The perfect Omelette

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I have been making omelettes after omelettes recently... I just have this weird obsession lately and I love having omelettes for lunch. So I thought, why not write up my way of making them for you lovely people?!

Of course I will add step by step pictures also! 

Step one: Crack two eggs into a little jug and beat them both well. Then add about half a cup of milk with it and stir. (I never really measure the milk properly, but half a cup should do it. 

Step two: Add a pinch of salt and pepper and mix it in. Then the next few steps can be altered as you can have anything in an omelette really... but here's my favourite. 

Step three: Get a few slices of ham and tear them into small strips and put it into the same mixture. Then chop up some small tomatoes and add them also. Then grate a handful of cheese into the mixture and stir it all together. 

Step four: Put some oil into a frying pan, (I use spray oil) and let it heat a little before pouring the omelette mixture into the frying pan. At this moment pre-heat the grill. 

Step five: Make sure the omelette isn't sticking to the bottom of the frying pan, but when it looks cooked underneath place the whole frying pan under the grill so the top of the omelette gets cooked. 


The reason I don't turn it over in the frying pan is because I feel like it can break easily, and also I feel like it cooks better when one side is done under the grill. I've had one cooked before where I have flipped it over but for some odd reason cooking the top half in the grill just makes it taste so much better... trust me! 

Step six: Once it looks cooked, take it out and serve it on a plate with some fresh salad.

Then enjoy... 

The picture probably doesn't do it justice, but it is super tasty and I'd recommend having a try! What do you usually put in your omelettes? 

Hope this is helpful, chat soon!!


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