Pokemon Go! Top Tips and First Impressions

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Two words you're either super excited about or totally tired of hearing by now... Pokemon Go! If you are the latter then I'd say this post isn't for you. But if you love it then grab your cap, your backpack and your friends and venture into the world that is catching Pokemon! (But first venture into this post). 

So I thought I'd make a blog post on explaining what the game is all about (if you are for some odd reason unsure still...), what my first impressions are of the game and how I think it will go in the future. Lastly I will include some of my own top tips for anyone just beginning the game or ready for when you do begin your Pokemon journey and catch em' all. 

(I also will include some snap shots of my ventures out into the real world where I did indeed catch my first 30 odd Pokemon!)

So once you have the app you can either sign in through a google account or sign up by using a trainer club account which you have to create before signing into the game. You then customize how you want to look, you'll get some free pokeballs and you'll get a choice of catching one of the starter Pokemon: Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur. However, if you begin walking for a little bit until the starter Pokemon re-spawn about 5 times Pikachu will then appear so you can catch him instead of one of the other three. You will be able to catch them all again at some point on your travels although, they are a little more difficult to come across. Once you are done with that you're all set to continue your journey and catch as many Pokemon as you can! Any one that you find, even if you already have it, just catch it! As with each catch you collect stardust which is used to level up Pokemon, and candy you use to evolve that Pokemon. You'll find that whilst you walk you'll see Pokestops on your map, if you go to these you'll be able to collect items and more Pokeballs. You will also come across gyms which can be occupied by 1 of the 3 teams, which you can only partake in when you are level 5 or higher. If you find a gym that a different team controls then you can fight against their Pokemon, however, sometimes there can be more than one Pokemon in the gym that you have to fight. Once you win and take over the gym you leave one of your own Pokemon to defend it from others, and the longer it's there the more loot you can receive. 

These are my boyfriends pictures hence the nickname and boy

So that's a little summary of the game (little she says...), it was quite difficult to cut it down to just a few sentences of summary. 

My thoughts
This is from spending a day on the game, watching Youtube videos of others on the game and reading other articles. I love it, for now. When I first got the game all I wanted to do was go outside and walk wherever I could and catch as many Pokemon as I could find. I did a lot of walking yesterday... and I wouldn't normally do that much, so in that sense it's pretty damn good at getting you out and about and doing some exercise. I never got bored once and it left me feeling pretty tired.. I mean what mobile game can you get where it tires you out at the end of the day? So ten out of ten for that perspective, if you're a mother or you get told by her a lot that you should get off you console and get outside for some fresh air, this is ideal.

It gets you out and about!
It's pretty cool that when you come across a Pokemon you can use your phone's camera and see it in a random place in 'real life' as you try catching it. For people that loved Pokemon back in the day, and also for the younger people that have got into the Pokemon franchise more recently it's a very exciting concept. Some people might think its strange but it is exciting when you spot a Pokemon and catch it, especially if it's one that isn't in your Pokedex, or a high level. 

 The only thing at the moment that was a little agitating was how fragile the servers are, it did crash a few times, and took a little bit of waiting time to get back onto it. But it's always good to take a little break from the game and maybe going on it all day isn't the best... it's just so addictive!! 

I mentioned at the beginning of my thoughts that I love it, for now. The reason for this is because I did want to spend all day on it yesterday and all I can think about is getting out there and catching as many Pokemon as I can! But, how long will that last? Will people get bored of having to go out walking all the time to catch Pokemon, or go to Pokestops to get more Pokeballs. My thoughts at the moment are that because Pokemon is such a huge franchise and there are so many fans out there that have loved it for years I feel like it could stay popular. At the same time, would it get repetitive catching Pokemon and going to gyms? This is the only content to the game at the moment, and what do you do when you fill out your Pokedex? Just catch more of the same and level up or evolve other Pokemon... that is an option, but maybe it would get less exciting. Who knows, there is probably going to be updates throughout the years which may include new content and new Pokemon to catch, but that's unknown thus far.

Top Tips
  • Catch every Pokemon you come across even if you already have it like 5 times! Stardust and Candy is essential to get stronger Pokemon and evolve them!
  • You get more XP when you spin the Pokeball before throwing it as it counts as a curve ball. You'll know you are doing it right when the ball glistens or shines. 
  • Also the Pokemon will have two rings around it, a white one that doesn't move and a coloured one inside that will slowly close in on the Pokemon. The smaller the coloured ring is, the easier it is to catch the Pokemon. 
  • The colour of the ring indicates how difficult the Pokemon is to catch, green being the easiest, yellow being medium difficulty and red being the hardest.
  • Shaking grass on the map is known as 'tall grass' and usually Pokemon can be found in these areas.
  • Finally this should go without saying but you should always be careful of your surroundings, watch where you are going, avoid sketchy areas and be alert of things like traffic and people nearby.
Pokemon Go is every pokemon fan boy/girl's dream and is really a great game, theres a lot more that can be said such as the use of items and more detail in gyms but I wanted to keep this (some what) brief. So if you would like any more posts about Pokemon Go then comment and I'll happily do more!

Chat soon.

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