Things I love: July Edition

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So if you're new to this, this is a monthly blog post that I write when the month is coming to an end, and it is a tiny bit early however, it's been an extremely busy month so far! I'd love to hear your answers to these questions also, so comment and let me know! 

What I watched: 
My favourite thing that I have watched this month is the original Netflix film Look Who's Back. I've already done a post on this  > here < I know that was my favourite film of June post, but it was literally right at the end of June and posted in July so that's why it's my chosen favourite thing watched for this! As I said in that post, it's just a really clever film, everything from the story to the editing and cinematography makes it so so interesting. Have a watch, believe me its worth it! 

What I snapped: 
Well, I graduated! 3 days ago I had my graduation at university, and the thought of standing in front of everyone terrified me. I've done so many presentations before where I had to stand in front of a class, but this was such a big moment in my life that I was very nervous. I mean all you do is listen to a few speeches, go up for about two seconds to shake a hand then sit back down, but the whole 3 years of my university experience was concluded with this when I received my BA Honours. Also getting to watch a lot of the people I am now close to graduate was amazing too! I would love to just put all my pictures on from this day but here is a select few for my favourite pictures snapped this month.


What I wore: 
This will probably be very graduation based, but I did enjoy dressing up for both the Wednesday and Thursday at graduation... my feet are now dead after walking around for two days in heels, but it was worth the pain! (That's what I tell myself anyway) 

What I did: 
As it was my parents 25th Wedding anniversary we had a little party at the house which was odd at times - I've never played drinking games with parents and their friends before, so I guess that was a new experience... but for a lengthy time of the party I chilled with a few people which was fun. There was also a lot of food, that's a highlight for me. 

What I ate: 
I mean, after having a party for my parents, a birthday meal out for my mum, a BBQ for my boyfriend's brother's birthday, and two days of graduation food at university, it's a tough choice to say what my favourite food I've had this month. But as me and Amy made our special 2016 cake, I'm going to have to choose that! I do love a chocolate cake, and it was pretty tasty. 

What I drank: 
To be honest this past week has been very hot in the UK and so a favourite drink of the month is just going to be water. I know right, how dull? I haven't really drank much but water, I wish I had some fancy cocktails or fancy drinks from a coffee shop that I adored this month but there hasn't, so nice fresh cold water will have to do! 

Where I went: 
I'd say my favourite place I've been to this month is back to Ormskirk and Southport. I went on Monday and from that day onwards the sun was shining and it was so warm! (such good timing) Southport is a seaside town so staying there for a few days while it was super hot was pretty good, I felt like I was abroad. So for the Monday afternoon/evening and all day Tuesday I was walking about around Southport (I mean, it was a lot down to playing Pokemon Go...) but it was just so nice and I had a really nice time, and my graduation on the Wednesday was a plus. (It was so warm with robes on though, I loved wearing them but I couldn't wait to get them off!)

What I used: 
So this part is for a favourite app I have used this month, and this is going to be very obvious... can you guess it yet? 

Yes, Pokemon Go. I'm so addicted to it, I am now level 17 and have a Pokemon that's over 1000 in combat level yay! This month I have done so much walking, I don't think I have done this much walking before - not in a long while anyway! But it's just so fun catching Pokemon and battling in gyms (team valor woop woop). However, I don't get much in my area which saddens me but for the past month I have been to Birmingham a few times and that's amazing for it, I have been to Southport which is also amazing for it, Ormskirk which is good and around Walsall which isn't too bad compared to my area. I have now ran out of data though so I can't play for just over a week unless I find WiFi spots, sad times! But it's so good, I would say go download it but you probably already have!

So these are my monthly loves, and it'll be back at the end of August for my loves that month! Hope you enjoyed reading, this one has a lot more pictures to look at than usual, but I find that it's fun to look at pictures or look back on the days I had. Chat soon! 


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