Pokemon Go: A day out in Birmingham

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I felt because people are loving Pokemon Go at the moment and well, I am also! I decided to have a day out in Birmingham to catch me some Pokemon! Where I live is pretty rubbish for it so literally to get to level 18 and catch over 400 Pokemon I had to go visit different places... 

My top two places so far are Southport and Birmingham... so if you're near either or you fancy a day trip out somewhere (especially for Pokemon hunting) check these out! In the little blog post I'll have screenshots of what I catch, and I'll let you know whereabouts and what places in Birmingham are great for it! 

The journey begins... 

So I took a trip to Birmingham, it wasn't just for Pokemon hunting but you know, if you're in the area then you can't pass up on the opportunity! Although the devastating part for me at the moment is that the day has come where I have zero phone data left and so I can only play by connecting to WiFi, it is a sad time for me. Joking aside, it is annoying when you do run out of data and have to use WiFi however it is still do-able. I caught so many in Birmingham and I just did it off WiFi, it's fine in big cities maybe not so much in a smaller town when you don't have data. The only trouble that you may have is with hatching eggs because if you're connected to WiFi then you can't walk too far away or else you'll disconnect so you might find that you stop hatching eggs until your data refreshes. I have three eggs at the moment all 5km ones but all at 4.7km and it is very annoying. Although very soon Birmingham will have its very own WiFi that can be used all around the city so that will be pretty good once that is all sorted, imagine not having to use phone data everywhere around Birmingham! Pretty good idea.

So Birmingham centre is just filled with Pokestops and Gyms, you'll never have the problem of running out of Pokeballs or trying to find Pokemon because they're everywhere. One of the first places that we always go to is this small park... 

It's just a hotspot for Pokemon go goer's (that felt weird to write), but as you can see in that picture literally everyone sitting around there is playing the game! It's so crazy seeing it, living in a small town I never really see many people play it but just going to Birmingham was such a crazy experience. But this area is good for Clefairy's so if you want some of them, this is the area to be in! 

In the main centre near by the bullring there is a large Waterstones which has a cafe so that is a good place to sit, grab a drink and some food, and catch some Pokemon from there! I found a good few but only took some screenshots... Also they have a sign outside the shop that says if you catch a Pokemon inside you get a discount on a drink!

A lil Pidgey joined me for a drink!

I am aware I look truly miserable, I didn't know this was being taken!

Another place that I sat in was a Wetherspoons as they also have free WiFi and it was nice to chill in and have a drink and there was a Pokestop I could reach from inside! 

Look at all those glorious Pokestops in the background..
These were nearby!

In Birmingham I caught: 2 Caterpie, Bellsprout, 2 Kakuna, 5 Nidoran, 2 Psyduck, Poliwag, Goldeen, Paras, 2 Clefairy, 2 Ekans, Squirtle, Gastly, 9 Drowzee, Nidorino, Pidgeot, Pidgeotto, Shellder, 4 Rattata, 3 Staryu, Magikarp, 3 Pidgey, Zubat, Krabby, Jynx, Nidorina, Onyx, and an Eevee!
All in all, if you want loads of different Pokemon, loads of xp, loads of candy and stardust, loads of items, take over loads of gyms, this is a good place to go! I'm so glad I am near to Birmingham for this, but also it is a good place to go visit for a fun day out! 

I enjoyed having a Pokemon Go day out, I feel like this could be a thing now and maybe I could visit other places and write posts on what I find and my thoughts! Has anyone else been Pokemon hunting in Birmingham? Hope you enjoyed today's post and chat soon. 


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