Things I love: June Edition

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It's not quite the end of June yet, but it almost is... so this is acceptable, right? Here is my June love list, hope you enjoy, and carry on this little tag! 

What I watched: Well, for new programmes that are out, the only thing I watch religiously every week is Game Of Thrones (but of course, that was my last months choice), so another programme which I don't watch on the day and time its out (sometimes I catch up a lot) but still keep up to date with, is Made In Chelsea! It can be entertaining to watch, and some things that happen are just so silly, but you just laugh it off really! But for some reason I like to know what's going on with the people in it, and just Mark Francis... he makes it for me. Have a watch if you're looking for some light entertainment, and also just forever wishing you had their lifestyle... I wish I could go on holiday as much as they do! 

What I snapped: So, here's where you find out how stupid I am. Over a week ago now, I dropped my phone down the toilet. I did my all to rescue it, I put it in some rice for days. It just won't come back to life, and a few weeks back, I dropped it down the toilet as well, so I think it got tired of being dropped in the toilet. So, that's my excuse to why I have no snap to show you, I didn't even back up my files so I have no photos from my phone on my laptop that I could put here from June. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has done this? (Especially dropping it twice not even a month a part?!) 

Anyway instead, let's do a throwback... 

This is me, back in, 2014 (I think) just at the top of Snowdon in Wales, good job Chlo. 

What I wore: Last week I went out a lot to a few parties for my last week of university ever (I'm going to cry again), and one of the nights it was this stunning hotel basement party thing... I'll do a post on it but I guess this picture is a sneak preview (this is the first part you see when you walk in) but I've chosen this playsuit. I've had it for a while, and like most of us do, I stopped wearing it, however, I wore it again and I really really like it! 

What I did: For this section, I'd probably say the whole last week of my university experience. I did quite a lot in that week, had a little casino night on the Tuesday and in the day I went to Southport, went to this crazy hotel party on the Wednesday in Liverpool, Friday had a house party (which was meant to be my last leaving party as I was supposed to go home on the Saturday, but instead I stayed one extra day and had another house party on the Saturday! All in all, it was a very fun week, and even though I barely slept that whole week, it was worth the celebrations!

What I ate: Nothing really stands out for me, nothing super fancy anyway! However, I've had pizza hut twice this month already and it is just too good. My favourite place to have pizza from, although both times I went we missed the buffet lunch by 20 minutes or so... quite unlucky there. This was in my last post but let's relive this picture and probably cry because it looks so good and I just want to eat it right now... 

What I drank: Actually, this goes well with the last section, but when I went to pizza hut a couple of days ago they had this new milkshake on the menu: An Oreo milkshake. If you do ever go to pizza hut, just get it. It is very nice, a little expensive, but I suppose it is a milkshake and it is new, although I am very keen to try and make my own oreo milkshake after this one!

Where I went: For this I'm going to say when I went to Liverpool and went to a hotel party called the Vault, and it was just super cool! There were 3 bedrooms with 4 double beds in each room, a hot tub, a room with sofa's where you can chill and chat (and dance), a little room with a table so you can play some card drinking games, a kitchen so you can cook and all that jazz, and even a little costume area where you can dress up and take some pictures! It was such a good place, I would go again for sure, it's such a good place if you have large group of friends to go with, and also pretty good for the price! However, I will talk more about it in a separate post, and also put up my pictures from it! Here's another sneak preview picture... 

aren't we adorable?

What I used: Now this is an app that you use, and as you know, I don't have a phone... awkward. However, when I did have a phone near the beginning of June I had this game on it called Fallout Shelter and I enjoyed just playing that whenever I had spare time. It's basically where you have a vault and you get people to come in and work in the generator room to get power, you have a water room to collect water, and a kitchen for food. You get more and more people which unlocks different rooms and you basically just have to keep an eye on it, make sure everyone's happy, make sure there is enough of everything, and watch out for the raids! It's also free so if you're looking for a mobile game, this is a good one!

Well thank you for reading, and as I said before, would love to see others do this and let me know you do so I can have a read! 

Chat soon!


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