Going to University after summer?

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I  know my previous post was more of a chatty post but I decided to do another! I promise after this the next one will involve lots of pretty pictures! 

So I felt like this is kind of important to chat about, and hopefully will ease people's minds of worry! I'm going to list a few top tips for starting university and try to make those that are nervous... less nervous. 

 Top Tips for starting University

- Don't lock yourself away when you arrive in your halls/house. 
Once you've got all your stuff into your new room, and maybe unpacked as much as you feel acceptable with your family and they say goodbye and leave you, don't shut your door, even if you have more boxes to unpack keep it propped open! Your new housemates could stand in your door way and speak to you as you unpack, or they may even offer to give you a hand. It's always easier to make friends with your new housemates right at the beginning than just locking yourself in your room for most of the day. I'd say a really fun thing to do on your first night, and as you do have all of your loan, you could all order a takeaway together and chill in the kitchen, it's a nice way to get to know each other!

- Bring some pictures and homely decorations for your new room. 
 A big thing about moving away from home and into your own place is how different life is really, some people are different and may not miss home as much as others, but it could help to have a wall covered in pictures of family and friends, fairy lights, cool bunting, posters and just little quirky decorations, if you are feeling stressed out (even half way through your course when you have a lot of work to do), a nice tidy decorated room surprisingly really relaxes you. Also, once you make new friends through your time at university you can print and add so many more pictures and have a giant picture wall! 

-A good place to start over... 
What I mean by this, you're going to a place to live in for 3+ years where you won't know anyone at the beginning (unless you have someone you know going to the same university and you happen to be in the same halls or something...) so if you wanted people to perceive you differently for some reason, or there's something that you wish to change about yourself then I feel like this is a good time to do it. Obviously I don't mean just be a completely different person... but I just mean that maybe, you were really shy at school, and wanted to try and be more sociable person, it's a good point to do it at. 

-If you feel homesick in your freshers week, don't give up! 
I'd say if you're feeling a bit homesick, and even to the point where you might have a little cry one evening, I'd say stick with it... I know it can be horrible (trust me, I know) but the first month is the hardest. You might feel lonely because the people around you aren't like best friends from home but I'm 90 percent sure in a month and bit you'll have friends for life. Once you have a good bunch of friends at uni you're pretty set for the remainder of your course. If you are feeling homesick and it is really tempting to just throw it all away and go back home, you can try things out to help you out, such as set up Skype calls home to your family, or even arrange for a weekend for a friend or family member to come up and visit. It gets easier, trust me!

-Make sure you eat...
This might sound stupid, and you might be thinking, well, of course I'm not going to forget to eat! With the craziness of moving to university, and maybe the anxiousness of being around all these new people, eating might be a struggle. You don't have to go all out and be a master chef all the time, but I'd say having some good meals that fill you up and keep you going (believe me, you'll need the energy) is important. 

-Money money money.
You may not be used to having such a large amount of money (especially if you hadn't worked before going to university so seeing that amount of money in your bank is probably an amazing feeling.) But spend wisely... I mean you can still buy lots of alcohol for all the days you go out (I did, and I also went out a lot) but make sure you have enough money aside to buy food, and also its fun to do day trips or if you see a beautiful clothing item that you just can't leave it in the shop then you need to have some money for that! But most of the time, first year of university you get the biggest loan, the cheapest rent as it is all bills included being on campus and so you will have a bit of extra cash to splash... but also remember it is a loan so you will have to pay this back. But I'd say have fun, just have enough money so you can live... eating is quite important for that. 

I hope these have helped, I'd say they are my top tips... if I read something like this before I set off to University I'd find it super helpful, but basically, there is nothing to worry about! It'll probably be the best and funnest experience for a good while! Good luck to all those going off to uni, I am very much jealous of you, but you will all have a fab time!

Chat soon, 


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