Running out of blog post ideas?

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This happens from time to time with me, and I feel like I can't be the only one? Have you bloggers ever had like 5 or 6 drafted posts done and ready to publish on certain days for like a couple of weeks or a month or so, and then you get this one week where you have no drafts and you just can't think of anything to post about?! 

Well, I thought I'd do a little blog post with a load of different ideas that you could maybe post about, or just give you an idea for a post that you can then expand on, or it could give you a light bulb moment! 

1. Film/TV programme review: I'd say these are quite fun to do, especially if you went to the cinema to see a new movie and you absolutely loved it and you're so excited about it, well instead of going on about it to friends or family members that may not feel the same towards the film, it's always fun to do a blog post on it so thousands of others can have a read and also get excited with you! Also, you can write about old movies and either new or old TV shows that you just love and find other people that share the love also! 

2. Monthly tag posts: It's always good sometimes to have a blog post that you can do every month, so you know that way that you will have at least one post every month! These can be anything as well, monthly favourites, film of the month (or week if you feel you can do that), favourite product of the month (could be make-up, or hair products for example), favourite game of the month, favourite fashion pieces of the month... there's so many you can do! 

3. Guide posts: You could decide to make posts on how to do things on a blog, for example, how to get a different font, or how to get social media icons on your blog, etc, these can be popular posts for people to read and also just great help sometimes for people that want to change their blog slightly but not knowing exactly how to do it!

4. Advice posts: These kind of posts can be fun to do, and also can be pretty helpful to yourself! I find that if I do posts about things that could be worrying for someone or people may feel down about it, it often helps me and makes me feel more relaxed about some of the things spoken about as I feel if I am stressed myself it is always relieving to write it all down. 

6. Make-up/fashion posts: These are always popular posts to do, you could blog about your every day make-up look, or you could buy and try a make-up product and then write a little review on it, or you could do make-up tutorials on a certain look. For fashion you could go all out and have a shopping spree which you can then blog about and show the world you're good finds, make a little look book and wear your favourite outfits and take lots of pictures, or even have a wardrobe clear-out and blog about it! 

7. Gaming posts: If you're into gaming, be it video games, board games, card games etc... then do a post about them! You could review any sort of game, could be new or old. 

8. Any sort of review post: You can review just about anything, music, books, films, TV shows, clothes, make-up, games, any product (phones, cameras, laptops etc), food or drink... there's so many things! 

I'd say to blog about things that you're interested in, it makes it fun for you instead of seeming like a chore to write a post, you would hardly run out of ideas of what to post because you just do what you do best and write about something you love. 

I hope this helps a little... let me know in the comments what you love to blog about!
Chat soon! 


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