Favourite film of the month: June

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This is a new post idea, and I do love films (I did do a degree in it after all), and so I've decided that each month I will choose a film that I have watched and loved and hopefully recommend it to you guys! I may also choose a television programme instead of a film for one month, there are some pretty decent television programmes out there that also should have a mention!

I have a film to choose now so this will be my June pick!

Look Who's Back

This film is crazy. It's filmed so well, the style and the editing side of it, makes me not want to write this. That might sound a bit odd to you... well let me explain. 

It's a netflix original film about Hitler waking up in the modern day (2014). It's based on a novel under the same name, and it shows you Hitler's journey in adapting to the fact that he is in the future and Germany had lost the war. 

The public obviously, see him just as someone dressed up as Hitler.. he couldn't of actually just come back to life. So on his journey of meeting various people he stays in character always, so the people that he makes acquaintances with question him a lot, asking why he's always staying in character as Hitler, and then continue to laugh it off when he tells them again and again that he is in actual fact Hitler. 

There are scenes throughout where it looks like it was filmed on the streets without people knowing it was for a film. This makes you think that people were unaware because they hide some people's faces that you see. Hitler goes around asking the German people what they think of their government and what they think should change, and most things Hitler agrees with... 

He even goes around after discussing what he would do and what they want, asking if they would follow him, and one man tells them to turn off the camera before saying that if he was really Hitler he would.That's terrifying... but it's so hard to tell if that is scripted or not because of the way it is filmed. It's very clever. 

Moving on a bit, basically he gets onto a television studio and appears on loads of different channels, and he gets so popular with the viewers, the media, this Hitler "character" is the top news everywhere. This guy that they all believe is just a normal guy pretending to be Hitler but he actually is Hitler has become popular in minutes. He already has a mass of supporters without people realising who they are supporting.

Because of how it is filmed to seem a little real, with real members of the public, it made me feel like I shouldn't be writing this because I am also spreading this further... if that makes sense? It's crazy how clever this film is. 

I don't want to spoil anymore of the plot because it is such an interesting watch, especially with how politics is at the moment, it's quite relevant. 

The whole film has subtitles as it is a film about Hitler and set in Germany so every character is German. I would give this five stars, and would highly recommend the film. 

Hope you enjoyed my monthly film favourite, and they'll be another at the end of July/start of August! Chat soon!


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