How to deal with anxiety at university

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I thought I'd continue with the university theme as said before, a lot of you will be going after this little summer holiday, and I feel like this is an important topic. Before I carry on I would like to say I'm not an expert in this topic, but I do suffer with anxiety a little. So this will just be my thoughts on it and ways that helped me when I was feeling a bit anxious. 

1. You don't have to say yes to everything... it's okay to have down days by yourself. You'll probably find at university they'll be lots to do, and your friends might ask you to do stuff all the time. Some days you'll probably be fine and you will go out and enjoy yourself but you might find you have some down days where you just feel too anxious to accept the invitation, and that's okay! People are very understanding, and you don't even have to say why you aren't going, if you just say, 'no I don't fancy it' people will accept that! 

2. If you're feeling very bad and you can't calm yourself down then I'd say a good thing to do is to just get in contact with someone close from home! May it be a best friend, family member, or a partner. Ring them, message them, or skype them! Sometimes when you're away at university you might feel a bit homesick or lonely which can bring on your anxiety, a call from someone close at home can help a lot. 

3. Also carrying on with the second point, over your years at university you'll make some friends for life, and you'll find that you'll make a few close friends that you feel comfortable talking to about things like this. If you do have someone like that don't be afraid to do so, you might feel like you're bothering them so you decide to bottle it inside, but when you tell someone or unload the weight on your shoulders to them it can help a lot. They don't even have to respond to what you are telling them, someone there just to listen is sometimes just as good. Also adding to this if you do find a partner at university, and you're ready to open up to them, and you feel like you trust them enough, then that's also a good option for someone to talk to. 

If you get to the stage where you start to have a panic attack because you're so anxious,having a partner/close friend who you either live with or can just pop over is great. - I had a good amount of panic attacks at university, and I remember one very clearly, and i just messaged someone to come and fetch me and help me calm down... and she did. We went to a quiet area of campus and sat in a lovely spot (my uni was very pretty) and she spoke to me about something completely different to what I was panicking over, and it was just so lovely. So I'd say you may think there's no one around who would listen or help you calm down, but you'd be surprised, people can be amazing.

 4. If you're just locked up in your room because you can't bring yourself to come out, there's a few solutions here. First if you really feel like you can't leave your room and you really don't want to face anyone then don't. I do think pushing yourself to do something is always a good thing, but if you're just sick to your stomach and you just don't want to do it, then don't. Have a day to yourself, watch movies, do some work/studying, do something that you enjoy to do when you're by yourself. Although do eat throughout the day, that's very important. You could even pop to the shop and buy something already made if you don't want to face making something and having to see people for a longer time. I know obviously that means going out and as I said you may not want to leave your room, but that's the only thing you should push yourself to do. 

5. Don't shut yourself out all the time... I know I said don't say yes to everything but also do push yourself to have days out or nights out if your friends are all doing something. I find that sometimes I get anxious about doing something but I push myself to do it because I don't know what it'll be like, I can't see the future, I could have the best time ever. Don't miss out on creating amazing memories that you can look back on. This might sound crazy but say you get invited on a day trip out to the seaside, and all you're thinking is I can't do this because... I might not enjoy it. Then think of something positive... but I might enjoy it also. I can't do this because... something might go wrong, but nothing bad could happen also. If you really can't get yourself to do it, then try just ringing someone or messaging someone and explain how you're feeling and they'll be the one to do the positive sides of the negatives you have. 

6. Talk to the university. Nowadays most universities will have a place you can go to talk to someone, and sometimes it's easier to talk to a complete stranger about it than people you know. They are there to listen and also help by offering simple solutions. Sometimes you might not be able to see a way through it, you might only be able to thing negatively, well these professional people will be there to weigh out the negatives and help you feel better. It can be something you do every week, you can unload all your worries and get solutions for them all, and it would probably really help you feel positive and ease the anxiousness. 

7. My last bit of advice would be do seek medical help. There does seem to be this stigma that people feel like they shouldn't, but if you are really struggling with it, and talking to friends or your university isn't helping at all I'd say this is something good to do. There's so many stories out there from people who did go and seek medical help and they always mention how amazing it was for them that they did. They're professionals after all, they know what they're doing, and they will have the best advice to help you out! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it helps! I'll leave you with some pictures of my university experience, and if you're off to university you'll have the best time! Chat soon. 



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  1. Such a relatable post <3 especially the first few points. I don't suffer terribly but everyone has their bad days, I'll remember to follow this advice :)