showered and you're sitting down chilling afterwards your spirits will feel lifted! It's something that has worked for me so I'd recommend it. 

2. Having a relaxing bath. Have some candles, maybe use some bubble bath or bath bombs, have a book with you to read or maybe have some music quietly on in the background, this is always one that is highly recommended to help relieve stress, and the warm water is also good at relaxing your muscles. I don't usually do this, for one I don't actually have a bath tub, and when I end up staying somewhere that has one I always think, I'll have a bath that'll be nice. Then I make the bath and get in, and I just sit there thinking what now... they aren't for me but as I said, they are highly recommended to help with stress and such so go for it!

3. Eating your favourite food. If you love chocolate then go treat yourself have that bar of chocolate! Or if you have a favourite meal for dinner make it or suggest it if someone else is cooking for you. I mean, I get excited for food, I don't know if that's just me but I love food. When I know I'm having a really good dinner that I love it really does make me feel super happy. I know, I'm odd. 

4. Treat yourself for a little time out. If you have any work that you can put on hold until the next day then do it. Sometimes it's good to just totally relax and put things on hold. Of course, you might not be able to, but even just a few hours break can do a lot. Spend a few hours watching your all time favourite film that can be a good way to lift your mood, or depending on what you're into, you could play a game or do some drawing, whatever you enjoy to do by yourself. 

5. Talk to a friend. I'd say if you're feeling down this is always a good thing to do to help cheer yourself up. You could just have a long phone conversation with them or arrange to meet up and do something together. That way for those few hours at least whatever is on your mind bothering you will be out the way for a bit. You could talk to your friend about why you're having a bad day and feeling down and you never know, they might be able to completely get rid of your worries.

6. Cuddling with a pet. This might sound weird to some people, but it's so relaxing and comforting to just play with and fuss a cute pet. Sometimes they can be crazy and run all over the place and get excited just because you're paying them attention and that can help with making you feel happier. You'll probably find as well that you can get distracted for hours just watching your pets going crazy, or if it's something like a dog you could take them out for a walk. That way you'll be out in the fresh air doing some exercise and watching your dog loving life. 

These are just some ideas and little helpful tips that I'm hoping can help make your bad day disappear. I've said this before but writing out things can really help in making you feel more relaxed so when I do posts like this it gets me thinking of these helpful tips that also helps me as I write them down for you guys to read. I'd even put that as a separate point, just write things down. Write thoughts down, and then write down ways to help with these worries, it really does help. 

yep this is what I need when planning blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and I also hoped it helped! As always, chat soon. 


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Pokemon Go: The best way to level up!

I'm still here, playing Pokemon Go, the hype is still there for me! And for many many others also it seems! It hasn't been out for that long but there were a lot of doubters out there that thought it would die down pretty quickly... but I feel when I'm out catching Pokemon now I see more and more people playing it too. One of my favourite things I saw yesterday whilst I was out hunting Pokemon in the park was a whole family all walking around the park to the different gyms trying to take them over... it's like when you have a family outing somewhere but this family seemed to just go out and all play Pokemon Go whilst enjoying the sunshine! It was fab. It was also cool to see so many parents enjoying the game just as much as all the hundreds of children who were out playing it in the park.

Pokemon Go adventures #3

I come from a small-ish town and it really isn't as great as a city is for Pokemon Go however, you just have to find the right places! There's a park in my town called Abington Park and if you're from Northampton and want to find a good place to catch a load of Pokemon I'd strongly suggest there... so many Pokestops and also a good range of Pokemon! I actually caught one of the highest level Pokemon ever here, and I've been Pokemon hunting in Birmingham which is crazy with Pokestops and Pokemon, but I managed to get a lucky catch of a 1072 Goldduck, so that was pretty nice! There is also a good few gyms around in the park so I did manage to take over a couple, not for very long as they are all under attack pretty much every five minutes so it wasn't possible to have a few Pokemon in a couple of gyms and then collect the rewards unfortunately! I did take some screenshots of some of the Pokemon I caught, I always try and take screenshots of the rarer Pokemon but I get so nervous that they'll run away so I just go to catch them as quickly as I can! I don't know if I'm the only one, and it may be a tiny bit sad but I have took a screenshot of every gym I am in, there isn't many but I do love to have a memory of it... too sad?

It was a lovely sunny day on Saturday so as well as being able to catch a load of Pokemon it's always nice to spend the day in the sun, and we decided to have a little picnic and bring a frisbee along so it wasn't always heads down on our phones catching Pokemon... but it is fun to play Pokemon with others. Here are some snaps of the park, it's a great place and as well as having the usual park bit for the younger kids there's lots of greenery and places to sit and chill.

The best way to level up?!

I felt as well as doing a post on one of my Pokemon adventures it was good to also write some tips for you guys and one of the biggest tips I've heard that I follow now is the best way to go up in trainer levels. I went from about level 11 to level 16 just by saving up a load of candy for Pidgeys, Weedles, and Rattata's and then anything I had also caught a lot of like, Drowzee's, Zubat's and Spearow's and worked out how much candy I needed to evolve as many Pidgey's etc as I had, and then used a lucky egg and spent the whole 30 minutes evolving all of them! I'd say as long as you know you have enough Pokemon to evolve in all of the 30 minutes it is well worth it. So even if you do get annoyed about the pesky Pidgeys and Rattata's always popping up, catch them all and save up the candy! You will get so much xp for evolving loads and loads of Pidgey's and you only need 12 Pidgey candy to evolve them! 

Although if you do find that you do all the evolves you can and you still have some time left on your lucky egg it might be a good idea to be by a Pokestop with a lure on so you can use those double xp extras as you catch a load of Pokemon and also from collecting more items from the Pokestop. Or if you aren't near a Pokestop you could also use some incense at the same time as you use your lucky egg so you have the same 30 minutes on each and so you catch more Pokemon and gain double xp while you do it, however, I have seen that this is a popular one but I feel like it's more expensive as you have to use up two of your items in one go... so I'd stick to the making sure you have 30 minutes of Pokemon to evolve and just use your lucky egg for that. 

I'm no expert but I have reached level 20 quite quickly and that's a lot down to the lucky egg and evolving strategy.. and maybe having too much time on my hands and going out a lot to catch many Pokemon! But I hope you enjoyed this little blog and I hope it helped someone out, what are your tips for the game? I'd love to know! Chat soon, 


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Southport: A little Brochure of the town..

- Before I begin just thought I'd give you all a little update, I am currently changing my website - only a tiny bit! - But there soon will be little drop down tabs at the top of the page, currently how it is with the home link, where I will have different topics that you may be interested in where you will find my blog posts that are to do with that topic. It will take me some time though so give me a good few weeks till that's all up and running! -

For today's post I thought about my little tab topics I will include on my website and one of them is travel as I have a few posts on traveling and visiting places for a day, so I thought as I have some wonderful pictures of Southport in the sunshine I'd do a little brochure-like post! Also I love it there, and well, it's a good Pokemon Go hotspot! 

As I was only half hour away when I was up at University it was a place that was nice to visit, especially when we had some really hot days. The last time I went was my graduation week in the middle of July and it so happen to be the hottest days of the year... which was really enjoyable and lovely, but at the same time, graduating in big gowns on a hot day was pretty sweaty! 

So my favourite places to go and things to do when I'm in Southport is, visit the main shops of course, it's always fun to have a little shop (although it's less fun when you know you can't afford to buy anything!) Walking across the pier is always good, and around that area especially when its a nice day is just really relaxing, whenever it is warm there I would love to just have a picnic and sit somewhere with the pretty views. Of course, by the beach there are many arcades and that's always fun, I don't know why we find it fun to just put 2ps in a machine and try and win more 2ps just to put them back in the machine... anyone? One of my all time favourite things is the ice cream! There's so much choice, and no matter what, it's always delicious. Just writing this I want to go and get some mango ice cream. I know other seaside towns do these massive ice cream selections but I don't get to go to one often so it's always a nice treat for me. 

While I was there for the week I literally did just go out walking from the morning till the evening... I mean, Pokemon Go may have had a little blame for that... but so what, I enjoyed myself just walking around sunny Southport catching Pokemon! I also had a trip to Splash World which was actually really fun, it has a load of slides and a small area that you can swim in but I hadn't been swimming in such a long time so it was just really fun, and I would love to go to that again! Also I had family, Adam and my friend Kathy there some days to spend it with, it was a fab week! And if you're looking for a seaside town to visit this Summer... this is what I'd recommend. 

Here's some snaps of Southport looking all lovely in the sunshine (thank you Adam and Kathy for the pictures, my phone at the time was pretty bad.)

Walking down the Pier.

The beach!

The little arcade bit.

Have you ever been to Southport? What do you like to do when you visit the seaside? Hope you enjoyed my post, it's more of a picture post today! But as always, chat soon!