What to do for a special occasion: Anniversary

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This post took me a little longer to do than expected as I knew what I wanted to write about, but I was unsure how to write about it (I guess in simple terms, how to make it interesting and relate-able to you guys!)

So as the title explains (kind of), this post is going to be about what I did for my anniversary with my boyfriend, and maybe some of the things we did in the day can help others out if they were unsure on what to do to celebrate!

As I'm still at my house at university (I just can't seem to make myself leave!) I live close to a seaside, and surprisingly recently it has been very warm and sunny here, which was a plus. We took a trip to Southport, which isn't a bad little place, it has the seaside town aspect to it with the arcades, the beach, fish and chips and the little fair ground. But it also has many shops like you would see in a town, a mixture of the usual popular named shops, and the quirky shops also.

I'd say, going to the seaside is a really fun thing to do, and you can go with anyone, and it can just be for a day out to do something or a special occasion. I've done a post before about the seaside as I went with my family so here's a little list with pictures of what the day involved. Another reason for doing this post, and all my previous posts really is that it is a nice reminder for me of good memories so it is nice to look back on old posts!

First of all walking up the pier is one of the must-dos at a seaside I think! On a nice day (which it started off being cloudy as you can tell) it is nice to walk up and look out at the sea. And actually with Southport I've been a few times but this was the first time I'd ever seen the tide in... I think it's the first time the ice cream man also saw the tide in... 

Also if you have shorts on or something on that is easy to roll up it is sometimes nice to have a dip in the sea, that's probably all i'd recommend but if you're feeling brave you could go for a swim... but even on a hot day the sea is freezing. 

In Southport there is a part where you can walk around just before the beach, its a nice little walk especially when the weather is nice (which it started to get better in this picture), there is also boats you can go in for a small amount of time, and also you can have a go on swan boats which is fun. Also in a outside eating/drinking area there is mostly always someone singing on stage, so that's always nice to listen to. 

As well as the usual seaside things, there is an area where you can eat, look at some shops, and also do some bowling, go to a cinema, or play some lazer tag (or whatever you call it nowadays), we did hope to play some bowling but we didn't get time to do it this time, but if i'm in the area again I'd love to go, they have some good deals at the bowling. For lunch we decided to go to good ol' pizza hut, and just looking at that picture makes me so hungry. (I'm so sorry)

There is then the usual things to do which we had to do before leaving... and that was to go to the arcades. We bought 2p's especially for the arcades, and also had a go at a few other arcade games, for some reason you never think you could spend long in an arcade... and then its a good hour later and that's exactly what you've done, just me or? 

What do you like to do at the seaside? Whats the best seaside town you've been to? Recommend me some places and maybe I could go! (If I haven't been already!) 

Chat soon!


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